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1 Still Waiting

So, am I still waiting for you all to stop hating this song? This is probably the best musical creation by any band in all history. It has awesome music and could easily be at the top of this list if you guys actually listen to this song before randomly voting for the only one that you have heard of in the list. This is definitely the best Sum 41 song of all time.

This is classic. The chorus is so awesome. Pieces is a good tune, but Still Waiting was the first song I heard by them. This song still has a place in my heart. I think the top five should be: 1. Still Waiting 2. Pieces 3. The Hell Song 4. In Too Deep 5. Fat Lip. For number 5, I really don't care if it is Fat Lip or With Me. I like these two songs equally.

2 Pieces

I love this song so much. I'm actually listening to it right now! If I'm sad, I come straight to this song, and while it doesn't exactly make me happier, it helps me with my mood. I showed the song to my friend, and she feels the same way. I would like to thank this song for pretty much being my best friend. I don't know what I would do without it.

By far the best song from a band that never made it as far as Blink-182 and Green Day. Turns out that this happens to be one of the greatest punk songs ever written. Highly underappreciated by anyone that's not a fan of Sum 41. This song, in general, is one of the best punk songs ever written and is the definitive song by Sum 41.

3 Fat Lip

THIS is the song that put them on the map. I remember my older brothers and I waiting every day for weeks to watch the video play on MTV. This is the first song I think about when I think of Sum 41. They have a lot of excellent songs, but THIS is the best one. It perfectly embodies the young punk culture.

In all honesty, I think Fat Lip, In Too Deep, Motivation, Rhythms, and The Hell Song are their top 5. All Killer, No Filler is by a mile their best album, and I can't believe it when I see Pieces and With Me ahead of this. Also, this was their best-selling single. How is this ranked 5?

4 In Too Deep

The only reason why this song isn't in at least the top three is that it's one of their oldest songs. If this song were as new as "Pieces" or "With Me," it would easily be number one on the list. It definitely deserves to be in the top three, and number 1 in my opinion.

Are you guys mental in the mind? This song should be number 1, no doubt about it. It's just amazing and awesome. I love this song. It's the best of these guys, no matter what.

Awesome song, without a doubt. I just loved the song. It's just kind of different, you know. Still, it packs some punch in it. So, definitely worthy of hearing.

5 The Hell Song

They're not my favorite band, but in this case, I must admit: great song! Both technically and musically speaking. Good solo, pretty lyrics, kick-ass chorus, fast and powerful rhythms! Awesome!

Why only at 7th place? It should be 1st or 2nd! Come on, guys, vote up for this awesome song. The best one to ride a snowboard or skateboard! Just love it. Awesome lyrics and rhythm.

"The Hell Song" is an awesome song. I think "Still Waiting" and "The Hell Song" are both top songs. But "The Hell Song" is really awesome.

6 With Me

I have absolutely no idea how Pieces is ahead of this song. This has even better lyrics than Pieces, he shows more emotion when singing this, and it has thundering guitars along with acoustic! I mean, this song has it all. It's better than Fat Lip too!

Awesome song. This song got me really interested in Sum 41. The lyrics are amazing. The emotion in the vocals is unbelievable. It's an easy song to relate to and should definitely be at the top of the list.

I was going to vote for Makes No Difference because it's so low, but I had to vote for this simply because it's their best song. Go on YouTube and type in Gossip Girl limo scene.

7 We're All to Blame

As much as I love the other tracks that rank above this, I've always considered "We're All To Blame" to be their magnum opus track. This song just screams energy and intensity, and it really hits hard about the corruption of greed and the terrible nature of war. They went all out with full force on this song, and to think that it was the last addition to the album. ("Noots," the B-Side track for "We're All To Blame," was originally intended for the album, but they decided that "We're All To Blame" would be a better fit, and that turned out to be absolutely correct.)

To me, no Sum 41 song gets any better than this.

8 Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster definitely deserves to be their number one song! Everything about this track is amazing: the vocals from Whibley and Cone, and the simple yet catchy guitar parts. What stands out the most, however, are the lyrics. They simply touched me, and I could easily find myself, and a lot of other people, relating it to my life. If you've been living under a rock for who knows how long, give it a listen - you won't regret it!

This song showcases everything that Sum 41 is about, from the quiet beginning and ending to the high-octane middle section. The lyrics are also priceless. If you are new to Sum 41, this is a great place to start. "With Me" also has amazing lyrics and dynamics, just like "Walking Disaster."

9 Over My Head

Definitely the best song. I don't know how you can make a song that's better. It's just got such a great beat, and overall, it's the easiest Sum 41 song to listen to over and over.

This song is so catchy. It just gets you in a good, excited mood. The guitar makes it as great as it is. Forget Fat Lip and In Too Deep. This one has a way better beat and is a classic Sum 41 song.

This is an original song made when Sum 41 was at their peak. It's number one for me.

10 Underclass Hero

My favorite Sum 41 song changes every few days, but this song is so amazing. It cheers me up, motivates me to be in a band, and just overall makes me feel awesome. This definitely deserves to be in the top 5!

