Top 10 Best Akon Songs

Akon, the Senegalese-American singer, songwriter, and producer, has been a staple of the music industry since the early 2000s. With his unique blend of R&B, hip-hop, and pop, Akon has created a musical style that has resonated with fans across the globe. His songs are known for their catchy hooks, infectious beats, and soulful lyrics that have the power to transport listeners to another world.

Whether you're in the mood to dance or to chill, Akon has a song that will fit the bill. From his debut album "Trouble" to his latest release "Ain't No Peace," Akon has given us some of the most memorable tracks of our time. Now it's time to decide which ones are the best.
The Top Ten
1 Right Now (Na Na Na)

This song rocks and is one of the best songs..
well this song really stands out

I'll always Make Up... Great Lyrics... It's Global and everyone heard it all over the whole.

Superb songs. I love akon chammak challo songs. Akon voice is very nice. And one song hold my hand songs. Its really very cool. How he can speak hindi. He speak outstanding hindi. It was unbelievable.

No doubt that this is on the first position. One of the my favorite song. I never get tired listening this song. This song touches my heart. I can listen to it whole day without getting bore.

2 Smack That

Amazing songs! This is way better than most of his new song albums which aren't as good or anywhere as close as his old ones like Konvicted and stuff.. This is definitely one of the best songs around by anyone! And it even reached 3rd in top 10 billboard list! Must hear

This song is much better
What is Right Now doing in front of this song? This Song is Legendary... Eminem and Akon owns eminem kills in this song eminem rap was hilarious and with akon it turned into a beast. I don't know why right now is at the top this song is much better and the video is also good than right now (na na na). Simply awesome

Eminem rap was hilarious and with akon it turned into a beast. I don't know why right now is at the top this song is much better and the video is also good than right now(na na na). Simply awesome

I listen to this song at least once a day. Such an amazing song with great beats. This song made me become Akon's fan when I heard it the 1st time itself. I rate this the #1 followed by Chammak Challo in the list.

3 Beautiful

This song should be at the top. I haven't heard a song like this. This song is so beautiful. According to me this is the best song of akon. I am addicted to this song. A day without hearing this song the day doesn't be good. Everyone please listen to this song and make it at the top.

This song so rocks! It should be on the first place. It is really very cool so much better and my fave.

After listening this song, people knows what is actual definition of music. It deserves to be in 1st rank. I am not commenting in casual way because I really feels this song very very beautiful, it makes you feel in love... Just enjoy.

This is my most favorite song of Akon... the song's really beautiful... it might be worth mentioning that my boyfriend sings this to me every single day...! Good job Akon! Keep it up..

4 Sorry, Blame It On Me

This should be Number 1 on this list right here.. This song is very good. Love this song to death!

This song is pure emotion. He regrets his past and addresses it. Akon has created something truly beautiful and heartfelt. I think this should be at the #1 or #2 spot at least guys.

Best song ever! So Honest and reliable! Really love it, people should stop blaming each other and start blaming themselves for once in a while! Anyways: Great song!

This should be Number 1 on this list right here.. This song is very very good. Love this song to death!

5 Lonely

I heard this song first when I was very little and I loved this song very much even though I had an impression that English songs were not good as I love in India. Now this is one of my favorite songs which I can Listen to everyday. I LOVE THIS SONG.

No words can describe what this song represents. If Chuck Norris ever had a broken heart he would sing this song.

This was one of the first songs of Akon that I listened. It's so enchanting. It surely deserves to be at a higher spot. Must listen to this one if you are a true akon fan!

Cool song! Fantastic! I am the biggest fan of akon. I love Akon very much. Ohh he has a beautiful voice! Ma favorite singer is AKON, konvicted. He is the best and will ever be.

6 Sexy Bitch

Heart touching song. Really Love it and it should be the number 1 song of this century. Never Heard a song in comparison to it. The Music, lyrics, voice everything is Perfect.

This song is a great song to listen to when your getting ready in the morning or just hanging out with friends and want to dance.

This song resembles some people's everyday life... Whoa dude look at that chick... Man... Hehehe... Sarcastic song and perfect for fun loving adults

Great music :)this song rocks should be in first place
This song so rocks! It should be on the first place. It is really very cool so much better and my fave.

7 Chammak Challo

This one is wonderful. I think akon should do some more stuff with the Bollywood. He'll be a big hit there. Akon's the best.

This song is amazing! Been hearing it nonstop. The song never fails to me super happy! Even the song's video itself is awesome!

Chammak Challo is the debut of the greatest artist AKON in Bollywood and is still the best song in India. Good work AKon. We love you. Return back with your friends in bollywood. This song proves the man of spirit in AKON. Since he sang this song completely in "hindi".

Aah this song actually deserve for first place because this song was leaked on internet before music release because of its demand but missing criminal in top ten a another song from same film.

8 Don't Matter

This song should be first. That's all I got to say. This tune is good and the song has a very good meaning of everyday life of all the people around the world. It shows the reality of the world and appeals to everyone.

Ok really? The feels are strong in this one man. Deserves to be above all the sexual ones in my opinion. I love the opening (and closing) "oh"s. Plus he samples Bob Marley = automatic win.

This song deserves much more up in the list...
Great song...
Probably his best ever...
Definitely not to be on no.8

What a song... I love this very mch... Great akon... Definitely this should be in no2 in best of his songs... My 1st preference no1 song is NO MORE YOU... Lovely heart touching...

9 Hold My Hand

Love this song. Always hear it when I am sad. Truly a optimistic song.
Perfect fusion. Makes anyone feel better.

Probably the best song I've ever Heard. This is the best song ever. I've been listening to it for the last 72 hours. Michael Jackson, the best American pop singer of all times I miss you! Great song!

