Top 10 Best Freida McFadden Novels

Freida McFadden is an American psychological thriller writer, who consistently writes best sellers. Here are ten of her best. Feel free to vote for or add a favourite of your personal choice.
The Top Ten
1 The Housemaid
2 The Locked Door
3 Do You Remember?
4 The Surrogate Mother
5 Never Lie
6 The Housemaid's Secret
7 Suicide Med
8 The Inmate
9 One by One
10 The Ex
The Contenders
11 The Wife Upstairs
12 Do Not Disturb
13 Want to Know a Secret?
14 The Teacher
15 The Coworker
16 Ward D
17 Brain Damage
18 The Perfect Son
19 The Housemaid Is Watching
20 The Boyfriend
21 The Devil Wears Scrubs
22 The Devil You Know
23 Baby City
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