Top 10 Best Avril Lavigne Songs

The best songs by the popular pop rock/pop punk singer.
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1 Complicated

The best song from Avril ever! This song genuinely comes from Avril Lavigne's soul and boasts a killer catchy chorus. Every time I hear it, I'm reminded of how arrogant and ignorant I was in my younger days. This is not just one of her best songs. It's one of the best songs EVER!

COMPLICATED... A complicated song, yet it's meaningful. It can help you navigate your intricate relationship emotions if you truly understand and apply its message. I love this song. It was well-scored and crafted. I'm with You gets more votes due to its delicacy and melody, but COMPLICATED is just as good.

2 I'm with You

Avril Lavigne is an awesome singer, and I find it amazing that she is so good with the lyrics. I'm with You is like one of her best songs with good lyrics, and there's nothing to say about the tune.

It's an amazing song, and I like to cover it a lot. It's easy and simple. I've been mainly listening to metal music more than any other, and this song got me back on track. I'm mainly a huge fan of rock music, and pop reminds me of my childhood, so they are my favorite genres of music.

Avril Lavigne reminds me of my childhood.

This is my favorite song by Avril Lavigne. It's one of her slower songs, but it really hits home for me. I know there are other people in the world who can also relate to this song. To me, it speaks of someone who feels all alone.

There are times when I feel alone and unwanted, and this song provides comfort. I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thank you, Avril Lavigne, for such an incredible song.

3 My Happy Ending

This is the best song by Avril Lavigne. Once you listen to it, you want to keep listening to it. It's definitely worth a listen. I still enjoy it, and the video is awesome. Vote for this. This has to be the best song by her.

I think this one and Nobody's Home are the best ones by her. I personally like her older songs better. I like this song because it's like she's expressing her anger to a guy, but it's not overly aggressive. She executed it perfectly. She's my favorite female singer.

"Remember When" is my favorite by her, but this song is very emotional and is one of my favorites! You can feel her pain when she sings it. She is definitely my idol and always will be. I love you, Avril!

4 Girlfriend

I can understand why a lot of people are voting for What the Hell because it's new, but this song was the biggest song in all of 2007. It was number one across the globe. It's her biggest hit yet, and I don't think she'll ever beat this. On top of that, this song also rocks!

It's very punk, and Avril looks hot in the video! It should be ahead of What the Hell. Vote!

This song is just so cool. I can relate to this song so much. There's this boy I'm crushing on, and he has a girlfriend. I'm one of his closer friends, and he's told me he doesn't really like her and that she's using him. One of his other mates said he's head over heels for me, and that he talks about me all the time.

I play this song every time I get home from school. It always brings a smile to my face. I wish people would talk about Avril as much as they used to.

5 Sk8er Boi

This song is by far Avril's best because it's different from anything else she's ever done. She's always had that punk edge, but this song brings it out more than ever. It also has a great storyline, and the music video rocks!

Not to mention Avril's awesome vocal performance. Plus, you know that when a chick spells skate with an 8, she's a total badass. This is the side of Avril we need to see more of, not the princess side.

Energetic, wild, brisk! The skater punk anthem! It's the catchiest song of Avril. It has a simple appeal, yet it's a masterpiece. The lyrics are unadorned, yet carry such a meaningful message. It's very successful, yet underrated!

6 When You're Gone

Complicated is my second favorite, but this is my favorite song by Avril Lavigne. It's clean but very sad. Her voice is so beautiful in it!

I don't get too emotional when I just listen to the song or watch the lyric video. However, when I watch the music video, I cry because of the old man in it. When he cries, it brings tears to my eyes as well. If you don't mind crying right now, go watch the video. But if you are in an upbeat mood, then watch her Complicated, Girlfriend, or What the Hell video. I love the video for Girlfriend.

Anyway, this song is so beautiful, and I love this masterpiece.

7 Wish You Were Here

I feel like this song describes perfectly how I, and many other girls across the globe, feel about themselves and others. I know that I always put up this tough girl front, but there are certain people that I really enjoy being around. I'm not afraid to be myself around them, and I don't have to worry that they'll judge me.

That's the same message I get from this song.

I love this song. Avril Lavigne is so cool! I love her songs. They're very cool and very punk!

Most of her songs are relatable for teenagers. She's the coolest singer ever!

8 What the Hell

This is easily one of my favorite songs by her. To be honest, I felt as though with every album her music got better. I definitely think her older music was a lot more mature, but I like her newer music better.

