Top 10 Signs You're a Spotify User

Streaming music services like Spotify have again revolutionized how we consume music like the radio, the cassette tape, and digital downloads did in the past. And while there are those who are resisting change as is the case whenever there are people who are successful in the current system, the simple fact is that streaming music is here to stay which is great news for the consumer.

Unlike just a few years ago, when you either had to purchase (or pirate) the songs or albums you wanted to hear or hope the radio DJ would honor your call in request, Spotify gives you access to their entire catalogue of music to listen to whenever or wherever you want. It's like have a best friend who has no problem lending you any CD they own... and they own over a million of them.

So forget having to buy a separate hard drive to store your collection (or CD tower if you're still not sure of this whole Interwebs fad), and stop wasting your time reading other people's album reviews to try to figure out if an album is worth the $9.99 you'll have to pay town buy it off iTunes. Look into a streaming service like Spotify and get access to more content than you could listen to in a lifetime*.

*Spotify claims a library of 30,000,000 tracks. Assuming an average track length of 3 minutes, it would take 171 years to listen to the entire library.
The Top Ten
1 Even with the $9.99/mo Premium service, you still spend less per month on music than you did when you were buying songs

I always use Spotify for music. Is there a problem with Spotify?

2 You can't remember the last time you listened to any of your purchased music

You almost feel bad for all those carefully selected CDs collecting dust on a shelf, or all those files sitting in the iTunes library with their play counts never incrementing. It's not that you don't listen to that stuff anymore. It's just way easier to stream it.

I never listen to, and have never listened to, music I purchased.

3 You switched to T-Mobile for their unlimited music streaming

T-Mobile currently offers unlimited streaming for services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and many more. This streaming does not count against your data, so you can listen wherever you can get service.

4 You have a carefully curated list of your favorite 200+ songs

Who uses the "Starred" feature? I just go to my massive library of songs and either press play, listening to whatever starts playing, or listen to Coldplay. It always works.

That applies to me. Though, I am kind of aiming for more.

5 When a song comes up in conversation that someone hasn't heard, you pull out your phone and play it for them

Way better than trying to sing it.

6 You opted for a phone with an SD card slot so you have room to store your Spotify playlists
7 You discovered that your favorite artists have way more songs than you thought, and you've listened to them all

Foo Fighters! I listen to almost all the songs, almost every day.

8 You hate that the Play/Pause button on your Mac keeps opening iTunes instead of Spotify
9 You don't have to bother with sketchy MP3 download sites to try to save money

Yes, I haven't had to worry about downloading viruses or entering some twisted Deep Web MP3 websites ever since getting Spotify. Although, that still doesn't top my preference to just listen to music on YouTube instead.

10 You don't feel you have to keep listening to a mediocre album just to get your money's worth

Remember back when you would buy a CD, find out it really wasn't that good, but force yourself to listen to it a dozen times in an effort to make yourself like it? That sucked.

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