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1 Dark Ages

This takes what Prophecy started with and improves it even more. It was a close one between Prophecy and Dark Ages but this just edges it. Babylon is one of the best Soulfly songs ever.

Soulfly may have better songs but this album is one of the most complete pieces of art I've heard. I love every second of it, the atmosphere of this album is incredible.

Ever since I got it on vinyl it's been my favourite. Beast of an album

2 Prophecy

Prophecy, dark ages and conquer are Opus Magnum of Soulfly music. previous albums sounds like demo versions to them, later albums are just repeating this "golden trio" albums

Atmospheric and experimental; all the way great. The best Soulfly album for me.

This album is so amazing and starts with one of the best Soulfly songs ever.

3 Conquer

I love the intensity of this album. The speed, the rhythm, the drumming, the combinations of beats and tones. Each track complements the next. Lyrically, it's very typical Soulfy, almost parodying themselves but in the most most satisfying way possible.

All songs are great on this album, there is no weak moment; combination of thrash, death, groove metal with world music elements; tempo of album is changing all the time sometimes fast, sometimes slow and loud; crown achievement of soulfly music

The best soulfly album by far.

4 Primitive

New metal music. Easy simple melody songs. Better than first album

5 Soulfly

The first album is my favorite followed by Datk Ages then Enslaved and Conquer. Ritual is awesome too. But nothing beats the first one.

Original is always the best. Picks up where Roots left off.

The first and the worst album; simple guitar riffs mixed with tribe music; maybe it was something when it came out, but its hard to listen to it nowadays

6 Savages

This is album has very strong music like Cannibal Holocaust & Fallen but it has also weak moments. It has best lyrics from all albums, also is the heaviest and most brutal in Soulfly discography.

7 Omen

Album for fans, it has decent but average Soulfly thrash-death songs.

8 3

This album is great. It includes some great songs like Brasil and Seek 'n' Strike. The cover songs on the deluxe CD I have are great.

First three soulfly abums (soulfly, primitive, 3) are very poor music; basic, simple guitar riffs and brazilian-native music elements; they sound like some experimental demo sessions; best is to skip them and start from Prophecy album

9 Enslaved

If you're a fan of the old Sepultura records (when Max was still in the band) then I highly recommend this album. It has this relentless nature that's just hard to resist. They also got Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation to perform guest vocals on this one, which is amazing.

This album is underrated even on this list.

Very good and fast thrash album; one of better soulfly music; only world music elemets are outdated, they don't sound so much interesting like on previous albums

10 Archangel

Archangel is heavy as hell, have the best Soulfly lyrics, great vocals and stunning instrumentals. Deserves top 5

Love the religious overtones. Christianity never sounded so metal.

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11 Ritual

Better than previous album. "Ritual" is pretty heavy and fast! Good idea mixing tribal shouts with breakdown like in "The Summoning"..what a killer song! Max shows, that after these better and worse years has still something to feed us with. This is one of the best Soulfly albums in my opinion. SOULFLY TRIBE4LIFE!

Just awesome, this one deserves top 5! More and more like Death Metal.

12 Tribe E.P.

Just an EP of remixes and live tracks (and Tribe of course), that's why its at the bottom of this list.

13 Totem
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