Top 10 Saddest Things About Kurt Cobain

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1 He died at the age of 27

I like Kurt Cobain. He didn't even want to be famous, but the other two guys in Nirvana did, and they got their wish. Mr. Cobain (it feels wrong to call him by his first name) couldn't handle it, and all these bad things happened to him, eventually leading to his death. Poor man. The media should've just left him alone.

This list is sad. It's sad to think that a person went through so many of these things. It just makes me cry.

Rest in peace, Kurt. May your soul fly on in heaven.

He's in good company - so were Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Brian Jones.

2 He didn't get to spend much time with his daughter
3 He believed he was unattractive

Kurt said he was ugly. He wasn't. He was just a young man who took bad drugs. I feel bad for not knowing a lot about him or Nirvana when I was younger.

He was handsome in my point of view, much better than that Bieber guy. Bieber is just a Kurt wannabe, spouting romantic nonsense while also rapping and garnering attention from teen girls and women in their twenties. Forget that. Kurt is more of a legend than you think.

He didn't like "Smells Like Teen Spirit," he had a stomach problem, and in the spring of '94, he died. I cried myself to sleep the other night. "I'd rather be myself than who I am." ~Kurt Cobain

4 He suffered from depression

That was sad. Just listen to the lyrics of Smells Like Teen Spirit. They're pretty dark.

For the most part, this had a very negative effect.

5 He doubted his own talent

It's so sad that everyone knew he was talented except for himself. So always remember, whenever you're feeling worthless, everyone else surely doesn't see you that way!

Kurt, you're a legend! If I could, I would give you a hug. You're such an angel.

He is talented to me. He is an amazing man.

6 He engaged in substance abuse

It should be number one. I love him, but doing drugs is so bad for a great man like him.

7 The media constantly hounded him

Of course, this should be number one. Sure, Kurt was depressed before Nirvana got really big and almost tried to kill himself when he thought they performed poorly at an audition.

But what ultimately led him to commit suicide was the media. All the attention, all the focus, was all on him. They only saw the negative sides of him and, according to some, pushed him into taking his own life in the end.

8 He had recently ended a relationship before his death

Actually, he was married to Courtney Love, and there is a conspiracy theory that she murdered him because he wanted a divorce. The theory suggests that Courtney knew that if they divorced, she would only get 10 percent of his estate.

So, according to this theory, she murdered him, and the Seattle police covered it up as a suicide. Courtney then allegedly took all the money Kurt had worked hard for.

No, he was married to Courtney Love, with whom he was having problems, but they didn't break up.

9 He lost many friends
10 His active career was brief
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11 He had a stomach ulcer

Not exactly an ulcer. It was a red irritation in his stomach.

12 His daughter was only 2 years old when he died
13 He disliked his song "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

What? It's one of my favorite songs!

14 He died alone

What did you think? That someone was there when he took his own life? If I were there, I would have stopped him. If only Kurt were alive...

15 His mother evicted him, leading to homelessness
16 He witnessed domestic abuse against his mother
17 Two of his uncles committed suicide
18 As a teenager, he wished he was gay to antagonize homophobes
19 He struggled with the pressures of fame
20 He felt unloved
21 People still say disrespectful things about him
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