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1 My Love

I not only sing this song until now, I bought a disc of WESTLIFE songs and my kids just can't wait to listen when they come home from school. They love singing their songs! WESTLIFE still the BEST BAND< NO DOUBT! Thanks to their songs with good looks and angelic voice! They're such talented and BLESSED!

Probably the first westlife song I heard. Brings back lots of memories and it's simply beautiful!

This song is just beautiful! It was the first westlife song I heard and I loved it at the first time itself. The combination of the voice with completely fantastic music just brings out the total beauty of this song. I would say it at leat deserves to be second or third if not first.

This is THE Westlife song for me, probably because it's the first Westlife song that I listened to way back in 2008. Since then, I've been attached to the boyband and have followed all their latest albums as well as searching for and listening to all their old songs. Will miss the boys.

2 Unbreakable

Song with the greatest lyrics and music... Heart touching...
I can listen to this song for a hundred times without getting bored..

This song seems to make me cry every time I listen to it! I love you westlife!

Always gives me goosebumps. I love this song

Dis music is beyond the time travel.. I listen many times day and night... !

3 Seasons In The Sun

This song usually goes with my childhood. I hadn't listened to it for a long time just because I don't know what its name! Recently, while I was skateboarding, the Paparoti stall next to my skatespot had this song played then I ask my teammate and he replied! Whenever I listen to childhood seems to come back to my mind!

I love this song... It is wonderful, how it touches hearts of the people... Just beautiful, pure, loving music WOW it is something you should hear you would love it...

The first song of Westlife I heard. So beautiful and specially meaningful. Thanks so much for bringing this song to me. Love you!

Very slow and awesome music... I was very much inspired by this song... It was my one of my favorite songs from childhood days..

4 If I Let You Go

It is the song that introduced me the music world, it made me realized how important music is. Actually along with I knew I loved you by savage garden

It might not be the best selling song but it is by far my favorite song of all time. It's just the fact that the song was written by Sweedish writers and Westlife just used their amazing voices

This song is my fave song among the rest of their songs.. He lyrics really matters to myself..

There is absolutely no doubt that it is the best westlife song... It is amazing!

5 When You're Looking Like That

For me, top ten songs by westlife:
1. When you're looking like that
2. Fool again
3. My Love
4. What about now
5. If I let you go
6. what makes a man
7. Uptown girl
8. I lay my love on you
9. you raise me up
10. seasons in the sun

Nice lyrics... This the best song of westlife I heard...

I go crazy every time this plays!

So amazing! Just for teens!

6 What Makes a Man

It's really emotional.
"What makes her so right? Is it the sound of her laugh, that look in her eyes." Especially, that part. It makes him seems really love her.

Best song ever! Listened to it more the 100 times. But still love it!

7 Swear It Again

This is my most unforgettable Westlife song and my most favorite among all the songs of Westlife. This one brings back my childhood memories. My bestfriend and I used to sing this song together, it's her favorite song too. And we never get tired of listening to this song. I love it!

This is the best song of the westlife.
This should be the list:
1. Swear it again
2. Evergreen
3. Fool again
4. My love
5. When you're looking like that
6. I lay my love on you
7. Close
8. Unbreakable
9. Flying without wings
10. Soledad
11. Miss you
12. Singing forever
13. Over and out
14. Lighthouse
15. I do

This song is great. The chorus is awesome. I sing it in my mind from months. I am sure that I will not get bored how much I hear it. This song really ROX!

The first song I heard by westlife! Wow, it totally made me fall in love with this band!
What a lovely song!

8 The Rose

The closest words have ever came to describe beauty so accurately. Amazing, effortlessly touching.

Best Westlife song ever.

Like that song become westlife your best number one fan l got my girls cell
Emma drive her like westlife to, best voice to song

9 Beautiful World

I actually cried while listening to this... "I never thought that I was that strong" These are some words that I will never forget that is very true... Anyone who listens to this song will realize that everyone is strong and can always achieve success in anything... I love you Westlife! <3 Thanks for making me Believe in myself... I wish you guys a good future ahead... :D

Love this song from them. I'm a huge fan since the beginning. Sad to say that they goodbye but there songs will remains in my heart. I love them all. Hope to sings with them in the future.

Best song ever! Just listen and you will know it! I cry when I listen to this song! Good bye Westlife! I will always love you!

The most motivated lyric.. "we're writing history, life's made up of small victories"
Like an injection when I'm down, thanks Westlife especially MarkusFeehily

10 Queen of My Heart

Although I agree with My Love being #1, this song is superb - whenever I listen to this, I go " really? Oh thank you! " as if I'm the queen of their heart, a-hahaa!

This song should be in the top 10 list... This song have touched my heart and I kept on singing this song..

Better when sung by kian & nicky, can't stand bryan for leaving the band but he did then a favor!

You gotta be kidding me...
This song should be in the top 5!

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11 What About Now?

This is definitely one of their best songs, if not the best. It excellent in music, vocal use and lyrics. This song also carries a deep message. Maybe there's a shot, maybe our love isn't gone, maybe we could save it. This song would mean allot to people these days. This song should be number one or at least top 5

What about now is really one of my favorites... It's an awesome song... Really really good! Mark is just so fantastic... I love them and I miss them so much... It deserves to be on the top 5, I just don't understand why it is at 13... Come on people... Vote for it... Please.

