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1 Sufferer & The Witness

Definitely the best Rise Against album and one of the most powerful and lyrically inspired records I know. The guys simply know how to play punk/melodic hardcore songs.
Take a look at fan favorites like Ready to Fall, Prayer of the Refugee or The Good Left Undone, but also at songs like Drones or Behind Closed Doors. The entire album creates an awesome atmosphere while talking about serious themes, combining honest lyrical content and the musical maturity to make this the best album by Rise Against.

2 Siren Song of the Counter-Culture

As a diehard Rise Against fan, I love all their albums. But this one takes the cake as the best of their albums, or my favorite would be better wording. It includes a lot of my favorite songs of theirs such as "State of the Union", "Dancing for Rain", "Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated", "Swing Life Away", and my personal favorite Rise Against songs "Blood to Bleed" and "Give It All". Also if I had to rank all my Rise Against albums it would be: 1. Siren Song 2. RPM 3. Sufferer & The Witness 4. The Unraveling 5. Endgame 6. Black Market 7. Appeal to Reason... That being said all the albums are classic.

3 Appeal to Reason

I listened to this album for the first time about 2 years ago, it was my first experience with rise against and for some reason I can't stay away from it for too long. I've only listened to Endgame and The Black Market, so yes, I can't say I've heard every song or album that rise against has ever released, but so far this is my favorite.

Every song is a classic and could be a single. No filler whatsoever. I love the 'Sufferer' album too (in fact I love them all) but to me this is their career stand out. One of my all time favourite albums

4 Endgame

Compared to other albums like Appeal to Reason and The Sufferer and the Witness, this album itself really stands out from the others, due to the fact that took everything from all the other albums that they've done and combined it into this harmonic sequence of songs telling a story of the roads we've been on. One of my top 10 albums ever.

Are you kidding?! What sets this album apart from the rest is that endgame has literally NO bad songs! They're all masterpieces! Add on to this the songs that still somehow rise above the others - Make It Stop, Help Is On The Way, Satellite to name a few - and you've got an incredible album that others can't compare to.

5 Revolutions Per Minute

I started listening to RA between Appeal to Reason and Endgame, but after listening for 7 years and listening to every single thing they've made I have come to like RPM and the Unraveling because it is where they truly shine under the punk genre. The other reason is the raw sound, fast, and aggressive style is what really shows that they put effort and energy into it. I recommend that anyone who listens to RA listens to their first 2 albums and realize and appreciate how good RA was from the beginning.

6 The Unraveling

How the hell is this so low down! I love all rise against albums but the raw punk rock sound of this one is chilling. I think this is so far down because not many people have listened to it, so if you haven't I highly suggest you do

This is the best of all their albums. I get excited when ever they play any songs from The Unraveling live in concert. I bought almost all of their albums and this album is my go to.

In my opinion this album is superior to all their other ones, since you can really hear the raw power and feel the anger/passion in young Tim´s voice. Might be a little biased though since "Everchanging" is my favorite song in the world. I do agree with other commentators that "The Unraveling" propably ranks that low because its quite an old album and the band wasn´t famous back then

7 The Black Market

While it isn't their best album by far (my personal favorite is S&W), I love The Black Market. I just really got into RA this year, so TBM was the first album of theirs that I was anticipating (and part of what helped me discover how awesome all their music is), and I wasn't disappointed. I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore, Tragedy + Time, The Eco-Terrorist in Me, and The Great Die-Off are my favorites from it. I like that this album is less political and more personal and introspective. Don't get me wrong, their more politically-focused songs are just as great, but it's nice to see that they wanted to try something different from the themes of the past couple of albums. I'd give it an 8/10 overall.

8 Wolves

On a more important note... how is "This Is Noise" ahead of Long Forgotten Songs. LFS has all the songs from This Is Noise plus like 20 more.

9 Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers (2000–2013)

This album has great songs. Historia Calamitatum and Death Blossoms are two great songs by rise against.

A Collection of some of their best songs!

10 This Is Noise
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11 Nowhere Generation

2021 Generation Album Rise Against, done well. This is Noise and Wolves also deserve more cheers perhaps.

12 Transistor Revolt
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