Best Metal Albums of 2018

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1 Firepower - Judas Priest

I'd place this one between Defenders and Painkiller. A great return to form!

This was a great album. My favorite song here is actually Sea of Red.

Gotta say, I really enjoyed this one. Well done Judas Priest.

Priest are still the metal gods they were back in the 70's.

2 Diluvium - Obscura Diluvium - Obscura Product Image

This band... Hands down.
I liked a YouTube comment on Obscura's new album: "It is ironic that a band named OBSCURA has made everything so clear."
100% true.

Such prog, Such feels.

3 Illusive Golden Age - Augury Illusive Golden Age - Augury Product Image

Great album (progressive/ technical death metal)
List to check out - Best Songs On Augury's Illusive Golden Age

4 Queen of Time - Amorphis Queen of Time - Amorphis Product Image

The combination of folk element and death metal is SUPERB.
The vocals are perfect too.
Definitely recommend it.

That's a pretty good album, guys. It sounds quite poppy at times but it's good for beginner metal fans.

5 The Outer Ones - Revocation The Outer Ones - Revocation Product Image

That's a really really good album!

Great is our sin is the best.

Best album cover art!

6 Northern Chaos Gods - Immortal Northern Chaos Gods - Immortal Product Image

Even without Abbath the band still kicks ass! Love the album!

7 Where Owls Know My Name - Rivers of Nihil Where Owls Know My Name - Rivers of Nihil Product Image

Prog death with sax

8 Algorythm - Beyond Creation Algorythm - Beyond Creation Product Image
9 Devouring Radiant Light - Skeletonwitch Devouring Radiant Light - Skeletonwitch Product Image
10 Meditations - Kataklysm Meditations - Kataklysm Product Image
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11 The Sciences - Sleep The Sciences - Sleep Product Image
12 Trident Wolf Eclipse - Watain Trident Wolf Eclipse - Watain Product Image

Cool that this album is getting love.

13 Jungle Rot - Jungle Rot Jungle Rot - Jungle Rot Product Image
14 Ion - Portal Ion - Portal Product Image

This is a really heavy album from Australia - contains Experimental Death Metal.
Sounds like Gorguts meets Morbid Angel meets Nile, and more.

15 The Arrow of Satan is Drawn - Bloodbath The Arrow of Satan is Drawn - Bloodbath Product Image

In my humble opinion this album is better than their last album.
Good album not bad. Will have fun while listening, but it's not on the level of their first three albums.

Best 1 so far, old Nick sounds possessed, and the brutal riffs crush the old bloodbath albums into dust period.

Brutal, Holmes is a freak.

16 Wasteland - Riverside Wasteland - Riverside Product Image
17 The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness - Panopticon The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness - Panopticon Product Image
18 Stranger Fruit - Zeal & Ardor

An interesting combination of black metal and spiritual/gospel music. Sounds silly on paper, but in practice, you'd be surprised by just how good it is. The lead single "Gravedigger's Chant" is both catchy and powerful, and the closing track "Built on Ashes" is honestly one of the most beautiful tracks I've heard in a long time.

19 Eonian - Dimmu Borgir Eonian - Dimmu Borgir Product Image
20 Astral Necromancy - Hoth Astral Necromancy - Hoth Product Image
21 Damned If You Do - Metal Church Damned If You Do - Metal Church Product Image
22 The Sacrament of Sin - Powerwolf The Sacrament of Sin - Powerwolf Product Image

Absolutely perfect power metal!

23 Holy Hell - Architects Holy Hell - Architects Product Image

top 3 material

24 Our Raw Heart - Yob Our Raw Heart - Yob Product Image
25 The Colder the Night - Elderwind The Colder the Night - Elderwind Product Image
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