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Splatoon's soundtrack is something very special. There are so many amazing tracks, it's not even funny. Here are the best of the best songs.

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1 Spicy Calamari Inkantation - Squid Sisters (Splatoon 2)

In my opinion, all of Splatoon 2's songs are good. I'd might as well consider it better than the original Splatoon's soundtrack. This song, Spicy Calamari Inkantation, is a perfect representation of the games soundtrack. High-energy synths, the harmonizing of the original Squid Sisters themselves, and that catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along, only to realize you're singing in a mishmash of Japanese, Thai and English. Anyway, this song rocks. Go check it out if you haven't played the story mode of Splatoon 2.

2 Calamari Inkantation - Squid Sisters (Splatoon)

This is what started it all. OCTO Expansion? Thanks to this song, your Octoling can live in Inkling Society. Spicy Calamari Inkantation? Remix of this one. And Off The Hook wouldn't have formed if it weren't for this song. Plus it's just good, no questions asked.

No need to explain. Anything I need to say about this song has already been said by many people on the Internet.

I always use that song in Hungry Shark World without the music in the game.

3 Tidal Rush - Squid Sisters (Splatoon 2)

EDIT: I made a mistake in the entry. Supposed to be DJ Octavio feat. Callie vs. Marie, not Squid Sisters. Oops.

You can really feel the emotion with this song, and it's so powerful. Marie sounds like she's on the verge of breaking down into tears, and it really pulls on my heartstrings. It shows that she's worried for her cousin Callie, and she'll do anything to get her back. Also, it's an epic orchestral mix of Bomb Rush Blush and Tide Goes Out! What more could you ask for?

God, this song is by far my favorite track in Splatoon 2. Say what you will about Nintendo, but they know how to hype up a boss.
The beautiful opening from Marie is just so iconic, and the way the two cousins seem like they're trying to outsing each other... I can and have listened to this on repeat.

4 Fly Octo Fly - Off the Hook (Splatoon 2)

The boss battle with Commander Tartar was so hard, yet it was one of the best experiences. I feel bad for anyone who didn't complete the dlc with no cheats from Marina. The reward it gives you is outstanding. I died a lot in that fight, but the song keeps you moving forward. Oh! And don't even get me started on the Ebb & Flow part of it! I have no words to describe it. I really do love this song. It's on par to that heavenly melody~

This song is amazing. I have never seen a splatoon fan that doesn't like this, and maybe that's just because I live under a rock, but I would like to believe otherwise. Many songs in Octo Expansion lead to this, the tune that plays after completing a level, the thangs, etc., creating a piece that gives closure, but not too much because you still have to beat the final boss.

5 Fresh Start - Squid Sisters (Splatoon 2)
6 Maritime Memory - Squid Sisters (Splatoon)

It kinda reminded me of me seeing humpback whales being spotted in public in New York City.

It's basically just a remix of the Squid Sisters' songs but it's so chill and nice. Love it.

7 Ink Me Up - Squid Sisters (Splatoon)

Despite the interesting name choice that I definitely have not seen some interesting jokes about, this still sounds amazing. It's did an amazing job at hyping up Splatfests with the fun nature.

This is my absolute favorite! The accidentals, the instruments, the harmonization, everything! The live version makes this even better!

This gives me fun J-Pop vibes, and I love it.

8 Ebb & Flow - Off the Hook (Splatoon 2)

It also plays when you're about to finish off the final boss in the Octo Expansion DLC. I can imagine the lyrics to the tune of the song: Hurry up Agent! You can do it! Come On! Come On! Make it happen! Who knows what we'll do? Kill this guy quickly, or else we would diiiie!

Ah yes, Ebb & Flow. I'm assuming we are talking about the Splatfest version, but both are great. Ebb & Flow accurately represents Splatfests, pure fun and hype. No more, no less.

Probably the catchiest song in the series. I've played it so many times and it's so simple, but it never gets old.

9 Acid Hues - Off the Hook (Splatoon 2)

This is a very underrated song. It's such an amazing combo of Octarian and Inkling music. The vocals are amazing as well, and the beat is a whole new level of fresh.

Most underrated Off a The Hook song. The instruments used here are great, and Pearl's rapping isn't bad!

Ah yes, another Splatoon song that oozes style. It's just a great, fun song! The vocals support the instrumental and vice versa.

10 Bomb Rush Blush (Smash Remix)

This is the best version of Bomb Rush Blush. It's very pop, very upbeat, and I just adore it.