"What the Hell" is probably my favorite song to dance to ever. I am just obsessed with it. Lavigne is able to demonstrate her true vocal ability. It's very hard to sing the 'I am thinking' and 'Whoa' before 'What the Hell' in the chorus.

I think that this song is just a really great song overall and should've been more successful. I love everything about this song and its feel-good sense it has to it.

9 Nobody's Home

How Girlfriend is even on this list, let alone in the top 10, is beyond me. Nobody's Home is such a powerfully amazing song. I miss the punk rock Avril who sang about real things. This song shows you that no matter how perfect someone seems on the outside, inside they might be struggling. It's truly an amazing song and means a lot to me.

I have been in love with this song ever since I heard it. The song is raw. It's honest. It's about the feeling of betrayal lingering in your life and how it makes one feel so bad and broken. That's why I love it. I can relate to it. This song is just so human.

10 Smile

It's so good to listen to when I am depressed. It makes me feel good and gives me courage. I've listened to it 50 times in 24 hours. It makes me smile. I love Avril and her songs, especially Smile. I encourage all fans to listen to this song. It's quite fantastic. I love it.

I'm MADLY in love with Smile because it's a crazy and spunky upbeat love song. Avril is a great artist, and I just absolutely love this song! I've listened to it more than a million times. Way to go, Avril!

This song always makes me smile! It delivers the message that sadness, agony, and disharmony are just shattered pieces of glass. All we have to do is pick them up and eliminate them from our lives!

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11 Keep Holding On

Keep Holding On continues to be my favorite Avril Lavigne song. I love many of her songs, but this one is too good not to love. It's sad to me that it's not as popular as it could have been or can be.

The power of the message behind it is incredible. The vocals and the instrumentals in the background are pitch-perfect. This is one of those underdog songs that, once you listen to, you'll try everything to make it popular, as well as listen to it thousands of times.

If you haven't heard this powerful song, go listen to it now!

12 Here's to Never Growing Up

This is the greatest song by her. I love this song because she makes it clear that she doesn't care about society and rules, which is really refreshing. What I love about this song is that there's no deeper meaning or dripping emotion. It's just a song about going crazy, having fun, and I love it!

This song really makes you feel like you'll forever be a teen. When you hear it, you feel alive and young, no matter your age. Well, actually, I'm still 14, but the song makes me feel like I'll never age past 20! Go, go, go, Avril!

13 Innocence

How many times has this song inspired me to keep going to school and manage my depression? Oh, right, for three months. Grade 7 was so hard for me in the beginning. But whenever I sang this song in my mind, it kept me going forward.

Now, I'm so happy with how much I've changed. I love school. It's so fun. The work is now easy, and this song plays in my mind less and less. But I'll never forget it.

Innocence and See You Again were the two songs that kept me moving forward. Thank you.

This is such a beautiful, deep song filled with emotion. I love that it's all about being grateful for what you have in life. I think about being okay with the guy I'll never get, but that's okay because this innocence is brilliant.

14 Things I'll Never Say

I can't express how much I related to this song. I used to know someone so well, and I wanted to tell them how I felt, but I was a lot younger and afraid to ruin the relationship, so I basically daydreamed about the things I would never say.

I don't understand why this song is so low on the list. It should at least be in the top ten.

It's personally my favorite. I am totally in love with this song!

This is like the third best song from her best album "Let Go," only behind "Complicated" and "I'm With You." This is better than "Sk8ter Boi," so it should be in the top 10. Listen to it. It's really good.

15 Rock N Roll

I love this song so much. I feel it should be ranked higher. It's all about rock and roll. It brings back memories of so many of her old songs, like Bad Reputation, and the music video makes me laugh.

This song is EPIC. It just totally rocks. I love the lyrics.

They showcase her rebellious nature. It's the type of song you'd want to sing at a talent show to put on a memorable performance.

This is my favorite by Avril Lavigne. It should at least be in the top 5!

It's a song that you can't stop listening to, and the music video... Wow!

16 Don't Tell Me

This was her first single off the second album, and yes, it's awesome.

Weirdly, it was a bit of a flop, peaking at number 22 on the US Billboard charts. It didn't gain traction on MTV nor on the radio. Thankfully, the two follow-up singles did super well. I remember "Happy Ending" and "Nobody's Home" being played every five minutes.

