Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Hating a Song

I certainly have experience with hating songs, so I decided to make this list. There is also a list of questions to ask yourself when hating a music artist, which inspired me to make this list about hating just a certain song.
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1 Did I hate the song the first time I heard it or only after it was overplayed?

I only started to hate What About Us after it was overplayed. I got sick of hearing that song after one day when it came on four different radio stations in less than 20 minutes. I began to feel seething rage towards it after hearing it three times in one day on multiple occasions in the following months.

I've hated most of the songs I hate since the first time I heard them. I absolutely can't stand songs like "Baby," "Good 4 U," and "Dance Monkey," despite only hearing those songs a few times in my life.

I hated Can't Stop the Feeling after it was overplayed.

2 Is it the song or the artist I hate?

In the case of What About Us, it's just that song that I hated. I like P!nk's older songs. The same goes for Love So Soft. I like Kelly Clarkson's older songs.

It's definitely the artist. I hate Camila Cabello, Paloma Faith, Dua Lipa, etc., and I despise their songs. It's probably my taste, though - rock has been dead for years now.

3 Is the song really that bad, or is it just not my taste?

It's just not my taste, probably for both the songs I hated.

4 Have I tried figuring out why people like the song?

In the case of What About Us, it's probably the message in that song, although that alone is not enough for me to like a song. However, people like Love So Soft because 1) it's by Kelly Clarkson, 2) I can't think of another reason.

5 Do I feel like the artist put no effort into the song?

In the case of Love So Soft, I felt like Kelly Clarkson put almost no effort into that song.

6 Is the song in a music genre I don't like?
7 Do I hate the lyrics or hate the beat?
8 Is the song really bad or just overrated?

I just felt Love So Soft was overrated. In fact, both the songs I hated were probably just overrated in my opinion.

9 Is it just that the song reminds me of a memory I don't like?

In the case of What About Us, when that song came on, I used to always remember how we were driving to Tampa two days before Hurricane Irma hit where I live. I thought the house was going to get destroyed. Although that association has kind of faded in my mind, I still don't like the song.

10 What part of the song do I hate? The singing, the melody, the beat, or the message?

In the case of What About Us, it's probably both the singing and the melody (there's not much of a beat either). Definitely not the message, which is good. In the case of Love So Soft, though, the singing is good, but the melody and beat are bland. I'm not sure about the message, considering it's a generic pop tune.

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11 Is it just that the artist has gone downhill in musical quality?

In the case of Love So Soft, I felt like Kelly Clarkson was going downhill in musical quality. I even prefer her 2003-2012 songs to Heartbeat Song.

12 What improvements need to be made in the song?
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