Top 10 Signs You're Obsessed with a Music Artist

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1 They're all you talk about

What? It's not like I'm always talking about Gentle Giant. I mean, Gentle Giant was a fundamental prog band that was excellent in having two beats going on at the same time within their songs. Plus, they've had numerous amazing albums throughout the time they were together. My favorite is The Power and the Glory, I absolutely LOVE the story it has to tell. So basically, it's about a power-hungry king, and it's SO amazing. I'd recommend this album more than ANY! Also, GG songs are shorter than most prog songs, so they're great for people with short attention spans. I don't have one, luckily. But back to Gentle Giant, there's absolutely NO going wrong with a listen to one of their songs. I'd suggest Aspirations, it's such a calming yet catchy tune. Gentle Giant is just SUCH a good band!
See? Not obsessed!

2 You bring them up in unrelated conversations

Did you see Infinity War?
No, but I have listened to Gentle Giant's Octopus.

I do this all the time, I talk about Tom when it has nothing to do with him.

3 You listen to their songs over and over again

I listen to Chithra's songs continuously more than once a day and I'm not tired of them. I do but because I really like her songs

I listen to Lauren Taylor's songs more than once a day and I'm not tired of them.

I do but because I really like the songs, then I get over it.

4 You know everything about them

I know a lot of what Tom did in his career and what he likes and facts about him, but not that much.

5 You sing along to/hum the songs

I do get a lot of songs stuck in my head.

6 You would do anything to meet them

I would like to meet Tom in a public area, but not go to his house unless he invites me.

Yes I would do anything to meet marilyn.

Even if it was doing something gross or something illegal? -DarkBoi-X

7 You try to be like them

I admit, I sometimes want to be like Tom by dressing similarly to him(tomboyish girl here, love his style). And I want to play guitar like him too. He is the reason I sort of got into the paranormal and into making music. But I've got my own persona though, my own ways.

I definitely try to be like Marilyn Manson.

8 You've memorized the order of all of the tracks on all of their albums

I'm obsessed with Andy Lau. I can't read Chinese but I know most of his songs and even memorized the lyrics! (Also I know Cantonese only and not Mandarin)

Yes I did this with heacen upside down and Antichrist superstar.

I have done this with a lot of singers.

9 Their songs keep playing in your head even though you aren't even listening to them

Lauren Taylor's songs truly plays in the head everyday.

10 You blast their songs on full volume when you're home alone
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11 You would sneak into their house to bother them

An obsessed fan snuck in to George Harrison's house, and bothered him just a bit by stabbing him repeatedly with a large knife. George barely survived.

No, that is a stalker move. I would rather meet Tom DeLonge in a public place, like at a restaurant or local store, something like that.

No way! If I were next to my favorite artist, that's the last thing I would do(unless I was their good friend and they didn't mind).

12 You get excited when their songs play on the radio

I was at a tea ceremony in San Francisco once and it was held at a Chinese dim sum restaurant. It has karaoke. An Andy Lau song came on and I was like " I LOVE THAT SONG! "

I wouldn't expect to hear gothic metal but maybe I would on satellite radio.

Whenever I hear a Queen song on the radio I get really happy and excited.

13 Their songs make you happy
14 You write songs about them
15 You got all of your friends to like them

I've got plenty of users here to like Tom DeLonge. But the people I know in real life like way too many trashy music to even give him a try.

I got my middle sister to like Skillet.

16 They blocked you on social media

I wasn't ever blocked by Tom DeLonge on Instagram ever, he is too sweet of a guy to block people unless they are rude to him. And I keep sending him a lot of comments, he actually checks them.

Most likely because you keep sending them annoying messages.

I would be crying like a tsunami !

17 You would cry if you met them
18 You went to their concert

I'm going to my favorite music artist's concert in a little over a month! I'm so excited!

I wishI could go to one of Tom's concerts, but he doesn't tour or play concerts anymore sadly.

I wish Andy Lau could come to perform in the US more often!

19 Your relatives are annoyed whenever you listen to their songs

Mom is like, "Samira Said again? Ugh. Hey, I know this song!" *starts singing incorrectly*

20 You have their songs downloaded on every single device that you own

She's definitely taking some gigabytes of my storage. Take it all, queen

I have Andy Lau songs on my phone, MP3 player, iTunes, CDs, you name it!

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