Top 10 Best Edguy Songs

Edguy, a powerhouse in the world of power metal, has consistently delivered anthems that rock our souls and ignite our imaginations. With their energetic sound, captivating lyrics, and memorable melodies, the band has earned a special place in the hearts of metal fans around the globe. Over their illustrious career, they have created an extensive discography brimming with epic tracks that showcase their exceptional musicianship and undeniable passion.

From soaring ballads to thunderous anthems, these tracks represent the very best of what Edguy has to offer. So, strap in and get ready to embark on a headbanging journey as we explore the masterpieces that have solidified Edguy's status as one of the most beloved bands in power metal history.
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1 Tears of a Mandrake

This song is so awesome my ears fell off after hearing it for the first time. On pair with Mysteria for me.

The best song from Edguy and one of the greatest power metal songs of all time.

Along with Mysteria, The Pharaoh, The Piper and The Asylum, this is, in my opinion, one of the greates Edguy songs! Chours is premium, one of the best I know!

2 Mysteria

Ladies and Gentlemen... Welcome... to the Freakshow!

The greatest intro scream ever.

3 Nailed to the Wheel

Their best song. A really solid, compact piece - can't be accused of being cheesy, too soft or unnecessary extended.

One of the cheesiest power metal songs.

4 Vain Glory Opera
5 Sacrifice

One of the best epic metal songs of all time and top 3 Edguy songs. Don't know why it's so low...

One of the most epic metal songs. To listen, and listen again and again...

Epic, catchy and powerful! Got me hooked on Edguy.

6 Theater of Salvation

Epic and versatile. Awesome chorus

7 The Eternal Wayfarer

The best song from the 2014 album.

8 Judas at the Opera
9 The Piper Never Dies

Epic fairy tale ride

This is so good

10 New Age Messiah
The Contenders
11 King of Fools
12 Superheroes

This is what break-up songs should be like. Too many people take their relationships too seriously when they are ultimately meaningless in the long run. Superheroes on the other hand is the perfect message for 99% of relationships, "don't worry, just get back out there and enjoy your life as a single person! ".

Superheroes are real

13 Out of Control

This is a great song, should be higher up. It has the lead singer to Blind Guardian singing too. Very good song.

Awesome song; features 2 guest musicians - Hansi of Blind Guardian (great additional vox) and Timo Tolkki of Stratovarius (really amazing solo).

14 The Pharaoh

Simply one of the best metal songs ever! This one is very Epic!

Come on! This Is a pearl, should be top 5 ay least

This epic song should be much higher than #50!

15 Ministry of Saints

Awesome! The riff at the beginning, is something like the hardest I have heard of Edguy. The refrain is so epic, typical of Hard Rock, though with some Power Metal influences.

In the end I listen to it every day

16 The Headless Game

Awesome Song. The refrain is just nice;

Riding Away
Rising today
No we don't play your headless game

17 Babylon

This song has all the power metal cliches, and I mean it in a good way. Great vocals, great pace/drumming, awesome guitar work and insane melody.

18 Save Me
19 Roses to No One

Awesome song, for broken hearts!

Broken heart lyrics. Nice 1

20 Down to the Devil
21 Dragonfly
22 All the Clowns
23 Golden Dawn

One of Tobi's best vocal performances, especially towards the end.

24 Lavatory Love Machine

Another fun Edguy song

25 The Asylum
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