The Contenders
11 I Am Octavio - DJ Octavio (Splatoon)

The beat on this song drops harder than my chances when the other team is four Main power up splattershot pros. DJ Octavio is sooooo much better in splatoon 1, from the difficulty to the stage design to the music.

The second I hear this song, I think, "Oh damn, I'm'a gonna get my face remixed."

12 Endolphin Surge - Wet Floor (Splatoon 2)

Of all the standard battle songs in the Splatoon games, this one gets me pumped and energized the most. There's something about it that I love so much.

13 Blitz It - Chirpy Chirps (Splatoon 2)

Chirpy Chips is by far my favourite band, and this song is the epitome of what makes their music so good.

This song is GREAT. The guitar is probably my favorite part! And the 8 bit solo is also great.

Chirpy Chips has to be my favorite non-idol Splatoon band.

14 Nasty Majesty - Off the Hook (Splatoon 2)

If I had never heard this song and someone showed it to me with no context (and pretend I wouldn't notice the squid vocals,) I would definitely never guess it was from Splatoon 2. It is so different from other Splatoon songs with it's simplistic nature, which adds to it's beauty. With Marina's soulful vocals and Pearl's rapping, it is very hard to not enjoy Nasty Majesty.

Holy cow this song. I mean, especially how it was used for the Octo Expansion trailer? Gives me chills every time. It's some of the best Off the Hook has to offer.

15 Splattack! - Squid Squad (Splatoon)

Please rise for the anthem of Splatoon 1. Thank you. Splattack is just pure hype, no inbetween, making it all the more fun to listen to. Because of this, it perfectly represents Splatoon, nothing but fun.

Of course I had to put this here. This is what represents the Splatoon games. This song's a classic.

Most iconic right here. Sort of the "main theme" of Splatoon, brings back memories of the trailer.

16 Into the Light - Off the Hook (Splatoon 2)

I loved this song. The perfect clash between Pearl and Marina's voices is just amazing. Pearl's silly little rapping and Marina's beautiful singing

Into the Light is my favorite Splatoon song, I mean in my opinion, it's better than every other Splatoon song, Octo Expansion has all these songs with these vibes in it that makes me want to sing out loud, and that's what Into the Light does, it will always be my favorite!

*Octo expansion ends, this song plays*

Me: *cries happy tears because I love this song so much*
Friend: Are you crying over a song?
Me: no...

17 Don't Slip! - Wet Floor (Splatoon 2)

Epic piece of soundtrack. The 7/8 time signature makes it feel really unique too.

That synthesizer part though. The very definition of an eargasm.

18 Splattack! [octo] - Dedf1sh (Splatoon 2)

God. This remix. The theme for Splatoon 1, and kind if the series as a whole, but off. The glitchy effects. The sirens. The fact that this is what plays when you fight Agent 3. Absolutely wonderful.

I honestly prefer this over the original Splattack. This may be my favorite Icto expansion song.

The best remix you could ask for in a boss battle.

19 Shark Bytes - Off the Hook (Splatoon 2)

I love the mix of electronic upbeat music at pearls rap, and the softer, kinda more serious sounding music tied with marinas vocals really make this song amazing!

I may be biased towards Off the Hook. Anyway this song is a jam, love the rapidfire rapping from Pearl, and Marina's beautiful vocals.

In my opinion it is the most touching song out of all of the Splatoon series albums

20 Bomb Rush Blush - Callie (Splatoon 2)

Callie 's solo is used in Super Smash Bros and remixed in the Splatoon 2 story mode with the featuring of DJ Octavio.
I like this song too much.

21 Colour Pulse - Off the Hook (Splatoon 2)
22 #14 Crush - Dedf1sh (Splatoon 2)

#14 crush is very hard to not like. This song oozes pure style while still sounding amazing. From the synths, to the percussion, sax, and the contrasting low and high vocals, all of the instruments come together and make something amazing. I remember playing a very annoying level on Octo Expansion that had this song. Even though I hated that level (I forgot which one it was), I was fine with failing because it let me hear this song more.

It was something very different compared to the Pop and Rock of the world of Splatoon 2, but I love the fact that Nintendo was showing different genre of music.

23 Kraken Up - Squid Squad (Splatoon)
24 Entropical - Sashimori (Splatoon 2)

Very good and nice when I first heard it in the trailer I was amazed that so many old bands were back.

25 Now or Never! - Wet Floor (Splatoon 2)
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