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1 Romance is Dead - Killing with a Smile

That bit at the end gives me chill, it's so awesome and the instruments blend so well.

Throughout the whole song the quality of blending and harmonizing of the instruments is done almost perfectly.

The brutal breakdowns that fluctuate from beginning to end, contrasting amazingly with the ambient strings in the final moments. This is what makes this song so powerful. So diverse. Love it!

Just awesome Songs. Great Bass Lines, Neck-breaking Breakdowns, wonderful Tapping - Melody at the end...
Their Best song for sure, without any doubt to me.

2 Carrion - Horizons

While I get why this song is now atop the leader board and love the song, it's really hard for me to pick a number one song from these guys. I mean you got Idols and Anchors, Sleepwalker, Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em (which is down at 18 for some reason), and more. I really do enjoy it and listen to it a lot (as I do with all Parkway Drive songs), but I just can't pick a number one. A top 5 for sure, but not a number one. Too many smexy songs by these guys to single out just one.

No contest; nothing compares to this song well constructed, excellent vocals, and I never get tired of it. "carrion! In a moment I'm lost! Drowning from the inside! Her eyes take me away. Tare me apart from the inside out! " just look at the lyrics and fall in love. This song mad me notice them. Now I can't go back! Keep up the good work!

Best Metalcore song I've ever Heard...
The Intro Is Amazing
"carrion! In a moment I'm lost! Drowning from the inside! Her eyes take me away. Tare me apart from the inside out! "
The Intro drives Me Crazy
Wonderful vocal
Great Guitar riff
Best Parkway Drive Song

3 Sleepwalker - Deep Blue

Best parkway song ever! Song slays romance is dead and carrion. Sleepwalker is parkway at their absolute best. This song is all Jeff ling. The best riff he's ever come up with for sure

Wow. This low in the top ten? I would think this deserves top five at least, more like top three. I can listen to this song again and again and it never gets stale. And especially from 2:48 - 3:30. I get chills every time. It's just so smexy.

This has the best riff of any Parkway song. I can just listen to this all day and not get over how awesome it is

4 Wild Eyes - Atlas

Since Parkway Drive have so many good songs, it's hard to choose a favourite. Wild Eyes has that fat and meaty breakdown that's just so hard to resist.

Better than the rest. I don't know why it's so far down. Relaxing at first but then it speeds up and gets crazy Beast.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Fantastic highs and lows! Don't even get me started on the instrumentals! Not only that, but the lyrics are downright phenomenal. Just look it up if you can and fall in love with this!

5 Karma - Deep Blue

Amazing song. Kicks off with an awesome drum solo and just has addictive riffs throughout the whole song. Absolutely cannot get enough.

First Parkway Drive Song for me, the song's just one big breakdown and it's awesome for that

6 Dark Days - Atlas

I have been listening to these guys for years now and their latest album blew me away. This and Slow Surrender are incredible.

Passionate, meaningful, excellent vocal work from winston McCall, nice riffing, insane breakdown! Carrion close second though.

The breakdown is too fat

7 Boneyards - Horizons

My first song I heard by them so I HAVE to pick it. This song got me started on PwD and they quickly became my favorite band. They don't make bad songs. Every song has a part that at one point just melts your face. I just have to go with Boneyards. Plus it has my favorite breakdown in it at the end.

This song is nuts! Really catchy guitar riff at 0.51 and really good screams from Winston throughout the whole song. Definitely gives songs like Carrion and Idols and Anchors so much support off their best album!

While I believe this to be their best song, this list is very accurate in terms of songs. These ten are most definitely the best ten Parkway Drive songs in my opinion.

8 Vice Grip - Ire

Can't beat that , awesome breakdown, great vocal ranges growls screams and clean vocals. Insane riffs and overall energy. Top that .

Seriously if you don't feel energised and motivated after hearing this song, I'd be questioning if you are alive.

Not only is this song catchy, and fun, but it's also really uplifting.

9 Crushed - Ire

This is the kind of thing that will bring metal in to the new era. This is the musical violence that the masses can relate to.

