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1 Born to Run

Classics like Backstreets, Jungleland, Thunder Road, Born to Run, Meeting Across the River, Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, She's the One and Night are a few reasons this is the best album ever. Yep, all 8 of these songs on here are superb and I'll never desert this album, no matter what, this is the best album and Bruce is the best ever artist.

Every song is perfect. Not one song is meaningless and the three biggest hits, "Thunder Road", "Born to Run", and "Jungleland" are among my top 10 favorite songs of all time. God bless Bruce Springsteen.

2 Born in the U.S.A.

I agree Born To Run is a classic and I have no argument with it being #1 but to a large number of fans that came of age in the 80's, Born in the USA is a sound track to a generation and could just as easily be at #1. Full of songs that caught the Zeitgeist of the time; the hangover that was Vietnam, the general unemployment and dissatisfaction blue collar workers had with the economy, a feeling of alienation along with civil and political unrest. An America that was losing its way in the world. With this release, Bruce captured a moment in time that saw America not living up to its ideals and said we can do better.

3 Darkness on the Edge of Town

Wanna know what's sad? People actually saw this as a disappointing follow-up to Born To Run back in '78. Today, anyone who says that clearly has never heard this album the whole way through or knows nothing about great songwriting, storytelling, and music. In my opinion, it's definitely with the #2 spot and certainly gives Born To Run a (no pun intended) Run for its money. I mean "Badlands" is undoubtedly one of the five best Bruce Springsteen songs ever, "The Promised Land," is similar, "Factory" was the first hint at Bruce's opinion with the state of America, and the closer title track, "Darkness On The Edge Of Town," is as a thrill in a song you'll ever get.

4 The River

Truly worthy of being a double album. From high powered jams like You Can Look to ripping emotional epics like Drive All Night, this album is varied and fantastic. The final song Wreck On The Highway is one of Bruce's finest and most crushing songs. The same record contains Bruce's greatest party song Ramrod, 4 minutes of non stop energy. Masterpiece.

20 songs of top to bottom brilliance. Starting out with a catchy The Ties That Bind, and ending with the hauntingly beautiful song about love and loss Wreck On The Highway, Springsteen brings you through a 20 song emotional journey.

5 Nebraska

An amazing record. One of the darkest collections of songs ever recorded. The only glimmer of hope on the whole album is Reason to Believe, and even that's a downer.

6 The Rising

Like "Born to Run" and "Born in the USA", this album continues the trend of albums that define an era. "The Rising" defined the post-9/11 world. The songs truly capture the feelings and emotions of the early 2000s.

The album's lead track "The Rising" is undoubtedly one of Bruce's best songs. It ranks up there alongside other classics like "Born to Run" and "Glory Days". This song defined the 2000s as a decade.

THe BEst Songs from the Album:

"The Rising" - the namesake hit single
"Waitin' For A Sunny Day" - an upbeat happy song
"My City of Ruins" - a gospel-inspired anthem
"Paradise" - a hypnotic melancholic ballad

7 Tunnel of Love

One of many Bruce's perfect albums. Every song is truly great, it's impressive that an album all about love can be this varied. From happy carefree songs like All That Heaven Will Allow to hard hitting emotional songs like One Step Up and the finale Valentine's Day, this album is a masterpiece.

After the bombast of born in the USA, this was a shock.but as with Dylan's blood on the tracks, marital discord makes for good music. It takes a few listens but as the years passed this and the wild and the innocent are the ones I keep coming back to.

8 The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle

More eclectic sounds than its two masterly successors but just as good. This may be #1 on my list.

Best Bruce album. It just haven't listened to it enough yet!

Best Bruce album. Listen carefully and you'll agree with me.

9 Wrecking Ball
10 Magic

It is one of his more Heartland Rock albums and it has a sound that is Springsteen's trademark. This has some really beautiful music. It shouldn't be number 15. Come on!

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11 Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.

Extremely undervalued, should be in the Top 10. This album is a lyrical masterpiece, though not as "mainstream" as BTR, USA, etc. "Greetings" is about youth and innocence while Bruce's poetic genuineness carries this album throughout. If you call yourself a Springsteen fan you need to give this a listen. This album laid the foundation of The Boss's spectacular and ever-growing career.

11th? Seriously? This is the album that introduced Bruce into the world of rock & roll! Sure, it may not be his most consistent album, but it's got quite a few great songs on it.

12 Live 1975-85

This album shows what Bruce can do on stage. From thunder road live solo on piano to Tenth avenue, he can show what he can do with a guitar and a great band. Bruce is the master on stage

Awesome collection of a golden period.just a guy with a piano solo to the massive stadium rockers of the worlds biggest rockstar and the best band on the planet. Highlights include fantastic versions of hard to be a saint,both borns, plus the definitive because the night. Springsteens legend was born from this.

13 Devils & Dust

Fabulous album that is criminally underrated. With the exception of BTR and Darkness this is the album I listen to the most.

In no means his best, but very underrated and there are some gems on this one

14 The Ghost of Tom Joad
15 Western Stars - Bruce Springsteen
16 We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
17 Hammersmith Odeon: London '75
18 Letter to You
19 Lucky Town
20 High Hopes
21 Tracks
22 Live In Dublin
23 Working on a Dream
24 Live In New York
25 The Promise
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