Top 10 Songs with the Best Synyster Gates Guitar Solos

What are the songs with the best Synyster Gates guitar solos? It's not an easy question to answer. You've got the iconic masterpieces, where Synyster Gates' fingers fly across the fretboard in a way that makes it seem like he's got a couple of extra hands. Then you've got the emotional solos, where every note is packed with a feeling so powerful that it can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. And then there's the live performances, where the energy, the crowd, and the stage lights all converge to create those unforgettable moments.

Think about the first time you heard that soul-piercing solo that made you stop what you were doing just to listen. Think about the countless times you've tried to replicate those intricate licks on your own guitar. That's the power of Synyster Gates' playing, and that's what we're capturing in this list.
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1 Afterlife

In the documentary about the making of this album, the professional orchestra musicians who recorded the string parts said they were in the studio when Syn recorded this. They all turned around and thought, What? One of them even said they didn't know the guitar could be played like that. That right there says all you need to know about this solo.

I just learned how to play this, and it is pretty challenging with the sweeps. It sounds so epic and intense. I just love this solo.

Scream and Bat Country are also great, though. Syn is just a great guitar player in general.

2 The Wicked End

This is probably his best solo on City of Evil, better than M.I.A. in my opinion. It fits the song really well and is fast yet melodic.

Wow, how is this solo rated so lowly?! It's by far one of his best solos! Definitely the best solo on City of Evil! So melodic.

Just wow, Gates has done some incredible solos, but this one really takes the cake.

3 Bat Country

Almost every A7X song has its own unique guitar track and solo, but this song just takes the cake for me. I still get chills hearing the part when the drum and bass stop and give you a chance to absorb how great of a guitarist Synyster Gates is.

Quite unorthodox but sounds great, a unique solo.

4 Chapter Four
5 And All Things Will End

I love the end solo! It kind of reminds me of the end solo of November Rain by Guns N' Roses!

6 Seize the Day

If Synyster Gates isn't playing this solo at my funeral, I'm not dying.

7 Second Heartbeat

It's like Syn's left hand has eight fingers or something in this solo. Full of passion and sweeps!

Such a powerful and amazing solo, a perfect way to end a song.

Come on, bros. Second Heartbeat 4th seriously?!

8 Sidewinder

The whole song is great and overlooked by many. It's one of those songs that really grows on you the more you listen to it. At first, I usually skipped straight to the acoustic solo at the end, but now, having grown on me, I listen to the song regularly from start to finish.

Listen to the acoustic ending to that song.

The acoustic solo was actually his father's solo, but very great.

9 Dear God
10 God Hates Us
The Contenders
11 M.I.A.

I feel like this is the fastest solo by Syn... Much faster than Afterlife.

12 Nightmare
13 Scream

Even Syn admitted he didn't know how he would play this live, since the entire solo is picked and not sweeped at all.

It goes really smoothly with Syn Gates on the guitar shredding it up.

14 Hail to the King
15 Gunslinger
16 Lost

This solo is so melodic and all over the place it's almost goofy. One of his best by far.

17 So Far Away

Probably the best of all Avenged Sevenfold solos just because of how much the entire song means to them. That final solo was the best way to round the song off and make it the ultimate tribute to The Rev. R.I.P.

18 Beast and the Harlot

Every chorus has a short solo, and the main solo is awesome.

19 Coming Home

Surely the best Syn's solo ever!

20 Eternal Rest

Placed at the start of the song, which I think is a good move, it really hits you in the face and has a nice rhythm to it. Probably not as well thought out as his more recent solos, but still good sounding nevertheless.

21 Buried Alive

The solo is incredible. How is this so low?

22 Save Me

How is this not in the top ten?! It's so underrated and fast!

Come on! The entire song is an epic guitar solo.

23 Dancing Dead
24 The Stage

All solos in this song are incredible!

25 Shepherd of Fire

Great solo that adds to the hellish feeling to create atmosphere.

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