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1 Still Loving You

I love the song "Still Loving You" and listen to it many times due to its beautiful melody. This song was famous for its intro guitar riff and is absolutely my favorite Scorpions song ever! When I was just 7 years old, I used to hear this song when I was riding on the bus, and that's where I first listened to "Still Loving You."

I'm a fan of Scorpions and all their songs are unbelievable, but Still Loving You is unbelievable x2... The music, the lyrics, the guitar solo, the rhythm, the voice of Klaus Meine, who for me is the best singer... SCORPIONS: I'm still loving you!

Love this song, it is very touching! This song reminds me of him, he is the only one that after all that I have done, continues to love me. He is still in love with me, and this strong feeling makes me feel my own love for him. Thanks for the song!

2 Wind of Change

My personal favorite among many. This song really got me into the Scorpions big time. I love so many of their songs, but this one just brings back so many memories.

Looking at the list, I see a few brilliant songs missing, such as:
- Across the Universe
- My City My Town
- Someday Is Now
- The Temple of the King
- Thunder and Lightning
- Turn You On

Love Scorpions forever.

Brings back old memories of the road trips I went on with my Dad. I remember humming to the song, falling asleep to the melody, and feeling a whopping joy while listening to this particular song. My father has always been a great fan of the Scorpions, and I have grown into one too. Couldn't help it. Their music is hypnotizing.

Still Loving You is a very nice song, but Wind of Change has this special melody combined with its deep lyrics that makes this song the real #1. It is, nevertheless, the 12th most sold single worldwide, according to Wikipedia.

3 Rock You Like a Hurricane

I like "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and all. Catchy and popular, but I always feel bad for the people in Florida, who are being "rocked like a hurricane," and usually skip it. Great song, but it's all about perception for me. My ideal songs are this and "Wind of Change." Not in that order.

Clearly the best Scorpions song. Still Loving You is great, sure, but this is one of the best songs of all time. It should have absolutely no competition with other songs from the same band.

Scorpions ROCK! Being a huge fan of hard rock and heavy metal music, this is no doubt the best Scorpions song ever.

4 No One Like You

Almost every single song of theirs is amazing. And yet, this stands significantly above the rest.

What an intro! And that distortion guitar that blends so well with the chorus! And it even has a good solo, which at its end stage effortlessly blends into the song (like in 'Sweet Child of Mine').
This is not only their best song according to me, but the best song.

Epic song, great lyrics, great guitar riff, and an AMAZING solo! I can't believe this is only number 4! I mean, Rock You Like a Hurricane is a great one too, but this deserves at least 2nd place! Either way, great song and fun to play on a real guitar too!

Most rocking song from The Scorpions! I can't believe it's not higher on the list than 4th! Don't get me wrong, though, Rock You Like a Hurricane gives this one a run for its money.

5 Send Me an Angel

The first time I heard this, it stood out as special. The lyrics and haunting melodies really made an impression, as few songs do.

Music is simply amazing. Deserves a better rating any day, but then if it is competing with Scorpions songs, I understand!

The best song I've ever heard. This great song! The best song of all time! And the best guitar melodies in the world!

6 The Sails of Charon

Uli Jon Roth's guitar playing on this song is AMAZING. It was so ahead of its time and also inspired many people to pick up a guitar (Dave Mustaine of Megadeth says that the shredding on this song influenced him), and its riffs are just amazing.

This is by far the best Scorpions song ever! Crazy cool riffs, prog-like time changes, fantasy lyrics, and a killer fade-out guitar lick at the end. It should be the Scorpions song all Scorpions songs are judged against.

I'm sorry that so many people only know of the 80s era butt rock Scorps. This is one of the best metal songs ever. By anyone. Uli is insanely good, and it just gets better and better. Perhaps the best intro ever.

7 The Zoo

I saw this live in summer 2010, and it had been my favorite tune before then, but now, wow... So amazing live, so amazing in general. Matthias Jabs on the talk-box and his guitar work in general... 100% amazing!

The first song I remember of them. Hearing them since I was little. Easily the best and greatest song by Scorpions. Great guitar riffs and lyrics. Also, Animal Magnetism is my favorite album.

So many awesome songs from a great rock band that went chick band. The Zoo is the best. Where's Dynamite?

8 Big City Nights

This should be in the Top 10, because it's one of their big classics. No concert without "Big City Nights".

The guitar riffs in this song rival Rock You Like a Hurricane.

One of the most underrated songs of all time!

9 Blackout

This is a cool song with great guitar, vocals, and drums.

Too good. No trouble calling it their best.

What a great song.

