Top 10 Best Rammstein Songs

This is a list for the top ten best Rammstein songs ever.
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1 Sonne

Definitely my favorite. This is what Industrial metal is to me. It has many different meanings and interpretations, all interesting in their own way, and it just sounds great.

Runners up for me are basically second equal, and they are Mein Teil, Ich Will, Mein Herz Brennt, and Engel (in no particular order).

Listened to Du Hast for years and never played any other songs. Found this list and have been absolutely blown away by the sounds coming out of these songs.

This song brings you in, tears you apart, and leaves you breathless.

2 Du Hast

I listened to the top 15 from this list and a few other songs, and I think this one is their purest song. I had never listened to Rammstein before.

I like it, probably my favorite song of this band. I have to listen to the other songs.

Just a simple classic. I grew up listening to this when I was like two to four years old. I still barely understand anything, but it still gives me chills even after all these years.

I was into Rammstein, but I hadn't listened to a lot. But then I heard Du Hast, and I couldn't stop listening! In fact, I'm listening to Rammstein as I type this!

3 Ich will

Difficult to choose between this and Sonne, but I have gone for Ich Will as that was the song that got me hooked on this awesome band. I hope I get to see them live sometime. The whole album is brilliant - not even a so-so song, which is unusual for most bands.

Anthem. The rising power electrifies the listener. The song evolves as the band dares to include various styles. It all works together.

This was the very first song I heard by them, and ever since then, Rammstein has been my absolute favorite band in existence. It's difficult not to love this song.

4 Mein Herz brennt

This song is amazing. I don't remember how many times I've heard it, but it never fails to amuse me. It's a fantastic song.

Perfect transition from metal to the soft guitar riff in the end. Mind-blowing. The last bit will blow you away, I swear.

This was the first song I heard before I started listening to Rammstein. I thought it was amazing. It was one of my favorite songs. It still gives me goosebumps!

This is the best song, in my opinion, with a wonderful video clip too. Not to forget, the piano version is beautifully composed and spooky at the same time.

5 Mein Teil

This is such a good song, especially the topic. Cannibalism hasn't been sung about in such a vulgar, explicit, and informative way. It's unique, and I'm sure it takes courage to post songs like this. That's Rammstein for you, and that's why I love them. Sadly, everyone votes for the more "popular" songs like "Sonne" and "Du Hast." Kind of sad, to be honest.

Rammstein has so many great songs. I think making a list is impossible, but Mein Teil definitely deserves to be at least in the top five.

One of the heaviest, if not the heaviest, track the Rammstein library has to offer. It's a draw between Zwitter and Mein Teil in my opinion.

6 Engel

The most complex, most melodic, but at the same time, a very powerful song. The lyrics are superb, and the angel's singing and the whistles only make it better.

In my opinion, the best Rammstein song, but at least top 3.

The film clip was inspired by Quentin Tarantino, thus it is awesome. The whistling and female vocals in this are divine.

This is my favorite Rammstein song and probably what got me into Rammstein.

This is the song that introduced me to Rammstein and it fascinated me. I was listening to it about ten times a day for a month.

7 Ich Tu Dir Weh

I did hear "Du Hast," "Engel," and quite a few others from their "Liebe Ist für Alle da" album, but I find "Ich Tu Dir Weh" surpasses all of those. Very enjoyable to listen to loud on home speakers, in the car, on headphones, pretty much anything.

I don't speak German. Maybe that is why I love this song even more than I should, but it is just amazing. The tune, the resonance in Till's voice.

The chorus makes me squirm. LOVE.

I already liked the band before hearing this song. Now I own every album and force my friends to listen as well.

8 Feuer frei

The most energetic and heaviest track I have heard from Rammstein. It really showcases the combination of industrial music and metal that Rammstein have made for themselves.

The best song, hands down.

I love this song. It gets me pumped up. And for the record, it was played in my favorite movie X. I love this band. It's one of my favorite bands, along with Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Avenged Sevenfold, and the vintage Linkin Park songs. This song rocks!

It's awesome. It's the kind of music that gets you to follow suit. It's the type you want to listen to when you're doing something. It pairs well with Engel and Mein Herz Brennt.

9 Buck Dich

The most pulse-pounding and synchronized track with a definitive and constant rhythm. The track flows the best and is comparable to a climax-packed boss fight in a video game. Definitely my favorite of all Rammstein tracks due to the congruent beat and awesome tune.

This song feels raw and dirty in a way few songs do. The static yet pounding beat, the simplistic guitar, and the distorted synthesizers, the singing, and those dark lyrics (the song is a surreal and demonized description of gay BDSM sodomy) simply feels awesomely insane and rough.

10 Reise, Reise

Reise, Reise is an awesome song. It sounds great, and the meaning of it is so amazingly chilling, especially when your dad wants to be a fisherman.

The energy in the guitar riffs in the song, coupled with Till's voice, takes this song to a different level altogether.

My favorite Rammstein song. Can listen to this on loop.

Great song. Currently addicted to it and Rammstein. I love the meaning of the song and also just how it sounds. Rammstein's top song, guaranteed.

The Contenders
11 Ohne Dich

It is the best for me too, even though it is hard to decide because all the songs are deep and have a message. I love MEIN LAND too. It is a strong song.

Wiener Blut is hard as well, and so is Laichzeit. Till Lindemann writes and sings about topics you do not want to be confronted with daily. So, it is hard for me to pick the best song. I love them all!

An amazing beautiful song. It has so much meaning to me since the day I first heard it was the day my grandfather died.

So whenever I hear it, it reminds me of him and the great times I had with him.

