Tips for Creating the Ultimate Playlist

This list will point out some useful tips for creating the ultimate playlist. You can easily create and save an online playlist to enjoy and share with others.
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1 Define the Mood of Your Playlist

Decide on a particular mood that you want to feel when watching or listening to your playlist. The best playlists contain a series of clips or music and tie all of the files together, for example "happy" or "aggressive."

A great thing to do is to go on Pandora, make a station for a bunch of great bands, and some great songs will play. You can make playlists in no time with this strategy.

2 Create a Master List

Create a master list on your computer, where you can keep adding ideas of different video clips or songs you love. You can refer to this later to create a playlist with material that you really love.

3 Research Other Online Playlists

Check out other websites and see what kinds of playlists other users have created. You will get ideas of what songs or clips work well together and which genres or artists can be combined to make your playlist great. NextVid NonStop Playlists offers an extensive list of user-generated playlists. You can also visit sites like YouTube to see what videos are available.

4 Listen to Radio and Music TV Shows

Listen to segments of your favorite DJ, Radio announcer, VJ, or newscaster. You will get a better sense of how to organize the order and flow of your playlist. You may also get inspiration for materials to add.

5 Edit Your List Several Times

Go through your list as many times as you can and add or subtract tracks. You should make sure that every file has a purpose and is equally important to the playlist.

6 Share the Playlist With Friends

Send your friends a draft of your playlist by email, Facebook, Twitter, or play a card electronic greeting card. You can also embed a playlist to your blog, so that all of your online friends can check it out. Friends who know your personality and preferences may have some suggestions that you hadn't thought of.

7 Arrange Your Playlist by Song or File Title

Arranging your Playlist by song or file title is a great way to randomize the order. If you arrange it by artist, you are more likely to become bored with it, as you'll be hearing many clips by the same artist over and over again.

8 Use Auto-complete In the Search Bar

By typing in random letters and the beginning of a title, you may be pleasantly surprised to find something that you weren't originally looking for. See what results the auto-complete search bar offers you when typing in the beginning of a keyword. Websites like NextVid and YouTube offer this feature.

9 Give Your Playlist a Catchy Title

You're more likely to enjoy listening to your playlist time and again if you give it a catchy name you'll remember. For example, a playlist entitled "Beachin Sunny Tunes," "Hyper Cottage Hits," or "Groovy Road Mix" is more likely to catch your attention than "My Playlist 6". Think of a catchy title that is associated with the files in your Playlist, and you're more likely to remember what the Playlist is about and why you created it.

10 Check Out Forums, Fan Pages and Blogs

The beauty of the internet nowadays is the amazing ability to find a plethora of opinions from people you may or may not know. There are many forums, fan pages, and blogs where you can find material related to your interests. If you like Bob Marley, for example, you might want to check out other musicians that Bob Marley fans recommend. Alternatively, visit a Bob Marley forum to see if there are any topics like "other great music in the style of Bob Marley."

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