Top 10 Best Rucka Rucka Ali Songs

Born in Detroit, Michigan, this comedic rapper has been causing a stir with his satirical lyrics and tongue-in-cheek humor since 2006. If you're easily offended, turn back now because Rucka Rucka Ali pulls no punches when it comes to political correctness. His songs are not only hilarious, but also socially relevant and thought-provoking. Whether you're in the mood for some raunchy humor or a witty take on current events, Rucka Rucka Ali has got you covered.
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1 Go Cops (Tik Tok parody)

They're all great, but in my opinion, Go Cops is the best on the list. Don't Be a Playa, Haiti should be on it.

Any song that makes a person laugh after the second line deserves to be at the top.

The song that introduced me to Rucka Rucka Ali. It's so dang funny!

2 Wigger
3 Al Qaedirection

The one direction this airplane is going to fly is down!

4 I'm a Korean (I've Gotta Feeling parody)

Funny as hell. My favorite parody of his. Love the way he used the lyrics with the original song. It fits really well.

5 Ebola (La La)

Greatest and most offensive lyrics ever.

6 Canada
7 Taquitos (Alejandro parody)
8 I'm Obama
9 I'm Osama

Parody of "I'm Obama" and about as good.

I find this song the most catchy, well planned, and interesting.

10 Ching Chang Chong (Boom Boom Pow parody)

Biggest song in USA. Something you can't say about any other comedy song ever.

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? Minecraft Won’t Add Inches to Your C***
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11 I Can Do Whatever I'm White

Laugh out loud, it's a really funny song. The lyrics are funny as it makes fun of white people and at the same time makes them sound good.

Yes, this is my theme song. I sing it every day and love listening to it. Overall, great lyrics. It sort of makes fun of white people and says they're cool. Love it.

12 We're All Asian
13 Banana Peels (Battlefield parody)
14 Obama's Been Watchin' (Blurred Lines parody)

Favorite line: My skin is brown and white. When I'm in your kitchen, I blend in and hide.

This is the best. Second would be I'm Obama, third Go Cops, fourth Shvartza, fifth My Name's Obama, and sixth I'm Osama.

15 I'm Chinese (Imma Be parody)
16 My Name's Obama

This has to be the best one. The video is hilarious. Iconic lines in this like "Whatcha think I'm growing, daisies?" and "Before I came in the White House, I used to smoke crack, I used to sell crack, I used to roll so black." Every verse is absolutely hilarious. Greatest Rucka song of all time in my opinion.

Funniest Rucka song. Great parody of a crappy song "Call Me Maybe." Best line, "What do you think I'm growing, daisies?"

One of the best uses of Obama's voice.

17 Only 17

First Rucka song I heard and funny as hell.

This song empowers young women. Please also listen to Booty Call by Rucka.

18 Outer Space (Poker Face parody)
19 Black Friend
20 Emo (Like a Nazi)
21 Osama Bin Found
22 Dont Be A Playa Haiti

The funniest underrated song from him of all time. Listen to it before you rate. This is second to Cops.

Best song that anyone's ever heard.

23 Leafy is Literally
24 Kosher Boy (Soulja Boy parody)
25 Hitler's Suicide Note
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