10 Always Somewhere

How can this be so low? There's so much soul and love in this song. Are you guys really listening to the Scorpions? My list would be:

1. Winds of Change
2. Always Somewhere
3. Still Loving You
4. Send Me an Angel
5. Rock You Like a Hurricane

Beautiful, haunting track. So much is said about Scorpions lyrics being poor, but this is not the case. Listen to the words on this and weep.

I'm not sure if this has to be number one, but I'm sure this track should be in the top ten, as all the tracks are so unique and awesome, and it's difficult to judge... But this track surely is the best of Scorpions.

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11 You and I

Amazing lyrics... Touching words... All in all, an AWESOME SONG. Scorpions, one of the best power ballad bands of all time.

Great and touching lyrics. You will fall in love with it and keep repeating the song forever!

Just listen to him sing 'there's something in your eyes' and you'll agree this song deserves the top spot!

12 Holiday

I know this will never be up there with the top, top Scorpions songs, but for me, it is. There's something so absolutely beautiful in the build-up, the crescendo that culminates in the chorus change of tempo. The crooning vocals, the edging onward, everything about this piece is magical. Scorpions were great, and this is not their greatest, according to most of the world.

According to at least one man, however, it absolutely is.

I have been listening to this song since I was young. The meaning of this song is about taking someone on holiday. A few lyrics, but the melody and rhythm are so good.

Seriously, why is this at number 21? I remember my dad playing this in his car and liking it more than Wind of Change and other popular singles.

13 Rhythm of Love

This song has that sad, but hardcore rock feeling, that literally MAKES you listen to it. You can't just listen to it once!

This song should be number 1. Loved this song I've ever heard. My vote goes for this song. Scorpions = legend.

Easily the best. Driving beat, excellent guitar work, outstanding performance, and lyrics.

14 Humanity

Meaningful lyrics lift it up a level beyond the average song. As always, great music from great musicians.

One of the most meaningful songs and lyrics I've ever heard! Sung by one of the most beautiful voices of Klaus Meine.

One of the best for guitar and vocals!

15 When the Smoke is Going Down

"When the Smoke is Going Down" is one of the Scorpions' famous songs. It is also famous for its trademark guitar riff intro. This song was supposed to be in the top 5. Everyone should listen to this song and I hope that they would like it.

My favorite one. Full of meaning and mystery. Something that I can't put into words. Greatest ever of all rock ballads songs.

Awesome song, just can't stop listening to it. Really beautiful music. The song that puts me to sleep every day.

16 We'll Burn the Sky

Surely the best song ever recorded by Scorpions! The lyrics are exceptional! And the guitar is awesome! One of the best performances of Uli Jon Roth! You can listen to this song a thousand times a day, at least! There's everything in this song: sadness, despair, anger... Everything! It must be in the top ten at least!

I don't understand how this isn't higher on the list. This song is really something special. I think this is one of the best Scorpions songs of the 70s. Uli Jon Roth delivers something in this song that I don't think Matthias could pull off. Definitely should be in the top 10.

This song is clearly one of the very best of Scorpions! It's unjustly underrated! Should at least be in the top 10! Listen to it, and you won't be able to stop.

17 In Trance

Those first four are great, but this song is just awesome. "But I'm in a trance, Hey baby tell me can't you hear me calling"!

One of the best before Klaus had the surgery. Every song after his surgery is unbelievably euphoric to my ears.

Probably the best ballad Scorpions wrote, other than Still Loving You. One of their best songs in general.

18 Animal Magnetism

Heavy and dramatic music, but the vocals are almost ethereal... Klaus Meine sings like no other, and this song captures it completely.

A very underrated song. It deserves so much more recognition than it gets.

19 Believe in Love

What? What the hell is this song doing here? Just listen to the intro riffs, and this song will be voted into the top 5, if not the first position... The vocals, riffs, all reek awesomeness!

Personally, I like this one the most. It's a very exciting song, a masterpiece. I really like the video too.

This is also one of the sweetest songs I have ever heard. The songwriter is nice.

20 Dark Lady

Great song. One of the best songs written by Uli Jon Roth.

And screaming too!

21 Is There Anybody There?

Such an amazing song with a great rhythm and vocals. It's one of their top ten songs for sure!

22 China White

I found this to be one unique song on the whole album (Blackout). Why hasn't anyone said anything about this song!

23 Lorelei

One of their best and should be in the top 10 rather than Believe, When The Smoke is Gone, and Humanity.

Amazing song! Exciting Meine's voice and very useful text! What does it do here?

It is a really melodic ballad. The vocals are mind-blowing.

24 Bad Boys Running Wild
25 Arizona
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