Best Lil Pump Songs

This list holds the best Lil Pump songs, who is a 17 year old rapper born in Florida, met smokepurpp and started making his own music, his debut song “lil pump”.
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1 Molly

Unfortunately, this is probably his best song.

Molly is and always will be his best song.

Gets me pumped every time.

2 Gucci Gang

Honestly, this is the only song I know from this guy with a good production bar Youngest Flexer. 3/5

Greatest song of all time. No debate.

This was big. And sweaty.

3 D Rose

This is the song that introduced me to him. My brother showed it to me, and I hated it. A couple of minutes later, I found myself singing the lyrics. So naturally, I voted for this.

The first song I heard by him.

4 Welcome to the Party

I rate this a 5 out of 10, but the best/okay parts are the beats, French Montana, and Lil Pump's verse (the hardest verse I ever heard from him), so it's just my opinion.

WHY ISN'T THIS #1? This is actually fun, and it may be one of the best rap songs of 2018!

Lil Pump goes hard on this verse, and doesn't just mumble through it all.

5 Arms Around You

I don't like Lil Pump, and I've never heard this song before, but I can just tell by listening to these samples that this is probably his best song. How is D Rose above this song!? I mean, talk about earrape! Also, how is Gucci Gang above this song?! I have heard that song before, and while it's good in comparison to D Rose, it's still awful as he just repeats the word "Gucci Gang" for three minutes straight.

Lil Pump is writing lyrics that have a meaning? Wow!

This one is actually good. And for once, I like Lil Pump's lyrics a lot.

6 Boss

The beat is lit as hell!

The beat is lit.

7 Esskeetit
8 I Shyne

This song goes so hard.

Easily the best song.

The beat is insane, his best flow, and he actually kinda has bars in this song.

9 Flex Like Ouu

I like this, but the Roblox death sound edit is way better.

This song slaps.

10 Iced Out
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11 Back
12 Be Like Me

This doesn't even have a number. It's the best Lil Pump song! How's Molly number 1?

13 I Love It

Not really lyrically genius nor pioneering, but everything from its lyrics to music video are meme-material overall.

14 Butterfly Doors
15 Next
16 Nephew
17 Gnarly
18 Designer

This is the best Lil Pump song ever! This song was the very first song I ever heard…

19 Elementary

I mean, it's funny… 2/5.

20 Lil Pump
21 Youngest Flexer
22 Whitney
23 Drug Addicts
24 Racks on Racks

Really good beat and something to jam to.

25 Smoke My Dope
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