I find it odd. Your first single is usually your smash hit (e.g., Complicated, Girlfriend). I guess she simply chose the wrong song. However, I actually prefer "Don't Tell Me" to the other two. Shrugs.

"Don't Tell Me" is an amazing performance creation in modern rock composition. I think the album "Let Go" is the most successful album in the rock world after "Little Jagged Pill" by Alanis Morissette.

17 Losing Grip

It's one of my favorite songs. I think every girl whose hearts are broken by their loved ones should absolutely hear this great piece by Avril.

I love this song so much. I listen to it at least ten times a day.

I think it should be much higher, but then that is my opinion.

These lyrics are pure beauty! 29th? So many people forget!

I'm starting to trip, I'm losing my grip, and I'm in this thing alone. Those are pure gold.

18 I Will Be

This is the best song ever! I am Avril's biggest fan and have listened to EVERY SINGLE song she has EVER written or sung. Yet, this is my most favorite song in the entire world! And it probably "Will Be" forever!

I absolutely love this song. Avril's voice sounds so charming in it. It has such a beautiful meaning too. Before, I didn't know what it was, but then I saw it on YouTube, and I immediately fell in love.

So far, this is the best song I've ever heard, and it seems like the music industry isn't doing any better. It's a lovely song which I am definitely singing for the talent show! Best song ever!

19 Remember When

Oh my! It was so hard to make a decision, but I listen to this song a lot, so it had to be this one. However, I love When You're Gone just as much! Nobody's Home and most Goodbye Lullaby songs are also amazing.

I personally would not vote I'm With You first, but it is a good song!

Amazing website, by the way.

Why is this song at the bottom of the list? The lyrics to this song are amazing!

It should be at least in the top 10!

I can't believe this song didn't make the top ten. It's the best song of Avril that I've ever heard.

No. 38? You've got to be kidding me.

20 Fall to Pieces

I absolutely love this song. It's different from Avril's other songs. It has a soothing effect.

I can totally relate to it. I don't understand why it's so underrated.

Although all her songs are fantastic, this one is my favorite! It should be in the top 10!

I hope this will appear in a cartoon show. This is so amazing!

I am obsessed with this!

21 Alice

So underrated, especially the Extended Version with the special part. One of her strongest songs. Don't let anyone or anything get you down! Amazing lyrics! Great music! It's so powerful, emotional, motivating, and inspiring. Need strength? Listen to this song!

This song is amazing and probably one of my favorite songs of all time. I'm not a huge Avril Lavigne fan, but there is something about this song that makes me want to listen to it repeatedly. It amazes me how it didn't become more popular.

I love this song, especially the extended version with an extra part. It has amazing lyrics that contain a deep message. It's deep, dark, emotional, and also one of the most motivating and inspiring songs ever.

22 Everybody Hurts

I like this song very much, and Avril's voice is too cool. Hey Avril, I love you very much. Please come to Myanmar. Your fans, including me, will wait for you. There are thousands of your fans here.

It should be in the top 10 songs. It sounds much more meaningful in her voice. Love you, Avril.

I really love this song because everybody feels this way.

23 Hot

I love all of Avril's songs, but "Hot" is my top favorite! I love it because it's powerful, and I believe it encapsulates the adrenaline and passion a teenage girl can have for her crush. It also reminds me of many cartoon couples I adore, like Arnold and Helga or Lazlo and Edward, for instance.

It captures that complex "I hate you but I also want you" sentiment. I could discuss this song endlessly.

You know, after I saw this great song here, I thought to myself, "If this one is here, then how great could the others up there be?" This implies that Avril Lavigne is a sensation.

24 Freak Out

Why are people leaving out Avril's best songs? Her old songs were her best because they ROCKED.

Super punk rock. People went crazy when the Ice Princess trailer came out back in 2005. I was three years old when this movie came out and two years old when this album was released.

This is one of my favorites. The lyrics and music are brilliant!

25 The Best Damn Thing

45?! How on Earth is this at forty-five, people? How did this come to be below Hello Kitty?! Unlike that song, this one is not just catchy. It has meaning, a great beat, and sass! She named an album after it! And what's more, some of Avril's best songs were off this album. It's The Best Damn Thing!

I have no idea why this would be this low. This should be at LEAST in the top 10.

I mean, come on, guys.

I listen to this song after every break-up, and it only takes me about an hour to get over it.

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