Top 10 Best Monkey Majik Songs

Monkey Majik is a Canadian-Japanese rock band that has been making music since 2000. Composed of two Canadians and two Japanese members, the band has created a unique blend of J-pop and rock that has won over fans all over the world. Their music is characterized by catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and a blend of English and Japanese vocals.

Over the years, Monkey Majik has released numerous hit songs that have earned them a loyal fan base. From their early hits like "Fly" and "Around the World" to their more recent tracks like "Island" and "Utopia," their music is a testament to their talent and creativity. With their infectious energy and uplifting lyrics, Monkey Majik's music has the power to make people feel good and inspire them to pursue their dreams.
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1 Sunshine

This song is so cool! It's a rock anthem, and the J-pop influence is amazing. I love J-pop! Recently, Monkey Majik has become my favorite band. I got to know them through this song (credit to Nurarihyon no Mago too). I'm on my way to download and discover more sensations from Monkey Majik!

I really, really love Sunshine - its tune, the lyrics, everything. My day brightens every time I hear it. I first heard this song because of the anime, and every time I hear it, a tear often spills. Nurarihyon rules! Monkey Majik rocks!

2 Aishiteru

When I first heard this song, I ended up soul-searching.
Little did I know that the person I was looking for was nearby.
Because of this song, I had the courage to ask her out.

Yeah, this song rocks me so hard, dudes!
I really wish this would be included in the top ten!

3 Around the World
4 Sakura
5 Fly

Such an amazing song, and it sounds similar to American pop.

6 Change

In my opinion, it showcased the vocalist's skill the best. It had a different feel from most of their songs, which I really liked. Maynard did some of his best work on this song.

This is such an amazing song. The shamisen beginning is so powerful and amazing! The rap was a bit mumbled, but everything else was great. The lyrics could be improved, but the shamisen made up for everything.

7 If

This song really touches my heart. Seeing two best friends become apart really makes me sad, just like my own story with a friend. Still, this song is wonderful.

8 I Miss You
9 Picture Perfect
10 Open Happiness

Personally, this was my favorite song until I heard Sunshine.

The Contenders
11 Fast Forward

Fast Forward is really one of my favorite songs of all time! It makes me feel great. I don't know, but hearing this song makes me feel a little weird - in an awesome way. I hope you all feel the same, and that Fast Forward will surpass today's most famous songs, especially anime songs.

I think Fast Forward should be on the top list. Why? Without this song, Monkey Majik's music might not have been discovered (at least some of it). Am I right? Anyway, it's just an opinion.

It's awesome. I like the words, and it's uplifting in the most challenging times.

12 Headlight

Not just among Monkey Majik songs, but among all the songs I've ever heard, it is one of the best.

This song makes me lift my head up, dream, and reach toward the skies.

13 Story
14 Sotsugyo, Soshite Miraihe.
15 Tada, Arigatou

Romantic song. Harmonic and melodic instruments.

Many fans rate this as number one because it's such an amazing song.

16 Wait
17 Forever
18 Together

The lyrics are so beautiful and the tune is so catchy. Definitely one of my favorites!

19 Mahou No Kotoba

A very sentimental song. Once you hear it, you'll simply love it!

20 Red Dress
21 U.F.O.

It takes me up above the stars. It's cool to listen to it at night while watching the night sky.

22 Monster

The most underrated Monkey Majik song for sure. The second rap stanza is immense.

23 The Mistakes I've Made

It is a good song that makes me feel very emotional. I can relate to the purpose of the song.

24 Forever Young
25 The Apprentice

I heard it on the J-MELO show after Gazette's performance. I love this song so much.

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