Top 10 Power Metal Songs with the Best Intro

Power Metal, a captivating and energizing subgenre of metal music, is known for its melodic, non-extreme approach that blends a wide range of musical elements to create a powerful and engaging sound. This subgenre often features soaring vocals, fast-paced tempos, and a heavy emphasis on fantasy or mythological themes. One of the most striking features of Power Metal is the diversity found within its song introductions, which can make or break a track for many listeners. These intros can set the stage for the rest of the song and showcase the versatility of the genre, often featuring a variety of instruments and sounds that make each intro distinct and memorable.

Within the realm of Power Metal intros, there is a vast range of styles and approaches that artists employ to craft their unique sound. Some intros showcase the skillful use of electric or acoustic guitars, while others highlight the rich, layered sounds of keyboards and pianos. Drum intros are another popular option, providing an energetic rhythm that drives the song forward, and vocal-focused intros demonstrate the impressive range and talent of the genre's vocalists. Additionally, Power Metal intros can incorporate various sound effects, such as the sounds of war, ticking clocks, thunder, and other atmospheric elements, further adding depth and intrigue to the listening experience.

To capture the essence of this wide-ranging genre, with your help we have compiled a top 10 list of Power Metal songs with the best intros, carefully selecting tracks that showcase the variety and creativity found within these musical openings. Although electric guitar riffs remain the most common and characteristic feature of metal music in general, this list aims to highlight the unique blend of elements that truly sets Power Metal apart from other metal subgenres. From blazing guitar solos to intricate keyboard arrangements and everything in between, this top 10 list celebrates the power and beauty of Power Metal intros, offering a glimpse into the diverse world of this electrifying genre.
The Top Ten
1 I Am - Theocracy

Progressive Power Metal at its best. Gorgeous and epic intro to one of the best power metal songs of the 21st century (2011). The sample below features part of the intro.

Love the intro, one of the best progressive power metal bands.

2 Time What Is Time - Blind Guardian

A pretty unusual intro in three parts: a flamenco-style acoustic guitar, followed by a drum and riff "thunder," followed by a beautiful melodic riff. I love the contrast of these transitions. It works so well. The sample features the second and third parts of the intro. But the most unique element is the first part - the acoustic flamenco guitar.

The intro for this song is probably the best I've ever heard.

3 Land of the Free - Gamma Ray

An electric guitar intro I like a lot. Kai Hansen rules!

4 Vain Glory Opera - Edguy

Keyboard intro for you by Tobias Sammet. Great song (don't miss the chorus).

5 Father Time - Stratovarius
6 Martyr - Theocracy
7 The Curse of Feanor - Blind Guardian
8 Ghost Division - Sabaton
9 Mysteria - Edguy
10 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce

So what if it's cliché to put this on the greatest power metal intros list? It's still pretty damn epic.

The Contenders
11 Where the Rain Grows - Helloween
12 Laying the Demon to Rest - Theocracy
13 Distant Thunder - Shaman
14 Man on a Mission - Gamma Ray
15 30 Pieces of Silver - Theocracy
16 As Above, So Below - Yngwie Malmsteen
17 Thorn - Blind Guardian
18 Somewhere Out In Space - Gamma Ray
19 Heresy in Disguise - Falconer
20 Valhalla - Blind Guardian

An iconic intro - a guitar riff perfectly complemented by the drumming. The drumming sounds like an extension of the riff. The sample features part of it.

21 Bad Guys Wear Black - Primal Fear
22 Defenders of the Crown - Edguy
23 Age of False Innocence - Blind Guardian
24 Journey Through the Dark - Blind Guardian

Raw, thrashy, and speedy - an underrated song. Somewhere Far Beyond and Imaginations from the Other Side were two great albums. I really miss that era of Blind Guardian.

25 Imaginations from the Other Side - Blind Guardian

To me, the intro to this song sounds quite strange and mystical, which I believe captures the essence of this beautifully crafted album. Its twin brother-like album "Somewhere Far Beyond", although encompassing a lot more thrashier and aggressive elements, also reflects the same mystical quality through some really intriguing and thought-provoking lyricism. Hah, I might be completely off with my interpretation. Blame it all on the Rush of Blood to the Head - Arhaan95

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