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1 Enjoy the Silence

I can't explain what this song means to me. I remember listening to it a lot on the radio when I was a child. I didn't know the artist's name and the title of the song at that time.

Enjoy the Silence is a timeless song. Whenever I listen to it nowadays, it feels like nothing has changed for 20+ years.

The lyrics are extraordinary, the message is deep, and the song is overall fantastic. You get that beat with the occasional choir, the guitar, and Gahan's simple and sublime voice.

The perfect music of the 80s to 90s transition. At some points, it sounds 80s. At other points, it sounds 90s, perfectly blended and composed.

Well done.

2 Personal Jesus

Sometimes I like Personal Jesus the most, but Enjoy The Silence comes to my mind with a more epic instrumental. But I don't know, it's just impossible.

This song features the catchiest guitar riff ever. Depeche Mode is one of the most visionary bands in the history of music, side by side with the Beatles or David Bowie.

3 Reasons Why This Song is Awesome:

1. One of the greatest rock songs of the 90s.
2. Was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Radio X).
3. It was covered by Marilyn Manson.

3 Never Let Me Down Again

Right in the middle of the heydays, and right the best song of 'em all! Music For The Masses made a timeless statement that will only vanish with the demise of the world.

I love this song. I think it's number one in my opinion. Good times when I sing this song.

One of the best songs, but clearly, the Violator album was the best.

4 Policy of Truth

Policy of Truth is missing from a lot of the lists I look at. I think it's definitely top 5, even though Black Celebration is probably their best album.

Very good music and lyrics. You just get a strange feeling when you hear that beautiful music. So consuming.

Amazing-sounding song, but the message is clear: 'truth' will always be subjective. Proceed at your own risk.

5 People are People

Probably my favorite Depeche Mode song. It's such a busy song, and those synthesizers must be doing 15 different things at once.

That part before the chorus sounds so cool, and I just want to get up and dance to this whenever I hear it. The vocal harmonization and the layers come together perfectly. Those are some deep lyrics too.

Great song! Should definitely be at least in the top 10!

6 Everything Counts

I've liked this song since I heard it in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The grabbing hands grab all they can! I love to sleep to the reprise version. It's so peaceful.

7 Strangelove

Deserves a higher rating. My absolute number one favorite from them.

8 Just Can't Get Enough

Could there be two better songs than this and New Order's Blue Monday? And this from an Iron Maiden fan.

I think that this one is the most listenable of their songs.

Masterpiece! I can't get those notes out of my head!

9 World In My Eyes

Just think this song nails it (literally and figuratively). Yeah, it's about sex, but listen to how it builds twice and the lyrics reflect that.

Such a great song. It's not only the number one for me from DM, it's the number one from all music.

This song is great. It should be in the top ten.

10 Precious

I hope it's my eyes he's seeing through! Damaged and broken. God has a master plan that only He understands. I'll still keep room in my heart for two.

I love this song. Keep on keeping on, DM! Always and forever a diehard devotee.

If you understand the backstory behind this song, then you'll understand why it's in the top 10 Depeche Mode songs of all time.

I searched for it just today. I heard it many years ago when it was first on MTV in India. It's the best.

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11 Walking in My Shoes

Best song ever written by Martin Gore. Just awesome. The emo part at the end of the song is something that we hardly heard before. Yes, electronic, but so much emotion in that song, especially when we know what Depeche Mode members went through.

This is in my top 5 songs of all time. Great sound, great mixing, great lyrics.

I think this is actually one of the best songs ever written!

12 It's No Good

A relaxing song with a little dark side on the chorus. With a twist. Love it. But the video is not as good as the song, but still one of my top 5 favorites.

Masterpiece. The way synths pulsate independently from vocals yet intertwine perfectly. Easy lyrics anyone can sing to.

Excellent piece, hard and raw, as the most representative of what Depeche Mode is. One of my top 3!

13 Stripped

I am a die-hard Depeche Mode fan. This is my favorite. From the Black Celebration album. Truly a perfect piece of work.

Wow, just awesome. The dark atmosphere of this song combined with Dave's low vocals really makes this song epic.

Unreachable song! And it's linked to a lot of memories.

14 In Your Room

Heads and shoulders above every album before it and since! I would kill to see where Depeche Mode's sound would be if Alan were still there. Nonetheless, Songs of Faith and Devotion is still my favorite album ever, and this is possibly my favorite song from them!

Number one with a bullet here!

I am coming over and over back to Songs of Faith and Devotion. The best I would have to choose would be this one or One Cares. Of course, then there is Walking in My Shoes and Judas.

Love the whole album.

In Your Room is an incredibly dark song and has a great emotional impact on listeners. What I enjoy the most about it is the depth the instrumental on the album version holds.

Best song from Songs of Faith and Devotion, full stop!

15 A Question of Time

Definitely should be in the top ten!

16 Halo

How come this awesome piece of music is this far down on the top 10? This is insane! It's one of the best songs in Violator. Great intro also.

Get this to the top 10 now! This is a damn masterpiece!

17 Shake the Disease

This one is really underrated.

Seriously? This one deserves to be in the top 5.

18 Behind the Wheel

Very underrated record, though it was never going to be easy to pick a favorite.

Very underrated. One of their best songs, definitely top 10 in my opinion.

Very melodic and one of the most beautiful songs ever!

19 Blasphemous Rumours

We all know that the first album shouldn't be considered part of the canon. The second album didn't contain any hits. Then came Everything Counts. Some took notice.

And then Blasphemous Rumours, and the playground wasn't the same anymore. Depeche Mode became the leader of something that didn't even have a name. Everything blossomed from here on. The seeds were there before, but that became visible only in retrospect.

This song is a cornerstone. The Rosetta Stone to understand what this band is all about.

20 A Pain that I'm Used To

Such a creepy song. It should be the theme song for the TV show Dexter.

21 Wrong

The best. The awesomeness in this song is in the 'bizarre-nonsense' feeling it gives you while listening.

I was marching to the wrong drum, with the wrong scum, pissing out the wrong energy.

Awesome song. Never heard that kind of sound before, not even close to any other band's sound. Very Depeche Mode-esque sound.

22 I Feel You

Great song! Sets the tone for the entire "Songs of Faith and Devotion" album: passionate, lustful, and irreverent.

Probably my favorite Depeche Mode song next to Enjoy the Silence.

Why so low? That song is one of the best of all time. Guys, come on, give it some votes.

23 Love, In Itself
24 Black Celebration

Incredible song, one that's even better live. Such a fantastic portrayal of making the best of a bad situation.

There's a beautiful tension in the synths.

25 Freelove

One of the best beats ever by Fletcher. Gahan kills it.

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