12 Rosenrot

I have been listening to Rammstein for around 18 years now, and I can't get bored of them. I like the majority of their songs. They are really powerful and help me find energy during my training sessions.

Rosenrot is one of my favorites. I like its metaphorical lyrics. I can sing along without thinking that the text is really gross like in the case of Ich tu dir weh or Tier. Not that they are not good songs, but still.

This is the Rammstein song that got me into Rammstein. I normally don't even go for metal! I was just working out with a friend, and this song was on his playlist.

13 Mutter

Rammstein has and continues to be one of my favorite bands of all time. This song is my personal favorite and one of their best. "Mutter" is probably their most touching and yet tragic song.

This song is so powerful it can make people cry. As a kid, I didn't understand any German at all. However, I didn't need any translation when I heard the word "Mutter".

Perhaps it's the most simple yet powerful word in our language. It's the first German word I learned, and it still gets me every time I listen to this song. Love the band, love the song. Rammstein for life!

14 Sehnsucht

This is a Rammstein classic.

The song is so rousing and electrifying. Before I discovered this song, my favorite was Sonne and Engel, now they are in second and third place on my top three list.

The choice of words goes excellently with the music and the title "longing". German words, Indian music, Africa, Mexico, big bird.

This is what I like in Rammstein - it makes the subconscious evident, so you can remove it if you want, and get better.

This is the most Trance-Metal Rammstein is going to be, ever. Nothing can compare to Sehnsucht when talking about Trance-Metal.

15 P***y

The electronic guitar work is just phenomenal. Combined with the vocals of Till Lindemann and the catchy lyrics, it all makes this song so epic. Not to mention the music video.

For someone who usually hates songs about this kind of stuff, this is my favorite by Rammstein.

Well, maybe the lyrics are a bit "wrong," but I really love this song.

16 Amerika

A great reflection of American capitalism and globalization, all mixed in with an awesome rock theme and epic guitar.

The English version is better for me because of the instrumental.

This song and the Green Goblin go together very nicely.

17 Deutschland

To write something this rich and devastating in regard to your own country is quite incredible. Not only is it lyrically positive and sad, all at once, it also belts out furiously, and I can't wait to see The Till Hammer with this one. An exceptional song of their career in all aspects.

Maybe my new favorite. The intro alone is like Iron Maiden's Moonchild on industrial-strength steroids.

After ten years, Rammstein has made a great comeback with this song. It should be in the top ten along with Radio and Zeig Dich.

18 Eifersucht

Flake adds so much to this song it's not even funny. Trance-Metal at its finest.

I'd love to see this live. Shame I probably never will due to the origin of the song itself.

19 Keine Lust

This song makes me wish I was fat and wearing white suits. The whole song really goes well with the video. The fact that Rammstein tries to portray a bunch of fat, wealthy people who are bored with everything and have lost interest just puts my body into heavy metal meltdown.

I love headbanging to this song and just feeling like a boss.

The way this song is performed is spectacular. Then with the video, its originality really makes it special. It should be in the top five, no doubt.

Keine Lust is the best Rammstein song... for a Rammstein fan, that is. For non-Rammstein fans, it's the popular songs before it in the list.

20 Rammstein

I think that this song should be first. I'm surprised that it's so far down. Maybe in German, this song is boring.

This is my favorite Rammstein song, and I was surprised when I saw it in 32nd place. Seriously, this deserves more.

This song deserves a better spot. Its lyrics and dark riffs make this song a classic.

21 Seemann

It's not your typical industrial heavy metal Rammstein, but it's a nice ballad and definitely one of their better slower songs.

Such an amazing song. It reminds me of Stairway to Heaven in the way that it starts soft, then picks up. It's done very smoothly, and the message behind the song is so great!

One of the greatest ballads, especially if you understand the lyrics. It catches the heart.

22 Du riechst so gut

I'm a huge fan of Rammstein. I love all their songs, but none caught my attention like this music video. It's so inspiring. I loved this one the most. But it's tied with Ich Will, Mutter, Mein Herz Brennt, and Sonne. But we can all just agree that Rammstein is amazing.

I am a German listener and have listened to Rammstein since my childhood. This song was the first song I ever heard from this band. It was the best childhood ever.

The woman in the video is very attractive. I would definitely consider her for a serious relationship. Also, the bass in this song is good.

23 Stein um Stein

This song is an absolute must. It's slow and eerie, and then loud, heavy, and full of rage. "Stone by stone, I wall you in. Stone by stone, and no one hears you scream." If Till doesn't know how to make beautifully dark, deep, and disturbing art, I don't know who does.

An epic composition and mad lyrics. Too bad not many have heard about it. A true personification of what Rammstein is all about! Deserves to be there right at the top!

For those who know, the real Rammstein fans. This is the one. Absolute bliss.

24 Links 2 3 4

Why isn't this the top-rated? This defines the character of Till Lindemann and the rest of the band. It tells you where their hearts really are, metaphorically, with the ironic twist of the literal location. The spin on the feel of the music with the meaning of the song is genius.

How can this be so low, come on! Till writes a song about the left, but it's one of the biggest songs that the right enjoys. Look, Rammstein couldn't come out and say they believe in some of what the Nazis stood for. Left or right, it doesn't matter to me. Rammstein is amazing.

25 Mein Land

Awesome clip, and it's kind funny how Rammstein decided to make a video just for fun. I just love it.

It has that weird feel in it which makes me listen to it on and on. Should be in the top ten.

That's the newest and, in my opinion, the best song they have made. Plus, the clip is just awesome.

Great anti-Nazi song. I like the motif of Joker, the puppets on the beach, and the watchman with spreading voice.

Words "mein land" sound like coming from demons that claim the possession of land.

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