I now question the overall reliability of this site to rank songs after observing such a low rating for "Underclass Hero." This is easily top ten if not number one material.

This is the absolute best song by Sum 41, no question. It "sums" up what the band is all about. I don't understand how this song is not top 5 at least.

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11 Screaming Bloody Murder

The song is so hardcore and edgy. I love it and love the fact that Sum 41 has gone back to the harder stuff instead of what was on Underclass Hero. I liked it, but it just didn't scream Sum 41 like this and 88 do.

Most of their stuff is really awesome and rebellious, but this song was so much darker, so much more mature, and intense. It's unfortunate they never made the music video.

Easily their best song. Love the beginning and end. Just love the chorus as well. I hadn't heard this song before, and it totally blew me away.

12 Makes No Difference

This song represents Sum 41 in a happy and joyful manner. It's such a great song, but I'm saddened to see it ranked so low.

It's a classic theme! Why is it so low on the list? Sorry for my English.

13 No Reason

This song has a classic pop-punk introduction riff, and the verse is really groovy, with an awesome catchy chorus. This is without even talking about the meaningful lyrics of this song. I also like that its sound is typical of the early 2000s.

This song. Chuck is such an incredible and emotional album. No song represents Chuck better than this one. 41 Salute!

This needs to be so much higher. Really great riffs, high octane and aggressive, lots of fun. My favorite Sum 41 song.

14 There's No Solution

This is undoubtedly their best song. I regret "Holy Image of Lies" being so low on the list too, but I have to vote for this instead.

This is the best song on this list. This song has a deep meaning and will make one an instant fan of Sum 41. Greatest song! Awesome!

What... Can't believe this. This song must be at the top. Best of the best of the best. No words to say. Sum 41's best song. It is much better than any other.

15 Machine Gun

Very good song! Typical for Sum 41.

16 Motivation

Motivation, such an aggravation, situations, don't know how to take them, inspiration... etc. Awesome song, but let's not argue about which Sum 41 song is the best. All of them are amazing!

I thought this song would easily make the top 10. It's so awesome!

Such a kick-ass song! And it has a great music video too!

17 Some Say

This song is a perfect representation of growing up and searching for independence: "You don't seem to realize that I can do this on my own." You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who couldn't relate to this song at some stage in their life.

This song should definitely be down here along with 88. I don't trust this list. We're All to Blame and Open Your Eyes should not be in the top 10, not before Some Say and 88.

This song has the best lyrics of any Sum 41 song, along with a great beat and instrumentals.

18 88

This song should be at least in the top 5 if it is not rated as the best song. It has the best riff, and the way the song goes up and down is just perfect. The tapping in the solo is awesome. People should appreciate the instrumental aspect of the song, not just the lyric! Best song ever.

The lyrics are catchy, and the music is great. What else does it need? It deserves a much higher ranking.

The instrumental in this song gives me life. It's definitely among my top three.

19 Nothing on My Back

Best song off All Killer No Filler. So awesome and kickass, much better than Fat Lip. Should have been a single.

This song is pretty badass. Sum 41 rules.

20 Jessica Kill

How is this not higher up?! Seriously this is an amazing song best one on the album! Fantastic tune here!

I agree this should be higher, this song rocks, well SUM 41 songs rock, but still this song deserves a higher place..

21 What We're All About

This is my favourite Sum 41 song. The instrumentals are great, and the vocals are so catchy, it's not even funny. "Pledge allegiance to Sum, the new kings of rock."

I don't believe this. How can this be? Do you kids even know this song? This is old school Sum 41, old school punk rock. The chorus alone puts this in the top 15:

Rock! It's what we're all about
It's what we live for
Come on, shout it out


Only 45? This is classic Punk/Rock!

22 Crazy Amanda Bunkface

This is the best Sum 41 song. Listen to it. You won't be disappointed.

23 Open Your Eyes

How is this not in the top 10? Definitely one of the best from Chuck. It's so powerful, and the bit near the end with the riff is awesome. VOTE!

This is one of the best songs Sum 41 ever did, right after Fat Lip and In Too Deep.

24 Pull the Curtain

Why is this so damn underrated!? Have people actually LISTENED to this song!? Stop voting for just Fat Lip and Pieces. They're good, but they're not even the best songs by Sum 41. In Too Deep, With Me, and Still Waiting are better. Anyway, this song should be at LEAST in the top 15-20. Listen to it, then come back here and vote.

EXTREMELY UNDERRATED! I loved every single song from Underclass Hero. It is hands down Sum 41's best album. This, along with Confusion and Frustration and March Of The Dogs, are the three most underrated songs on the album. Also, With Me should be top of the list, or In Too Deep, or Still Waiting, and Walking Disaster should be in the top 5. Get this list sorted!

25 I'm Not the One

#26... This list is so wrong Does This Look Infected and Chuck are their best and most raw albums, why are they so low?

I listen to this song everyday. It's absolutely awesome! This song needs to be in the top 5! Sum 41 is the Best!

I am in love with this song! I Listen to it Everyday. Sum 41 is the best!

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