Just love this song... It's made with the help of the two greatest singers in the world man... Akon and MJ... And what a voice both have in this one!

Best singers perfect fusion
King of Pop With The greatest American African singer awesome!

10 Dangerous

A awesome song. It couldn't have better, this thing should be in top 5 list.
Better than a few others on top really should be in top 5... Love you love you love you. A perfect song to played in a pub or some party

Very awesome and says all about chicks and good ones. Everyone should listen to this song when in a mood to party or some thing. Kardinal official is damn awesome with his lyrics!

Should be in top 5 easily. One of my favourite song featuring Akon.

This one should be number one!

The Contenders
11 I Wanna Love You

This song is made for true lovers. I love this. This just touched my heart and my friend sings this for me.

Man this was selected for grammy and it is on 11th in top songs? Is this a joke is deserves to be at top 3 so great song I just love it please vote fr it guys!

Akon's voice is truly amazing! And hats off to Snoop Dogg! The best song of Akon! The rap is wonderful.

Awesome trackt, by far 4 me w of his top 5 songs, great beat and if you a true Akon fan sing along song haha!

12 Locked Up

Not even in the top 5?! Hello, wake up! How could "Right Now" with electro/pop sound and gimmick (Na na na na) be number 1...? It's really not what Akon did best... "Locked up" is his best and most famous song

This is the song me and my 15 year old boyfriend was lissening to the night I snuck out of the house. Two days later he got locked up and I miss him so much.

How is this not in the top 5? Much better than crap like Right Now, his older music was way better, vote Locked Up.

Definitely one of Akon's best songs, I mean geez the lyrics are so deep and the beat/rhythm is just amazing. This should be in his top 5

13 Freedom

What is this. Are you people crazy? I don't get why this song is not in top 10 it has the best lyrics and emotions of akon. Always feel like motivated from this. Vote for this song man it is the best work of akon...

I really like this song and agree that it should at least be in top 10...
This really has to be Akon's finest work to date and you rate below 20.. Listen to the song carefully... And then rate!

This is such an amazing song! Love this song... One of akons best songs in my opinion! It totally deserves to be in the top ten... I can't believe its 16th!

This is much more ahead to "right now".

This is 1 of his best song and have a lot of felling that we don't get from most other akon songs!

14 I'm So Paid

The music is extremely catchy and akon is on fire in this song, Lil Wayne also quite impressive here. If I could I keep liking it till it reaches number 1. It will keep you dancing till it ends.

What the hell? 13?!?! You guys crazy?!?! This song should at least be in the top 5! I honestly feel this is akon's best creation. There really are supposed to be more votes for this song guys.

Akon nailed it! Come on people! This song does not deserve to be here, does it? I honestly feel that this song is far better than Right now (na na na). Can we get more votes, please?

This is the best song of akon it is way better then any on this list! It is the best song of akon! Akon is and will always be the best singer in the world! 1

15 I Just Had Sex

I think I chose this only becouse I fun of lonely island... But I think it's his best song ether

Gives me a boner

16 Never Took the Time

This wasn't what I wanted to be
A man in misery
Girl, I look back a thousand times
And can't believe that you left me (Why you leave me, baby?)
Why can't you understand my pain?
How can I explain?
Girl, I don't know what I'm doing wrong
I can't believe your love is gone
'Cause you never took the time to know me
(Said you never took the time to know me)
You never took the time to...

You never took the time to know me
You never took the time to understand
You never took the time to know me, yeah
'Cause loving you is all I ever had
Said loving you is all I ever had.

Brilliant piece of music and definitely on the top of the list of some of the best modern Pop. Awesome song. Definitely the best song.

JESUS I love you, jashank joya I know your pain because even it hurts me, but whenever it hurts I kneel down and say 1000 praise other than that I don't have any other way JESUS is only my way.

17 Ghetto

This is the best song... I have listen ever, I always love this song, its amazing... It was based on the reality of life specially when the line comes up in the song No need cherry luxury, because everything come and go... Even the life that you have is borrowed... Its incredible... Incredible and incredible...

A song that brought Akon to the light should be less considered? Who ever made this selection should go back home and learn more about good music: If only Akon can ever be inspired to write a song like this again in his life!


What the hell is this doing at number 22? Why the hell isn't this in the top 10, or the top 3. What the hell, why isn't it number 1. Meaningful lyrics, a tight beat, and a very mature, well written, awesome song. Should totally be number 1.

I love this song, it's very good when you're in a bad mood, I think it should be number 1 and it kinda explains Akon's life in the ghetto in the beginning.

18 The Rain

Probably 100% 0f my music play is Akon and I understand everyone has differing opinions, but how this is not in the top 5 Akon songs I will never know.
A mistake surely?

19 We Takin' Over
20 Tired of Running

Just listen to this song and vote...The best song I ever listen in my life...
Just awesome..

Number 1 in my opinion.

21 Be with You

The best song ever! People should definitely listen this song.!

What is this song doing here so low? It easily comes in top 10.

Come on, number 17? This song is the best out of all these!

I think put this song 1 top please..

22 Birthmark

Always on repeat. The beat is bam

I love this song

23 Keep You Much Longer

Keep you much longer should be number 1 because akon changes his voice modulations most of the time.. Moreover it adds to the beauty of the song..

How can you say this & one day songs in 30's it must be in top5. Just listen to this & prove me wrng if you can by listening this...!

One of the stupendous song by Akon! Akon 'you rock always. You must sing these type of songs

It's a cool song with great lyrics.

24 Kush
25 Bananza (Belly Dancer)

It is a very fast song, I like the way he sang with a slang... With awesome tribal like music it is excellent

Akon's entry on that vehicle with that humming... WOW what a man he is!

It must be in top 10... for sure!

How is this so far down

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