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1 We Built This City

It's not my favorite either, but I honestly don't think this is a horrible song. Today's music is crap, it's just crap, it's CRAP. I would take the "worst of the 80's" over any of the autotune "up in the club" from today.

Plus, I gotta defend Mickey Thomas's voice. He's a way underrated vocalist.

Terrible song. There are great Jefferson Airplane songs, true classics, and some very good Jefferson Starship songs. This is a just dreck, an embarrassment next to the great music this band made.

What. One of the worse songs ever by any band. The complete opposite end of the spectrum to White Rabbit and Jane.

2 Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

No no no. My ears are bleeding. Such a letdown for a band that made so many great songs

Somebody to love is my favorite but this one definitely needs to be higher

3 White Rabbit

On of the best songs ever written or sang. Perfect.

Absolutely one of my very favourites of all time by any band, although I prefer the version Grace Slick did with the Great Society

4 Somebody to Love

I listened to White Rabbit first and I was shocked to hear music of that level. Then I heard this song and I was in love with Jefferson's. I play it quite often on my guitar too. Cool chords and really good music. Although I haven't heard most of their song, but so far this is the best one.

'White Rabbit' and 'Somebody to Love' are Grace slick's gift to Jefferson Airplane and undoubtedly the best tracks of this band so far.

What a lame selection! Gotta be joking that great songs like 'Today' not even featured here... Guess the Rabbit mad e it, just about though

5 Sara
6 No Way Out
7 Miracles

This may be one of the most sexiest love songs that the 1970s has ever come up with. You know, when most people say that there's not that many autistic rock musicians, I'd usually point to Marty Balin as an example. He was basically the heart and soul of Jefferson Airplane/Starship, along with Grace Slick. One thing I like about "Miracles" is that there's almost no vocal structure, everything just flows together perfectly in a freestyle-like pattern. I think "Red Octopus" is such an underrated masterpiece, as it does fit well with other high-quality rock releases during the 1970s decade.

8 Count on Me

And of course, here's Jefferson Starship's second best-selling album, "Earth", which contains this song. To be honest, I do like the group's softer-sounding ballads more than their hard rock tunes and this song is no exception. I think it's easily tied between "Miracles" for its levels of smoothness, as well as Marty Balin giving off some Gary Wright vibes with his voice. In fact, Gary Wright's discography is also worth looking into, as he used to work with George Harrison and his voice is incredibly ethereal and soulful. Go look up his album "The Dream Weaver". You will be amazed.

9 Jane

My all-time favorite rock song. It all blends perfectly. Mickey Thomas's incredible vocals. The dissonant keyboard. The best guitar solo ever. LOVE this song!

Are you kidding me! This is one of the best rock songs of all time. It puts me in heaven every time I listen to it, it is way better then 12 on the list. Also it's their best song

Should be ranked MUCH higher. Awesome tune with incredible vocals by Mickey Thomas.

10 Winds of Change
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11 Runaway

My favorite song by JS. Incredible guitar lines and harmonies. Song always takes me somewhere else and brings back the butterflies of falling in love and wanting to Runaway.

12 It's Not Over ('til It's Over)
13 Today

Such a lame list! Kids nowadays have simply listened to White Rabbit & Somebody to Love and call themselves hippies... This is by far the best song by the Plane

Jerry Garcia plays the high notes in the recurring lick here.

14 With Your Love

This is my favorite, although White Rabbit is a great song. Marty Balin's voice is special, and this song is the perfect song for him.

15 Light the Sky on Fire
16 Volunteers

What a pity the Starship schlock is on the list and "Volunteers" isn't.

17 Sweeter Than Honey
18 Find Your Way Back

The vocal combination of this group was hard to beat back in the day. They outdid themselves on this one. Their best by far.

How could this list be complete without this heavy hitting
Power ballad.

Best song or 1 of the best they made.

19 Stranger
20 Wooden Ships

Best song in the history of songs. Great harmonies, guitar, bass and of course, lyrics.

21 She Has Funny Cars
22 Embryonic Journey
23 Ride the Tiger

Perfect Hippy song. Should be in the top ten.

24 Good Shepherd
25 Aerie (Gang of Eagles)
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