Best Lil Pump Songs

This list holds the best Lil Pump songs, who is a 17 year old rapper born in Florida, met smokepurpp and started making his own music, his debut song “lil pump”.
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1 Molly

There's a list? Are you kidding me?

Lil Pump is just as bad as 6ix9ine.

Unfortunately, this is probably his best song.

Molly is and always will be his best song.

I just love the guy...#My Role Model

2 Gucci Gang

Honestly this is the only song I know form this guy with a good production bar Youngest Flexer. 3/5

Greatest song of all time. No debate.

This was big. And sweaty

This song is the best

3 D Rose

This is the song that introduced me to him. My brother showed it to me and I hated it. A couple minutes later I found myself singing the lyrics lol. So naturally I voted for this.

The first song I heard by him.

Whenever I watch the video without laughing best lil pump my opinion

4 Welcome to the Party

I rate this a 5 out of 10, but the best/okay parts are the beats, French Montana and Lil Pump's verse (the hardest verse I ever heard from him), so it's just my opinion.

WHY ISN'T THIS #1? This is actually fun, and it may be one of the best rap songs of 2018!

Lil pumps goes hard on this verse, and doesn't just mumble through it all.

Honestly one of his hardest lines in his career.

5 Arms Around You

I don't like Lil Pump and I've never heard this song before, but I can just tell by listening to these samples that this is probably his best song. How is D Rose above this song!? I mean talk about earrape! Also how is Gucci Gang above this song?! I have heard that song before and while it's good in comparison to D Rose, it's still awful as he just repeats the word "Gucci Gang" for three minutes straight.

Lil Pump writing-lyrics that have a meaning? Wow!

This one is actually good. And for once I like lil pumps lyrocs a lot.

I love this song!

6 Boss

The beat is lit as hell!

The beat is lit

7 Esskeetit
8 I Shyne

This song goes so hard

Easily best song

The beat is insane, his best flow, and he actually kinda has bars in this song

9 Flex Like Ouu

I like this, but the Roblox death sound edit is way better.

This song slaps

10 Iced Out
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11 Back
12 Be Like Me

This doesn't even has a number it's the best Lil Pump song!
how's molly number 1?

13 I Love It

Not really lyrically genius nor pioneering but everything from its lyrics to music video are meme-material overall.

14 Butterfly Doors
15 Next
16 Nephew
17 Gnarly
18 Designer

This is the best Lil Pump song ever! This song was the very first song I ever heard...

19 Elementary

I mean it's funny...2/5

20 Lil Pump
21 Youngest Flexer
22 Whitney
23 Drug Addicts
24 Racks on Racks

Really good beat and something the jam to.

25 Smoke My Dope
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