Reasons Why Michael Jackson Is Better Than The Beatles

Just the Top Ten reasons why MJ is better *no offense*
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1 Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 combined has sold more records than The Beatles

Michael Jackson is the best. End of story. I hate when I see a countdown of greatest ARTISTS, yet, they compare a band with a solo artist. I can't argue enough that had the Beatles disbanded, there is NO way the individual members would have accomplished what Michael Jackson accomplished ALL BY HIMSELF. Time has proven this. The Beatles' music did NOT break racial barriers. They are only popular in the U.S. and Europe. Michael Jackson's music is known WORLDWIDE. White America just cannot acknowledge a black man has won this title. I'm saying this, and neither white nor black. So sad. Racism will never end.

2 Michael has a better voice and greater music talent

This is self evident. Michael Jackson had a 4 octave range as a tenor and is a star rated vocalist. He could sing gospel, rock, soul and many other genres in more than one style while the Beatles only sang Rock and were horrible singers at it, let's face it. Nobody thinks Paul of John are the great singers. They sound like they are talking when they sing but MJ sang with such emotion amd skill it is impossible to imitate his singing style in Earth Song for example. He was also a master dancer, beatboxer, composer and songwriter. What are any one member of the beatles master of? Yeah ill wait. MJ is the most talented musician ever

3 Michael Jackson was famous world wide

Honestly, Michael jackson is the best, he was known world wide before the social media age... I'm from South Africa and nobody knows who the heck the Beatles are lol.

4 Michael Jackson had amazing moves. He is/was the most famous dancer of all time

Michael Jackson was the greatest singer dancer and performer. His performances were electrifying and otherworldly and magical. He mastered the moonwalk, the 45 degree lean and the robot. All very complex dancing skill. The Beatles couldn't dance or perform they were boring performers. Just standing there doing nothing

It doesn't exactly take talent to dance, even though I like MJ, the Beatles actually played instruments and had to learn these to become famous, putting more effort into it

5 MIchael Jackson had bigger crowds than The Beatles at tours

Everywhere Michael Jackson went he attracted large crowds. He has the guineas record for the most attendance for concert it is not even debatable it is a fact.

Even lot of fans would start fainting at his concert and there would also be lot of ambulances at that scene. Michael Jackson is the BEST!

On the Bad tour the last leg, it had over 130 THOUSAND people, and on the Dangerous Tour on one of the legs it had 7 SOLD OUT CONCERTS, and over 507 thousand people attended

6 Michael Jackson has better selling albums

Thriller is the best selling single album of all time.
After that, MJ trails off to a distant third place to The Beatles and Elvis.
An investigative report by the Wall Street Journal proved the 750 million sales figure for MJ was totally made-up by the publicity firm in charge of "This Is It".
This is VERY easy to research.

Michael Jackson has the best selling album of all time thriller which sold 100 million worldwide and the second best selling Bad which sold 45 million worldwide. In total Michael Jackson has sold over a billion records worldwide the Beatles can't touch him.

7 Michael Jackson sold over 800 million records on his own

No he didn't, not even close.
Somewhere between 300-400 million.
Terrific numbers, but only good for being in a distant third place all-time.

8 Michael Jackson is/was named the most successful artist of all time

It says "successful" a claim that can be measured. Michael was/is called the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records.

The Beatles were not even on the top 10 for this poll/or other contest

9 Michael Jackson is the most awarded artist of all time

This is a fact Michael Jackson is the most awarded music artist of all time with over 250 awards. The Beatles cannot even compare. They only have one Grammy. Michael Jackson had 13. He also got the lifetime achievement award at 29 years old the youngest to achieve that award.

That's because Grammy Awards didn't exist at The Beatles and Elvis's reign.

10 Michael Jackson has better selling singles

The beatles have a better fanbase and no. 1 hits in America... I'll give them that, and I do love the beatles but Michael Jackson lasted 45 years making hits WORLDWIDE while positively trying to change the world. He also wrote and co-wrote almost every single song he released. (Over 300 for sure)

Michael Jackson's song had a lot of substance and he wrote most of them himself and they were all awesome, he is a legend.

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11 The Beatles were only liked mainly by people of Caucasian descent.

This is true. I live in South Africa and I do not know anyone black Indian colored who like or listen to the Beatles. I tried liking they music but I can't only one song but everybody loves Michael Jackson. Only old white people here I know listen to the Beatles. I would not know of the Beatles if it was not for America and the U.K pushing them like they are the greatest artist of all time but they are not. Worldwide it is Michael Jackson.

