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1 Horror Show

Yep. Jon's frenetic palm-muting on 'Wolf' alone make this one my favourite - play that one at 50-years of age Sir James Hetfield. It probably features their best line-up and production values, too.

Having a metal masterpiece revisit the universal movies monster and putting a story and context on them.Giving them a history spin that is genius.

I second earlier comment try do that hetfield

A fantastic album! My favourite songs are: Dracula, Wolf, Damien, The Phantom Opera Ghost.

2 Something Wicked This Way Comes

This is my personal favourite, I love the concept and the way the songs are put together.

How this album isn't number one baffles me. Sooo many classic Iced Earth songs on this album

The best album of Iced Earth!

3 Burnt Offerings

Album with no flaws. Heavy, melodic, and epic as hell. Dante's inferno, the epic of the album, is the best iced earth song of all time.

I always thought burnt offerings was their number one classic my whole life.

Last December gives ne the chills. That song is very thrilling

4 Dark Saga

This album deserves more praise/recognition than it gets. The way I see it, Iced Earth's first three albums arrived at their logical conclusion on 1995's 'Burnt Offerings' - the epitome of Iced Earth's technical prowess and epic capabilities. Following that album, it seems that the next logical series should delve into a more ambient, varied, and melodic approach - this is where the Dark Saga comes in.

This has always been my favourite. I thought I liked Something Wiced better because that's the "popular" opinion, but then I listened to this masterpiece again and remembered that The Dark Saga is even better! Every song is either great or a masterpiece.

Great album flow. Strikes both heavy, and melodic. Creates the essential "metal" atmosphere! A question of heaven is a fantastic finale to a great album

5 Night of the Stormrider

Alive in Athens made me fall in love with this band, but working through the studio discography many of my favourite tracks were from this.

Epic without letting the concept eclipse the music (as would happen later), the first three Iced Earth albums are still my favourites.

Perfect blend of thrash and power metal. Great riffs. I also like Iced Earth (album), but this one wins.

This albums shows that Thrash metal is even better when it's combined with power metal.

6 Glorious Burden
7 Iced Earth

Fantastic old school thrash/power album.

This is too underrated

8 Dystopia

My favorite album of all time. How can anyone not love all of these songs?! And it actually contains my favorite song,boiling point.

9 Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part. 1)

I love that album. It's got great songs and an awesome story. It's usually not people's favorite because it's ripper who sings it, but I think he does a great job and the music and lyric quality make up for the fact that it's not sung by Barlow. I love the Something Wicked Saga. If you haven't read the lyrics, well don't waste anymore time and go do that right now because they're awesome.

10 Plagues of Babylon

I like this album more than the Something Wicked Saga.

Album isn't bad, but should be higher than now.

Best album ever

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11 Incorruptible
12 The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part II)
13 Days of Purgatory
14 Alive In Athens
15 The Judas Goat
16 Tribute to the Gods
17 The Melancholy E.P.
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