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For nearly three decades, Saliva has been a driving force in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. With their signature blend of bone-crushing riffs, powerhouse vocals, and infectious hooks, the band has produced a string of hit songs that have become anthems for a generation of music fans.

From their early days as a garage band in Memphis, Tennessee to their later years as one of the most successful rock acts of the 2000s, Saliva has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the world of hard rock. And throughout it all, their loyal fan base has been there every step of the way, singing along to every word and raising their fists in the air in celebration of the band's music.
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1 Always

My favorite Saliva song. My favorite line: The pistol's shaking in my hand and all I hear is the sound. I also like I walk Alone and King of my world.

Such a strong beat, it makes you want to dance. The lyrics of this song relate to so many people including myself and it just makes me feel happier

Survivor Series made it look good... ever since then this tune will always be my jam when working out

2 Click Click Boom

UM... Their most known song and there best plan and simple.

My friend in his car, heard this song... just, YEAH!

Simply the best

3 I Walk Alone

Best Saliva song ever... theme song of wwe superstar Batista.. Should be #1

I don't know why isn't this song first...

This track made love wwe

4 Ladies and Gentlemen

Might I ask? Why in hell is this song not #1. I really like this band, but Always totally doesn't have anything close to the expectations of Ladies & Gentlemen. Whoever says that this song isn't at the top, well they must be a bunch of "kids" that listen to Pierce the Veil & A Day to Remember.

Such a powerful chorus! I always imagine it in an action movie, like it was in Jumper in the car scene! The song is a classic and I will like it regardless of my parent's opinions on it, haha. Just listen to it.

Great action song, just what I want to listen to while I play a video game (I like to mute video games and listen to music while I play them).

5 Superstar

Superstar should be number two or three not 9 dude this is stupid.

Should be number 3!

6 Weight of the World

This song is just plain awesome. The guitar rifts, the tune, everything.

Awesome why no number 1

7 Your Disease

This song is definitely better than most of the upper ones! Should be first or second at least. It was the song that really made me interested in saliva music.

Amazing song that is underrated. Should be higher. It's better than some of the other songs and should be in top 3 along with click click boom

Easily transitions from an edgy hip hop style to the clear screaming lyrics that flow so easily with the D# cords.. totally underrated.. should be higher

8 Hunt You Down
9 Don't Question My Heart
10 In It to Win It

Best motivational song I've ever heard.

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11 After Me

Don't know why this isn't in this list. Has the best sounding chorus than any of the other songs.

Very underrated song. If this song doesn't get you rocking out, nothing will!

12 Spy Hunter Theme
13 Time
14 Rest in Pieces

Best saliva song so far...every time I hear this song I remember a good friend of mine that I haven't seen for awhile...

Definitely my fave saliva song, but 14 seriously?!

16th? This song? This band must seriously rich

15 Badass
16 Survival of the Sickest

The best song by them, why is it not in the top 5?

The best song and video ever Camaro dusting mustang is priceless

17 Raise Up

Goosebumps is all I can remember!

18 They Don't Care About Us
19 Hate Me
20 King of My World

Fantastic rock song

21 King of the Stereo
22 Superstar 2
23 WWE: Just Another War (TLC Theme Song)
24 Time to Shine
25 Bleed for Me

What? This song in 15. This song should be number 1 please listen it. Not only I like but also I love it

Nice instrument and lyrics. Please vote for it

Daredevil song. I like it

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