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1 Don't Let Me Down

Despite the fact that the chainsmokers are complete douchebags, I'll admit I like this song. Daya is a good singer who makes meaningful music, listen to sit still look pretty. This is better than the overplayed repulsive annoying "song" entitled closer.

Instrumental is touching, not so much the bass drop but definitely more tolerable than their other songs. Props go to Daya for delivering vocals and lyrics that exceeds EDM standards. Outro was so unexpecting, yet so good! Best Chainsmokers song, hands down.

2 Roses

It's the original Chainsmoker song (Selfie notwithstanding) and to this day it still gets the nod from me. The song wasn't popular because The Chainsmokers were, it was popular because it is an excellent track with a drop that could rarely be found in Hot 100-caliber hits up to that point.

Everyone beat of the song, drops me every time. I think it has the catchiest beat and the rhythm of this song is the best of of the other 9 song.
In fact, I listen to this song everyday

It has a catchiest drop that I've ever heard. I can't get enough of this song especially the part before the drop. I wish there were more songs like this

3 Closer

Come on man, Don't Let Me Down and Roses are good and nostalgic songs, but Closer feels 100x times better than roses and 10x times better than don't let me down. Anyways this is the good song, especially that this is the first time we hear the Chainsmokers singing

So Baby pull me closer in the back seat of your rover,
That I know you can afford,
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder,
Pull the sheets right off the corner of the mattress that you stole,
From your roommate back in Boulder,
We ain't ever gettin' older!

4 New York City

I'll be reviewing this later on...
Great vocals, enchanting story, inhuman buildup, and one of their best drops
7/5, this, in my opinion, is one of the greatest songs of all time

I will champion this as one of the best songs of all time until the day I die.

5 Something Just Like This

It's just so overall awesome. The sound effects and lyrics really got me. Way better than the rest because it's not inappropriate

Can't understand how this song features below Closer and Don't Let Me Down. The best song of the lot.

It's a collaborated song with Coldplay!
It has both good points. I especially like the rhythm.

6 Paris

Definitely a top 5 song at least. Besides "Don't Let Me Down" and "Something Just Like This" this song has a deep meaning to it if you actually listen to the lyrics. Yes its about the struggle and journey of love and romance but it also a metaphor for life and human interaction. Add the melody and beat to the song and you have the makings of a true classic that is easily The Chainsmokers at the height of artistic success

I love it.It makes me want to explore Paris. It should be number one.
I kept one singing this song until my brother finally sang with me.

7 Kanye

Love the beat the whole shebang!

8 Until You Were Gone
9 All We Know

This is a great song. It conveys a deeper meaning in the form of a catchy beat people will like. It's about the struggles of relationships but the love held throughout it all. The darkest moments that will seem hopeless. The staleness that romance can bring with time. But most of all, the reminder of the love between two people. It is a better song than most meaningful songs because it gives it to the listener in a they will like and think about. It's a good balance.

This song has a deeper meaning than any other Chainsmokers song. Love the lyrics, love the beat and love the voice. Superb song

10 Sick Boy

This is probably their second-best song. It's more like they are an actual band in this song.

Great song and the remixes are dope too. Great meaning behind it!

Not sure why this song isn't on the list, top 5 for sure.

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11 Inside Out

This should be higher, than it is today, in my opinion. That sweet voice of Charlee and that calm-yet-fascinating sound that the song delivers. From the beginning up until the end, it will leave a sweet mark on your mind and your heart that keeps you wanting for more!

Beautiful voice and beautiful melody. Definitely a masterpiece. I don't know why it's so underrated.

12 Waterbed

One of the chainsmokers most underrated songs for sure! The beat in this is crazy. This song deserves to be top 7

13 #Selfie
14 Takeaway

A great edm track with one god uprising dj called illenium. Lennons vocals are soothing and a great song to jam to and when played live its magical!

15 Good Intentions
16 Sleep Alone
17 Overdose
18 Medicine
19 Split (Only U)
20 Let It Go
21 Save Yourself
22 Setting Fires

If this isn't in the top 5s sooner, I will be so pissed off. It's epic and underrated (especially for a The Chainsmokers song).

23 Back to Earth
24 Take Me Home
25 Dreaming
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