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1 Their Lyrics

"If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me? " -Monster
"I can't escape this now, unless you show me how." -Demons
"Singing from heartache, from the pain, take up my lesson from the veins." -Believer
"First comes the blessing of all that you dreamed, but then comes the curses of diamonds and rings." -Gold
"Stars are only visible in darkness. Fear is ever changing and evolving." -Battle Cry
"Everybody's hoping they could be the one, I was born to run, I was born for this." -Whatever it Takes

The lyrics in Imagine Dragons' songs are meaningful and heartfelt, and can make you feel both extremely happy, or almost bring you to tears, depending on the song. Their lyrics are treasures in the music world in every single way.

I personally believe that Imagine Dragons, while they are a great band, are overrated. Their lyrics just aren't that deep to me, and I've heard Radioactive and Demons so much that I now can't stand those two songs. If you are looking for "amazing lyrics" listen to some Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Green Day, or Skillet. Or if you are into older rock, like myself, listen to some Beatles, Guns N Roses, Metallica (only heard three of their songs but they're great), Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Kiss, or Queen. Imagine Dragons are great, but they get WAY too much attention!

2 Their Music

Listen to Smoke + Mirrors (hands-down their best and most overlooked album) and you'll find 21 completely different pieces of music, woven together simply by the production and where their hearts and heads were at during their time on the road. It's a familiar and often unpleasant headspace presented in so many different, catchy, sombre and uplifting moments; moments of hopelessness and despair are bookended by joy and optimism and power. That 21 unique songs can reflect a confused mind and it be so ridiculously listenable - don't for a second tell me that they were a "formulaic pop band" on this one, it's artistry.

A few other musical standouts from other EPs and LPs: I Need A Minute, Drive, Uptight, Leave Me, Look How Far We've Come, Emma, Tiptoe, Cha-Ching, Round & Round, The River, Selene, Cover Up, I Don't Mind, America, Not Today, 30 Lives, Destination, I'll Make It Up To You.

Their songs are awesome. But only a few almost everyone knows. But, they have so many good songs! Emma, Drive, I Need A Minute, Smoke + Mirrors, It Comes Back to You, Dream, The Fall, Tiptoe, Amsterdam and every other song they have made.

3 The Morals in Their Songs

Here are some examples:

Round And Round - Society today and how you should be yourself and live your own life.
Uptight - Live life to the fullest, even though you're nervous and not sure about taking risks.
Lost Cause - Going through depression.
The River - Cleansing your sins for a crime you didn't commit.
Cha-ching - Live life, because you won't be young forever.

Five pretty good examples.

Who we are- Don't ever give up, no matter who tells you to. They call you crazy, but it doesn't matter if you've gone too far. It's who you are and you should be proud of it.
Ready Aim Fire- You can't break us or change what we do.
Monster- If you saw me at my worst, would you leave me?
Warriors- Be strong.
There's so many more. These are just a few of them.

4 Positive Songs as Well as Negative Ones

A good example for this:

On Top Of The World and Lost Cause.

5 Their Use of Percussion
6 Their Vocals

No one wrote a comment about this I mean the vocals on the songs Demons and Radioactive and ready aim fire awesome.

Unlike other modern singers, Dan sounds raw and natural. Sure he may use autotune, but not always - TheDarkOne_221b

Now dan can sing

7 Their Use of Guitar

Just listen to Uptight 2:50 through the song. Amazing!

8 Each Song is Unique

If you ever laugh and say "no they aren't" then you've obviously never listened to Radioactive and Who We Are. They're so different it's almost hard to believe the same band created these songs.

Every song is definitely unique and different! This is why I'm also such a HUGE fan of ID and their songs chnanged my world!

Each song IS different! Just listen to them!

9 They're Better Than Most Mainstream Pop Artists

I had to put this here, sorry mainstream pop fans.

10 They Made Songs For or Inspired by Movies

Who We Are, Battle Cry, Lost Cause, Ready Aim Fire are really good songs and fit the movie that they were made for perfectly.

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11 They are Seriously Great People

They created the Tyler Robinson Foundation to directly support the families of those who have been diagnosed with cancer. They even have a game on Google Play called Stage Rush and all proceeds go directly to the TRF.

12 Dragons are Cool

YASS! to be honest its why I got into them in the first place then realized how amazing they were

13 Their Music is Deep

They use a nord

14 Their Songs are Amazingly Catchy
15 Their Activism
16 Beautiful Album Covers
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