How many black, latino, Asians, and other ethnicities of different ages have you heard say they liked or listened to the Beatles? Rarely any minus the few Asians that did. Michael Jackson was equally loved by every single ethnic group from all over.

12 Michael Jackson had a career over 40 years

And the Beatles career only lasted 10 years...

13 Michael Jackson had real style

The Beatles were just 4 guys smoking marijuana (however you spell it), and Michael was a Real Dancer

Mj is a style icon no lie, but the mop top hair cuts clean cut suits, colorful silk pj's.The beatles were and always will be rock gods of fashion.Their style was widley immitated like a pop craze.Mj's style is only immitated by impersnaters.

14 Paul McCartney even admitted that MJ was going to be bigger

Well if this is true, then Paul McCartney is totally right... I admire the Beatles a little, they got quiet a lot of songs which really are meaningful and shows how good lyricist they are. However they don't get you off your seat... They are not "out of the box", plus, they don't dance... Their voice, average.. moreover some of their songs mean nothing... Well the Beatles are good but not great, they just keep on writing and writing with no sense... At times when they attempt a rocker voice, you'll hear like a phlegm is about to get out from their throats especially that of John lennon's voice... seriously not even a justifiable comparison to how amazing Michael Jackson is... Well maybe they are not so famous also, one factor is that they rose to fame when technology or tvs are still that advance, however they are not so staggering and dashing either, they sound so boring, look boring and AVERAGE, they are like the Jonas brothers of today

15 Michael is the best dancer and sings awesomely
16 Michael Jackson's music can be accepted by all generations

Now don't you ask and believe that if I am one of those so called moonwalkers or even Michael Jackson's fans? Cause I ain't it

And it doesn't mean that I am insulting

I am One of the BiggestFansOfTheUnrivalledEver" for the world's view but really, to me, music and the influences of music! It's styles! The grooving (it could be a perspective of an individual but still there are some which revolutionised and have the best music style in it, followed by any generation if they want the best collection with energy without saying that it's old cause you can't get that famous, inspirational and heartful days/music/times which are really are never ever old, remember that I am not devaluating the new or present artists, instead am making sure that you can't have any of the today music and even from 90s without those so called (for you) OLD inspirations!, who were the best in it and all

When you have the influences then why do you need these new ones? I mean just go on with them as all the new/present artists did so from the old inspirations.*old is the only reason why you have new, without it you can't even have a glimpse of the new* glimpse of new is not even worthy of thinking but there are some which are good though are not at all dancing-mode by which new got inspired and music was shaped. The great consequence where you are inspired by someone but you can't do like them which means you can't succeed in it. And Another great consequence is that though new is inspired by old, it can't copy/ perfect it out, the old at all, which is not a real deal for anyone of us but is a real and a big deal for the ones who want to succeed in their career/profession, could be music/knowledge, etc and tell me who doesn't want to succeed in whatever they do, I mean at least AVERAGE?

And new doesn't even interpret influence/give heartfelt energy as it's inspiration did and that's what makes THE OLD, THE INCOMPARABLE) are in my collection and in the collection of... more

17 Michael Jackson as a child broke attendance records The Beatles set as adults
18 Michael Jackson inspired several artists
19 Michael Jackson is still loved by kids, teens and adults while the Beatles are only loved by elders

Just watch the video children react to Michael Jackson on YouTube. Then children react to the Beatles. In the Michael Jackson video all the children get excited watching Michael Jackson and know the lyrics to the songs but with the Beatles they barely knew any and were bored by their music videos. Because even kids know Michael Jackson is the best!

That's not true, I've got classmates who enjoy The Beatles.

20 Michael Jackson Left behind a greater Legacy

Who is the top earning dead person every year? Michael Jackson! He has made over $1 billion since his death. The Beatles can't relate. He has also the most subscribed most watched artist on YouTube compared to the Beatles he has over 13 million subscribers. The Beatles hardly scratch 5 million. Also on Spotify thriller has over 1 billion streams and mj is still more streamed than the Beatles in this generation.

21 The Beatles' solos are mediocre
22 Michael Jackson was a single person while the Beatles were a group of people, yet Michael's songs are still remembered to be as great, if not better than the Beatles
23 Michael Jackson has the best selling album to date
24 Michael jackson put more energy into his songs
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