Top 10 Worst Death Metal Stereotypes

I get that death metal isn't meant to be for everyone but you can't just stereotype certain genres and expect them to represent those stereotypes. I have a list of 10 dumbest death metal stereotypes.

It's fine if you can't get into it. If you don't like it then just simply turn it off and walk away.
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1 It takes no talent to play

All genres of metal (not just death) are technically challenging. Just look at prog bands or classical metal bands like Uli Jon Roth, Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen. You can even throw Iron Maiden and Metallica in there too. And as if pop music takes any talent to play. Most of it is just synths, and a singer with autotune in their voice.

This is SO wrong. Currently the most metal talent can be found namely in death metal - progressive and technical death metal, in particular. Guitarists, drummers and bassists to blow your mind are all in these two subgenres of death metal. Not in Nu metal, ya know.

Death metal is actually one of the most complex music genres instrumentally so I don't see how anyone could say this.

Death metal can be some of the most technical and complex stuff out there.

2 It's Satanic

Its not Satanic no genre of music is Satanic.
Its just irritating.
You can't understand the lyrics (Yes I know opera singers can sing in a different language but at least they are singing the lyrics clearly because there are people who can understand the language.)
The fans just bully people who like pop.

Come on people, I respect everyone's opinions as always, but some people are acting like their religion or nationality is the target of some of these stereotypes. They're opinions about a certain type of music. People need to calm down

Unlike black metal, death metal usually isn't. There are several exceptions but they don't define the genre of death metal.

Hell no. 98% of rock music in general isn't Satanic. Excluding black metal of course, but that's a whole different can of worms.

3 It all sounds the same

Look I think bands like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and etc. sound nearly identical. I mean if it's technical death metal or melodic death metal than yeah there might be a slight difference. As for traditional Death Metal, it has no variety from what I've seen and is very similar to Thrash Metal when it comes to how repetitive the bands sound. Call me biased, for having a opinion all you want but so be it.

Of course it doesn't. There's a big difference between the sound of technical death metal and melodic death metal. Also, there's a big difference even between the bands from the same death metal subgenre.
If interested, I made a list about the differences within a death metal subgenre (melodic death metal) - Top 10 Differences Between Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth

4 It's too loud

I think "loud" is being misunderstood here. Not loud as in too noisy, but as in too punchy, the singers are too loud and you can't hear the background music. Would you say pop songs are "loud"? No, because it's a person singing softly with mediocre- volume background music. With death metal, it kind of just sounds like a dude screaming his lungs out while musicians in the background try to play louder to be heard.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard someone say about death metal when you can do the same thing the rest of the world does when the music is too loud: Turn it down!

What you do if a pop song is too loud? You turn it down. You have to do absolutely the same with a metal song. Was that too hard to understand?

In my opinion music can be too loud. For example if I have to turn it down to almost zero to make it sound normal there's a problem.

5 You can't understand the lyrics

Opera fans don't understand the lyrics either, because they are usually in Italian, but opera fans don't complain about it. They enjoy the music and its performance, with vocals serving as a musical instrument and not as a person who reads the text for you. It's absolutely the same in metal.

DarkMatter1997 said it very well - "death metal vocals are meant to be an instrument". Yes, like a musical instrument that creates sounds.
I'm a death metal fan for the music and not for the lyrics. I would listen to death metal whatever lyrics you put in the songs.

Its not meant to express a deep message anyways. And sometimes the vocals are understandable, depends on the singer.

Anyone who says this must be stuck in 1960 because there's this lovely thing called Google and it's there for a reason.

6 It's all angry sounding

Death metal is an extreme music genre and it sounds aggressive or scary. But not always angry. Thrash metal is a more typical genre that sounds angry.

No, that's grindcore

7 It's too violent

You are kindly invited to visit my list Top 10 Death Metal Bands Whose Lyrics Aren't Gory.
You'll see some of the best death metal bands on that list with details about their lyrical themes.

Just because cannibal corpse is incredibly disturbing that doesn't mean death metal fans are violent. Or any metal fan.

8 It sounds horrible

So do horror movies but many people love them.

This is not a stereotype, this is an opinion.

To non death metal / metal fans in general, if its not your type of music then don't listen to it

9 It has a bad fanbase

I'm not a death metal fan, but I've encountered some people that do and they've been much more supportive about my opinion than a lot of pop fans I've met have been.

Death metal is currently my most favorite metal subgenre but I'm a very friendly, intelligent and balanced person. Oh, and I'm not depressed, aggressive, etc.

10 Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax - Raw Women's Championship Match

Yesss! This is THE single worst death metal stereotype! When people bring this up when I'm trying to explain it, I just cover my ears and walk away. It's honestly so annoying! This should without a doubt be number one! Vote here pleease!
lol that was fun to write. This made me laugh

Why is this on the list?

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11 The album covers are disgusting

Have you seen paintings labeled " classic art" or " masterpiece", half of them are more disgusting and violent looking

Again, I look at Cannibal Corpse.

12 It's too edgy

Any kind of music can be considered "edgy" but why does it have to be death metal? why not emo music?

13 The band members are drug addicts
14 Singer growls

Death metal fans agree with this one. That basically defines death metal

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