Top 10 Reasons Why Coldplay is Awful

Ugh one of the worst bands of all time, I mean they aren't as terrible as Ariana Grande or Imagine Dragons but god they're very close to being as bad as them, so this 100% factual list will prove why Coldplay is awful.
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1 Chris Martin sounds horrible

His voice doesn't stand the test of time like a Paul McCartney or David Bowie. It's not a voice that becomes better with age rather it becomes more grating and less pleasing. Just a bad singer.

I agree. Coldplay is not the greatest British rock band of the 21st century. The real best British rock group of the 21st century is Arctic Monkeys.

All he does in his songs is whine, that's all I hear, is him whining, can he do anything else other than whine in his songs? No because he is a talentless loser and also he's basically trying so hard to be Thom Yorke and failing miserably.

That's not true. He has a very unique and interesting voice. At least he's not screaming in his songs like most artists do.

2 They plagiarize songs

They never made a single original song, they just ripped off from other artists, they mostly ripoff Radiohead and also their most famous song Viva La Vida steals from a Joe Satriani song called If I Could Fly, this really shows how unoriginal this band really is.

They probably do plagiarise, but I have never been able to stay awake long enough to notice.

This is true. They weren't original.

3 Their music is boring

Ok not as boring as Ariana Grande or Imagine Dragons music, it's just every time I hear this band I just fall asleep.

Yep, not too boring but like, their music is very old, and it looks old.

Nothing tunes containing nothing lyrics.

4 They soldout

After their 4th album they soldout and starting gradually turning more into pop music, garbage pop music at that that's somehow worse their boring first 4.

Again, who is they

5 Their instrumentation sucks

These guys do not know how to play their instruments correctly and the end result is just a slew of boring songs paired with horrible whiny vocals from Chris Martin.

6 They have awful lyrics

All their lyrics are just terrible, they can't write intresting lyrics to save their life, now I could excuse bad lyric writing if it weren't for Martin's horrible whiny voice.

7 They never made a good album

The worst part is they only get worse with each one, their debut is boring as hell, their 2nd album is slightly better but still trash, their 3rd album might was well just be called a giantic whinefest, their 4th album is boring, and everything after that is just them turning into sellout garbage music.

8 They're depressing

Why would I want to listen to depressing music? Id want to listen to happy music, happy music will always be better than depressing music, oh and don't tell me Coldplay later did happy music because even if they did it was after their first 4 which are such awful albums.

Go listen to something happy then! Some of us need depressing music. Coldplay has helped me a lot with my depression.

So guess that means Radiohead and Joy Division suck too.

Viva la Vida sucked because of this.

9 They're friends with Jay Z and Beyonce

Those 2 are such terrible music artists and are greedy as all hell, why the hell does Coldplay even like them? Oh yeah because they make crappy music.

By that logic, Eminem sucks because he is friend to Lil Wayne.

10 They ruined the Half Time show of the Super Bowl

While the super bowl is one the stupidest events ever, this band's preformance at it was somehow worse than the actual game which shows how bad this band is when they can't even preform good at one of the biggest and most overrated events ever.

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11 They're overplayed

Once is more than enough.

12 They're a whiny band
13 They've never made a good song

Every song is determined by formulaic song structures, Chris Martins whiny voice, and a lack of inspiration in the instruments.

I have heard some good songs from them so this claim is false. ( Well really it is subjective like many of your claims that you absurdly mantain are facts).

They are just fake music, they have no soul, they just are there for the money, nothing else.

Good is in the eye of the beholder. Some people just have really terrible eyes.

14 They're extremely annoying

Some how, they have won awards in the Rock category, despite being somewhere in the middle of crappy dance and bland pop.

15 It's not real music
16 Rip off of Radiohead
17 They make you sleepy
18 They're fake
19 They collaborated with BTS
20 They are soulless
21 They're radio friendly soft rock
22 Their music is repetitive
23 They were good, but they have gotten worse.
24 Their lyrics are repetitive
25 Their albums have poor sound quality
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