People have gone mad. "What about now? " at 11th position. It is one of the best songs of Westlife and will remain one of the best, at least for me.

14th place is enough because many others good song and this song is just a cover.
Best Westlife cover song:
1.Uptown Girl
2.What About Now

12 World of Our Own

Is the best song in the world! I love this song so much...! Because I fell happy and fun if I listen this song every day, every where, every time! Thanks for westlife for they song... I will say this is best song in the world because the world of our own! I love you westlife... Forever...

Love this song so much!... Even though it may not be the best of them all, it surely deserves to be in the top 10... A Westlife fan for life! Miss them...

This is always been my favorite westlife song since I was a lil kid, I just don't know why, its lime my jam! Haha

This was the first song I heard from westlife which made me fall in love with them.

13 Mandy

Can't believe this song is not here..
If you don't know this song please download it..

I'm sure you gonna like this song..

I love this song it just keeps me really happy and when I keep listening to it, it will never get old its amazing.

The best song ever I can't believe it's not on the top 3! Please vote for this song

Love this song!
Very touching!
Top 1

14 No Place that Far

Really sad song

Must be in top 10

15 Why Do I Love You

I really really like this song... Even though the first time I've listened to this song is when I'm still a child... Thumbs up for WESTLIFE>>!

Really fantastic song, beats are amazing.
First song I heard of WEST LIFE.
Suddenly... Breathing is my favorite line.
Love this song. West life rocks.

The 1sttime I heard this song, it really touch me.. I love the part : "why do I love you, don't even want too.. Why do I love you like I do, like I always do.." Really suits my feeling..

Why do I love you, makes my mind asked why I loved the persons who does not loved me... I love you WESTLIFE... Because you loved your fans

16 Tonight

Best song ever listen! Why it's so down the list?

Nyc song love it

17 Flying Without Wings

My lover has sung this for me onstage a few years ago and this song had been my little ecstacy. But things changed, you know, and we broke up, and this song has since been the most heartbreaking song I've ever heard.

I love many songs of Westlife but seeing my first love so low in the, list urged to vote this. You must listen, its inspiration and soothing. The music is superb. My primary reason to love Westlife.

Most meaningful song in the world! Westlife is unbreakable and please support Shane and Mark and buy their first album in late 2012 and 2013! Love westlife xoxoxoox

Favourite Song of all time. Silently meaningful and brings back a blast of memories.

18 Uptown Girl

I love this song... First time I listens to this song... Suddenly I can remember all the lyrics... Without looking it... And its music always playing in my mind

Best song ever.. I love its lyrics and the way Westlife sung this song.. It is so different from others.. Love you westlife and this song forever...

Their best song and I know it's a cover but it's just brilliant as it's perfectly sung by all five members. It's deserves to be number one!

LOVE IT! Westlife usually used to do more slow, meaningful songs, and I love more upbeat songs. Also Brian's facial expressions are 'on point! '

19 I Wanna Grow Old with You

This is by far the greatest song Westlife had ever made. Lyrics are so catchy and beautifully written. This song just deserves at least 3rd position after My Love and If Let's You Go.

Each an every time when I'm listening this song is remind me my ex girlfriend we used to singe it when we were together and embrace each other. When they say "love hurt" there are not lying it hurt indeed. You guys knows what good for your fans, God bless all of you I like you

This is just a superb song!
Its lyrics is just fantastically superb and heart touching.
It Made me cry when I listen it for the first time.
Now I'm loving it.
I can listen it 1000 time a day without getting bored..
It reminds me of someone special..
Love it

This song is probably the best westlife song. Listening once will make you love this. Awesome composition...
Lovely lively..

20 Bop Bop Baby

Coolest composition of all.. Download it, Listen to it.. then I can promise that you will never close your media player..

21 I Lay My Love On You

The first one should be this song. AMAZING CHORDS and great singing skills make this song as great as the world. How you go crazy for this song in the street, is those chords and lyrics. TOP3, it deserve it. Or I don't believe in music anymore.

I can't believe this song isn't in the Top-ten List. This song should be in the second place. It's my second favorite after "My Love". Guys, Vote this song. It's so cool that I can't help but listen it over and over again everyday.

Dude it deserves the top slot... At least ought to be in the top three... Just listen to it... Its really good... The lyrics the singing... Its really awesome... Vote 4 it... Dts the least you could do for such a beautiful song!

Really? Top 20? It should be on the top 5! This song is a big hit and deserve better! I listen to this song since I was kid and I love this song! This song inspire me in life! And really made may day!

22 Fool Again

The first videoclip also the first song that introduced em to me, I won't stop listening this one.

It's the best song! Should be on the top ten!

Easily on of the top ten.

The first song by westlife I have heard and its simply awesome

23 Soledad

Still it is here, if you are a real westlife fan you have to listen this and daily come up to vote for it. Come on it is such a wonderful song.

Another very underrated song. This song has got superb lyrics and great composition. I want this to be in top ten.

Why is this song so low? I mean I loved my love and it deserves the top stop but Soledad should be way higher. Top tens at least.

Soledad not in the top 10?! Are you kidding me? It's one of their best, lyric-wise, melody-wise and everything-wise! This is wrong..

24 All Out of Love
25 I Have a Dream

I have a dream is a nice song to listen to.

This song is awesome

The song very good

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