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Tally Hall is an American rock band formed in December 2002 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The band has a relatively significant cult following, and is known for upbeat melodies and whimsical lyrics; the band members once described their musical style as "wonky rock" and "fabloo rock". Tally Hall has five members, distinguished by the color of their neckties: vocalist and guitarist Rob Cantor (yellow), vocalist and bassist Zubin Sedghi (blue), vocalist and guitarist Joe Hawley (red), drummer Ross Federman (gray), and vocalist and keyboardist Andrew Horowitz (green).
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1 Ruler of Everything

Hands-down favorite Tally Hall song! From the chilling chorus to the stunning vocal effects, this song is simply beautiful.

One of the creepiest tracks from the Hall, with lots of freakout vocal effects and rapping delivery from Joe Hawley, also a grand epic closer for their debut.

This is the song that introduced me to Tally Hall. A wonderful song with a deep meaning about the egoistical and time.

This is certainly the best song in all of tally hall, it makes me sullen, scared, and happy at the same time.

2 Banana Man

There are perfectly constructed masterpieces such as Bohemian Rhapsody or Stairway to Heaven. There are children's songs such as Yellow Submarine or Octopus's Garden. Banana Man is a perfectly constructed masterpiece of a children's song. Enough said.

Good god what an earworm, when you listen to this song and watch the music video you'll fall in love with Tally Hall.

I watched the music video and I showed it to my siblings. They were terrified. Cold blood in their veins. I loved it.

A funny song, but they didn't focus only on the comedy, as this song is still great

3 Taken for a Ride

Well thought out lyrics, amazing vocals done by Andrew Horowitz, and just a mind blowing song overall. Probably my favorite song by these guys.

A mind-blowing experience with a bizarre tough beat and an explosive ballad chorus. Most certainly, an underrated Tally Hall highlight.

Truly a profound song with some of the most interesting and best instrumentation out of any indie band of all time.

4 Spring and a Storm

This song strangely makes me cry every time I listen to it. I relate to the moon part, since I was once lost in the rain. I was terrified of death when I was younger, but, thankfully through this song, I did learn that we have so much left to sing. A song to me can't be so good and relatable. Thank you Tally Hall. Is that what the song is about? I don't know.

There's a storm for every spring. A philosophical ballad featuring some of the sincerest guitar work and vocals from the band, and a lot of where-do-we-go pondering.

Thank god this is in the top ten! It really makes you feel and it is so beautiful and truthful. Joe Hawley knows what he is doing. Oddly, it always rains after it comes on shuffle...

Amazing. Such a somber yet uplifting song that never fails to make me feel something, whether it be sadness or excitement.

5 The Bidding

A true classic, something that you feel like you've heard before because of how well the song is written, so much fun and a great jam.

The idea, the beat, the extreme diversity of themes for a 2.5-minute song: well, here you are, the Bidding.

6 Welcome to Tally Hall

An amazing and unexpected rap song it truly does a great job at welcoming you to what Tally Hall is and is a great starting point for one's journey with this amazing band.

7 Good Day

The quintessential Tally Hall song, its fun, upbeat, somewhat somber in areas, but is truly a wonderful and warm welcome to Tally Hall (see what I did there?)

A short mixture of everything Tally Hall is about, possibly their biggest hit, and a perfect intro track for an album as well.

8 A Hymn for a Scarecrow

A beautiful song that starts off making you feel nice and warm inside, until it slowly descents into madness. Kind of gives me "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared" vibes. I also LOVE the camos with Bora whistling and Ross singing in this song.

The folky form of Tally Hall, where they also succeed. An actual hymn for a scarecrow, has some extremely frightening wind sounds with the word 'fly' sung during that part.

9 &

Everything from the tambourine to the bass, this song is catchy. The theme of duality and I can never get tired of it. It's been my favorite song since I first started listening to Tally Hall and I don't think it'll change any time soon.

Probably the best track from their second album, where they had gone less inspired than on the debut. You've got a creepier track than Ruler of Everything, actually, with a pumping a cappella intro, a couple of political statements, and a messing abrupt ending that leaves you pissed off completely.

It's a song that can creep me out, but I still love it. I tried to listen to this song until I got sick of it, but I couldn't. This is my favorite son from Tally Hall. - @RandomHusky_Pro

Just the coolest song ever, the beat and repeating lyrics make you feel alive. Amazing song.

10 Turn the Lights Off

This song is perfectly composed but chaotic and catchy all at the same time! This one really got me into Tally Hall.

Such a wonderfully fun song that truly captures the essence of what Tally Hall is, plus the music video is amazing.

To sum it up using a line from the song itself, "calm and wild"!

This is just so catchy and lovable for some reason.

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11 Hidden in the Sand

I can play it on ukulele, I think its pretty nice to listen to. But I need to work on it.

Short, sweet, and such a pleasant vibe.

12 Two Wuv

An upbeat rock song about your undying love for the Olson Twins! Unsettlingly catchy and overwhelmingly creepy, this song does a fantastic job of drawing a line in the sand with parasocial relationships and making Tally Hall's stance on your relationship with them, clear. You don't know them, even if they can make you rock out to one of their best songs for a song about stalking.

Finally, a jump-up song, which is also a sort of comic tribute to the Olsen twins, ironically sung by the bassist. The chorus literally makes you hop as if you're on their concert.

13 Greener

This is a great song. One of my favorite songs I have heard from Tally Hall.

Catchiest song ever! I mean that in a good way.

14 Never Meant to Know

This song always makes me feel like I just stepped into a mystical realm full of unexpected surprises and adventures. Really fits as the first song on Good & Evil, and let's not forget the amazing vocals by Rob Cantor!

This song is a real earworm as well, the melody is amazing and the lyrics really make it profound, yet another amazing choice for a starting song on an album.

Just beautiful in every way. The melody, the beat and the lyrics really just makes this a masterpiece.

Great acoustics in the song.

15 The Mind Electric

Technically not a Tally Hall song (released for Hawaii Part II by Miracle Musical), but its demo was so I suppose that's up for debate. The Mind Electric/Inside the Mind of Simon is a chaotic song, but truly wonderful. The lyricism is outstanding, as per usual with a song written by Joe Hawley. Probably the best song from Hawaii Part II, and gives Dream Sweet In Sea Major a run for its money.

I listen it to whole thing and this is the only one I found. So I think people think this one is the best.

16 Misery Fell

The chorus is a banger to listen to, and the harmony is impeccable

17 Haiku
18 Fate of the Stars

Five guys with ties make their own Bohemian Rhapsody.

19 The Whole World and You
20 You

Calming song that never fails to make me remember we all have love for at least one person.

21 The Trap

The best Tally Hall song by far. It doesn't get better than this addictive song; the sped-up version which you can find online is so catchy

22 Mucka Blucka
23 Sacred Beast
24 A Lady
25 Dream
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