Top 10 Songs with the Most Misleading Titles

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1 Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

It's one of their best songs, if not the best, but Kashmir is a mountainous geographical region in Asia, and the lyrics are about the Sahara Desert in Africa. The original title was "Driving To Kashmir."

I found this on the Internet:
"Plant wrote the lyrics in 1973 while driving through the Sahara Desert on the way to the National Festival of Folklore in Morocco. Kashmir is in Southern Asia. He was nowhere near it. In Mojo magazine, September 2010, Plant explained: 'Kashmir came from a trip Jimmy and I made down the Moroccan Atlantic coast, from Agadir down to Sidi Ifni. We were just the same as the other hippies, really.'"

2 Best Song Ever - One Direction

It's not the best song ever. I hate to admit it, but there was a time where I used to think this was the best song ever.

3 Heavy - Linkin Park

I hate this song. I really do. Word of advice, guys: if you want to go in a new direction and have softer-sounding songs, don't get our hopes up for another 'Hybrid Theory' by calling the first song 'Heavy.'

I honestly do like this song, but I understand why Linkin Park fans would hate it.

4 Like a Virgin - Madonna

It is not about losing your virginity. It's about finding happiness in a new love relationship after a messy breakup, when you feel like a new person.

P.S. I prefer the Metallica song and some other songs on this list, but I put Madonna higher because her song is more popular.

5 Poker Face - Lady Gaga

It's about bisexuality and is based on Gaga's personal experience (she was with a man but fantasized about being with a woman, hence the poker face).
"No, he can't read my poker face (she's got me like nobody)."

6 Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy

To be fair, this is the best song on the album, but this isn't a rock song.

7 Battery - Metallica

It's not about batteries at all. The song title refers to a street in downtown San Francisco where the club played by Metallica in the 80s was located (444 Battery Street).

The song is about the glam metal scene that was popular in Los Angeles in the 80s and how much Metallica hated it. Yes, the Bay Area thrash scene was much better, including the club at 444 Battery Street, which Metallica call "the family" in the lyrics.
By the way, Metallica moved from LA to SF because they didn't like the glam metal scene in LA.

8 Hotel California - Eagles

It's not about a luxury hotel. It's about greed and self-destruction in the music industry.
"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

Not only is the title misleading, but the album photo is also misleading.

9 Waterfalls - TLC

It's not about beautiful waterfalls, but the video clip adds even more elements that may mislead you. The song is about HIV/AIDS, promiscuity, and the illegal drug trade.

"One day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror
But he doesn't recognise his own face
His health is fading and he doesn't know why
Three letters took him to his final resting place."

10 Perfect - One Direction
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11 Every Breath You Take - The Police

I first thought that the song was really beautiful. Then one day I was singing the song when it came on the radio. I misheard the lyric and sang, "You belong with me." My dad corrected me and told me it was, "You belong to me." I have never heard the song the same way. It will forever be known as the stalker song.

Yes, and unfortunately this song is so much acclaimed because people think it's a love song. However, it's a very mediocre song.

No, it's not a classic love song. It's about a stalker.

12 Coming in the Motion - The Arcana
13 Slide - The Goo Goo Dolls

It's about teen pregnancy where a girl and her boyfriend are debating about getting married or having an abortion.

14 Do Me Like a Caveman - Edguy

It's not exactly what you think - the song is rather sad. The character couldn't fall asleep in a hotel room because the couple in the next room had very loud sex. "Time and time again, you don't have a choice but to lie awake to verify. Did she really say, 'Now do me! Do me like a caveman'? Walls come down and then a ghostly voice sets up crazy moans into the night."

15 Sonne - Rammstein


This is not about the sun, but about a strong and great boxer entering the boxing ring. It was written as the entrance music for the Klitschko brothers, but they eventually didn't use it. So they replaced "Klitschko" with "Sonne." Like in most Rammstein songs, the lyrics are cryptic and metaphorical, and therefore many people wouldn't know what it is about unless they are familiar with analyzing texts.

16 No Woman, No Cry - Bob Marley & The Wailers

I don't know if this also happens in English-speaking countries, but most people over here assume that the title (misogynistically) means "as long as there's no woman, there's no one crying," either because the woman is the one crying or because the woman/the relationship brings trouble that will end up in tears. Actually, he talks to a woman in the song and tells her not to cry ("No, woman, don't cry").

17 Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

He turns out to be more Big "Good" John.

18 I Think I'm Okay - Machine Gun Kelly

About a guy who knows that he is not okay.

19 Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued - Fall Out Boy

Fun fact: This song was originally going to be called "My Name Is David Ruffin and These Are the Temptations" until their lawyer stepped in. The title of this song is hilarious.

20 My Name is Jonas - Weezer

It's about Rivers' brother, and his name is not Jonas.

21 Happy Song - Bring Me the Horizon

But it sounds extremely angry.

22 No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age
23 I Write the Songs - Barry Manilow

He actually didn't write this song.

24 Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots
25 Not a Pop Song - Little Mix
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