Top 10 Best Signature Drinks in Movies

Cocktails, mocktails, and everything in between often play a starring role in our favorite films, adding another layer to iconic scenes and unforgettable characters.

Some of these drinks are as famous as the movies they graced. Think of James Bond's crisp martini or The Dude's creamy White Russian. Others might have slipped your mind, but they're equally delicious and tied to memorable moments in cinema.
The Top Ten
1 Mint Julep (The Great Gatsby) In The Great Gatsby, characters sip on Mint Juleps during a particularly tense scene, showcasing the drink's cultural significance in the 1920s South. The cocktail, made with bourbon, mint, sugar, and water, symbolizes the opulence and decadence of the era.
2 Bloody Mary (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood features the Bloody Mary, a classic cocktail known for its complex flavors and brunch-time popularity. This tomato-based concoction, enhanced with vodka, Worcestershire sauce, and various spices, is enjoyed by characters in the film during a daytime meeting.
3 White Russian (The Big Lebowski) The White Russian, a creamy cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream, is the preferred drink of The Dude in The Big Lebowski. This laid-back beverage complements the main character's easygoing and untroubled lifestyle throughout the film.
4 Singapore Sling (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the characters order a Singapore Sling, a gin-based cocktail that captures the exotic and psychedelic atmosphere of their adventure. The drink, which combines cherry liqueur, pineapple juice, lime juice, and club soda, is a sweet reflection of the film's wild and hallucinatory scenes.
5 Pinot Noir (Sideways) Sideways prominently features Pinot Noir, a wine celebrated for its delicate and complex flavors. Throughout the movie, the characters explore their deep appreciation and passion for this type of wine, highlighting its importance in the plot and character development.
6 Screwdriver (Jackie Brown) Screwdriver, a simple yet popular cocktail made with vodka and orange juice, appears in Jackie Brown. This drink is used in the film to signify a no-frills, straightforward approach, much like the title character's attitude towards life.
7 Manhattan (Some Like it Hot) In Some Like it Hot, a Manhattan cocktail is part of the scene-setting in a speakeasy, where characters enjoy this blend of whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. The drink's sophistication and association with New York City nightlife mirror the film's glamorous and comedic style.
8 Sweet Vermouth on the Rocks with a Twist (Groundhog Day) Groundhog Day features Sweet Vermouth on the Rocks with a Twist as a recurring element, symbolizing the protagonist's changing experiences as he relives the same day. This particular drink choice highlights the character's desire for something familiar yet with a slight variation, much like his evolving circumstances.
9 Martini (Dr. No) The Martini, famously shaken not stirred, is James Bond's drink of choice in Dr. No. This cocktail, consisting of gin and vermouth garnished with an olive, epitomizes the suave and sophisticated demeanor of the iconic spy throughout the film.
10 Olde English 800 (Boyz n the Hood) In Boyz n the Hood, characters are often seen with Olde English 800, a malt liquor that reflects the urban setting and real-life socioeconomic conditions depicted in the movie. This beverage choice helps to anchor the film's authenticity and grounding in the lives of its characters.
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