Top Ten Edmonton, Alberta Radio Stations

This is a list that showcases my Fave Radio Stations in the area I live. Most of these stations are for all Alberta, I think. I'm not the best at describing the type of stations they are but I'll do my best.
The Top Ten
1 102.3 Now Radio

This is one of the best radio stations in my opinion. They not only play pretty much any kind of music From Rock to Pop to Many other Genres. They are very interactive with the viewers/Listeners if you text in they will 9/10 times reply to your text. They also have a special fan hour at 12 p.m. were the listeners can request the songs for an hour and they will play pretty much anything requested.
The Radio hosts also make the station awesome they all are funny and reliable. They have the craziest conversation too they'll make topics aboot anything and we can participate.

They are my absolute fave Radio station right now. I even got the chance to be on the studio once and they are so cool.

2 100.3 The Bear

This stations been around in the Edmonton area for quite some time. and they are known for playing Hard rock & metal. They are a bold cause of the ballsy hosts and hardcore Radio Station for what they allow and talk aboot and they are always offering tickets for concerts. They've been a staple of Edmonton for years now.

Like Ozzy, Guns, The Crew, Avenged Sevenfold, Nickelback, Metallica, Three Days grace, Iron Maiden, AC/DC & many more

3 630 CHED

This is Our main News Station for Current events, Weather, Sports big time & etc
Edmonton's #1 radio station by most people.

Every time an Edmonton Oilers or Eskimos game is on you can count of them to play it. And have good sports shows after the games.

They is a lot more reasons why there so good. They are very trustworthy that's why they are go to station for locals and travellers.

You are the best 24-7. Even when you were the rock channel. Thanks 630 ched.

This a nice station and it nice I can listen to the oilers games with this station

4 97.3 K-Rock

This station is all aboot the Classic Rock music that was around in the 60's - 70's - 80's & 90's
They have maybe been here longer than the Bear and they have always been a family fave in my house.

They are a very musically smart group of people as they should be when having a Classic Rock station.

You name a classic rock song they have it and even a little of the classic blues and early pop
It's a good station

5 TSN 1260

I have to double check the name but that's basically the name. They are sports based too but almost 24/7 and they have great shows daily aboot sports not just in Edmonton but all over and sometimes current events too.

For After a Hockey game They might actually be better to listen to cause there ads aren't as long.

6 99.3 UP!

They are known as the Sister Station the Now Radio cause there in the same building.

They play a lot of what Now can't as much. Now I don't know everything aboot them yet but the music they play is very enjoyable. They also share people with Now.
Up is starting to get more and more noticed.

7 96.3 Capital FM

These guys play a lot of different but well known music. They play a variety of eras of songs and they have a lot of Cancon. they are kinda new in a way but there really good to tune in to

8 102.9 Sonic

I witness when this station was just getting underway and after time they've become very popular cause they play Alternative and Electronic and some dubstep. You will hear Paramore and Ellie Goulding a lot which is good to listen too.

9 92.5 Fresh Radio

Now this one is bittersweet cause when I started listening to the radio on my own radio I would always Listen to Joe fm almost all day. it introduced me to many of my fave artists now. But overtime I lost interest in them cause they played too many songs that I didn't know that well. now they still play some good music but I've transitioned from being a super fan to just a fan now. But they are still a fine radio station even with the name change

10 103.9 CISN Country

Now I don't listen too this one a ton but I will from time to time listen to the music playing and hey I like a little bit of Country music. This also is the radio station that hosts the Big Valley Jamborie every summer they get big country names every year.

The Contenders
11 91.7 The Bounce
12 104.9 Virgin Radio
13 100.5 CRUZ FM

Not exactly in Edmonton but I added this anyways as its from Fort McMurray

14 93.9 CBC Radio

Greatest radio station in the city. Sponserd by the government. Also has news unlike the stupid music stuff!

Great news. Frequent updates on traffic and news headlines.

15 iNews 880
16 107.9 Mix FM
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