Are u kidding me? Number 17? This has to be their number 1 song. come on people the way he screams brothers my brothers is this all what we are is so headbanging. This song is so revolutionary the 3rd or 4 th time I was listening to this ny eyes watered up and I was headbanging while I was crying. Come on folks vote this up to the top 10s!

So heavy, unique, polished and diverse! Love the lyrics! Definitely stands out from the rest!

10 Idols and Anchors - Horizons

One of the best Intros I've ever heard. Love every riff. Drums are amazing. Vocals are equally incredible. I can't believe this isn't in the top ten let alone the top 3. Just listen to this song and I promise you too can understand the true meaning to live.

Just one of those songs you can go to know matter what. Hell that's what this band is. But when I'm in the car and can't think of a song turn on Idols and Anchors. I can never stop myself from head banging and screaming along. Just so smexy.

Hard to say which song is actually PWD's greatest, yet I believe Idols and Anchors should be a tad further up the list.
Having said that, any of the top 10 could be.
Awesome jam.

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11 Horizons - Horizons

This is perhaps one of the greatest tracks of the genre, in my honest unbiased opinion it truly holds a place in the history books, the pure passion and story it tells, people need to be hearing and reading up on the lyrics and taking time to understand its meaning. Its absolutely unbelieveable.

Very good build-up, nice riffing. The middle part has a very nice flow to it. The breakdown is one of Parkway's best, just beaten by Boneyars in my opinion. The last part is just one big celebration. First place for me.

Probably their best instrumentals in a track. It's both slow and fast at the same time! I have so many favorites, but this is the first that comes to mind.

12 Smoke 'em If You Got 'em

This should be in the top 3. The Hardcore intro and all those killer riffs-those breakdowns. This is an epic.

13 Feed Them to the Pigs - Horizons
14 The River - Atlas

One of my personal favorites, should be in the top 5 at least. Everything is good about this song, the vocals, the screaming, the guitar, the breakdown. One of the best songs on atlas.

The intro to this song is simply breathtaking. Winstons vocals are some of his best ever in my opinion. Incredible lyrics and some great guitar work!

Best song on atlas. So much power and emotion behind this song. And it's heavy and the riffs are badass.

15 Swing - Atlas

No contest, hands down some of the most beautifully brutal music ever produced. Listen to it now and crank it.

Last 40 Seconds of this song = Best breakdown I've heard so far.

The fast paced riff at the start is awesome.

16 Frostbite - Horizons

Maybe a bit different from the usual Parkway song structure, but such an amazing guitar riff and intense vocals! The song is a masterpiece in structure, melody and intensity. A shame they never play it live...

The tapping part is awesome!

17 Bottom Feeder - Ire

Easily the best track on Ire

"I've see enough to know,

Who talks the talk,

Who walks the walk,

And who's for show!

All the riffs in this song give it great depth.

Catchy badass song

18 It's Hard To Speak Without a Tongue

This shouldn't be so low! It's an incredible song, and the chorus is haunting. All of the instruments complement eachother, resulting in a really fantastic song! Not my absolute favourite, but a very viable contender for second or third place.

Wow! One of my favorites. Not sure how it's ranked so low. Definitely in my top 5. And yes, the chorus is amazing!

This should be in the top 3!

19 Pandora - Killing with a Smile

Very good lyrics about an atomic bomb.
The part after 2:55 is just amazing, and energizing

My favorite from their first album...

20 A Deathless Song - Ire

The intro and main riff is one of the best things I've ever heard and the guitar solo is absolutely amazing!
This song is so underrated.

This song is EPIC! The screams, riffs and drums are on point. Makes me headbang every darn time.

Emotion, melody and brutality. This song is perfect.

21 Unrest

The heaviest Parkway song, the whole song is a breakdown, by far my favorite song by them, so brutal and in your face

22 Deadweight

One of my favourite songs by them, I don't understand why they never play this live though?!

23 Dead Man's Chest - Horizons
24 Shadow Boxing
25 The Void - Reverence
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