The Ten Best Selling Songs in Austria in 1995

And now, Rednex took over the charts completely. The Swedish country group was THE band of the year, and their songs towered over anything on the radio by any other artist. Interestingly, their album "Sex & Violins", which contains all three of their tracks from this list, is only the 16th best selling album of the year, while one could expect it to be number 1. I am almost 100% sure it's because it has the ugliest cover artwork in the history of music and nobody wants to have this monstrosity in their collection (it peaked at number 2 on the charts though). Apart from Rednex, soundtracks, ballads and eurodance still sold very well as in the years before.
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The Top Ten
1 Wish You Were Here - Rednex

I don't think I need to say a lot about this and how happy I am this was the year's most successful song - after all, this was by far my most listened to song within the last year.
I adore Mary Joe's wistful, Parton-esque vocals and the dramatic tone of both the melody and the instrumental. This is a 180 degree turn from the rest of their hit songs, which are all dance inspired and even a bit humorous.

Peak position: 1
Having spent 10 weeks on top of the charts, the country ballad was also the biggest number 1 hit of 1995, tied with another Rednex song, "Old Pop in an Oak".

2 Old Pop In an Oak - Rednex

I think it's funny that their two biggest hits in Austria are so radically different, musically and lyrically. "Wish You Were Here" is arguably their most serious song, being a ballad about a woman who dearly misses her man (not like the video implies because he died in a war, but because he left her alone, we don't know why though), while "Old Pop in an Oak" is the most comical track of the album, being a novelty song about grilled skunks and wives chasing their husbands up a tree. Although "Cotton Eye Joe" is musically similar, its lyrics weren't as humorous, being about a love triangle. OPIAK still is an incredibly infectious song.

3 Lass uns schmutzig Liebe machen - Die Schröders

Although it musically sounds like a harmless indie pop song, the song title translates to "let's make dirty love", and is exactly about that - a woman who wants to spend a nice evening watching films on the couch and talking, while the man only wants sex from her. I am pretty sure it is supposed to be ironic or somewhat funny though, but I don't know the band well enough to decide. Nevertheless, I like the music of this tune.

4 Conquest of Paradise - Vangelis

From the soundtrack of the historical movie "1492: Conquest of Paradise". While there wete many very successful soundtrack songs in the 90s, it is rare that a single epic, score-like piece sells this well (score albums do though). The song only features a choir and instrumental, no lead vocals? and is one of the most famous movie themes of its time. And rightfully so! Those who didn't know until now, Vangelis is one of the best soundtrack composers out there who has written several brilliant pieces of art, just like this one.

5 Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) - Sin With Sebastian

No. I don't like it. It's just that bit too dull. It's so close to being silly fun, but something just doesn't add up and instead of being entertaining it's rather annoying.

6 Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? - Bryan Adams

From the soundtrack of the film "Don Juan de Marco". This time, the song became far bigger than the movie, despite a cast of Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando and Faye Dunaway. The song itself is like all big songs by Bryan Adams: a great ballad that lives from the singer's rough, rock like vocals that add the touch of coolness it needs in order to not be cheesy.

It's a great song; it even features Paco de Lucia - the legendary Spanish flamenco guitarist

7 Zombie - The Cranberries

I don't think I have to add much here - one of the most iconic and most acclaimed songs of the 90s. And everything, from the guitar to the expressive vocals to the anti-war message in the lyrics, is more than just perfect.

8 Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop) - Scatman John

One of the most fun and most memorable eurodance songs out there, that also has a good, motivational message: Scatman John stutters and still managed to record this song - then you can manage to do what you want to do, too! Although John is American, his songs weren't well known in the US, but this song was featured in the buddy comedy film "Nothing To Lose" starring Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence 2 years later.

9 An Angel - The Kelly Family

The Irish-American Kelly Family wasn't your typical group of superstars. No, they were street musicials who lived a nomadic lifestyle trying to make a living out of touring across the world. They did not look or behave like celebrities, but somehow, they won German speaking Europe's heart solely through their beautiful music. Up to this day, the individual members of the family are well known over here and have outstanding success and media attention, and they became one of the, let's say ten most popular groups of all time. In Germany their album "Over The Hump" containing this song even became one of the ten best selling albums ever. In Austria, they are very, very well known too.

10 Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex

Due to the combined success of "Wish You Were Here" and "Old Pop in an Oak", their hit "Cotton Eye Joe" from the year before climbed back to the top of the charts as well and continued the squaredance party for everyone. This group is simply a whole lot of fun, and this song will make every party a bit better.

Peak position: 1
The upbeat country dance song was also the 7th best selling song of 1994.