Ht's Analysis: NFL 2018 Championships, and Super Bowl LII

htoutlaws2012 The quest for the super bowl was on, and then there way only four left.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs New England Patriots: Two heavyweights battle for the AFC title, one undisputed goat vs a young rising upstart with a formidable defense. They did well trying to slow down the pats for the first two quarters, but then Tom Brady being Tom Brady found an unlikely hero to bail him out in Danny Amendola making the necessarily plays after gronk had to exit due to concussion protocol, and for the Jags this just the beginning of what looks to be a talented young raw team with just a few more pieces to being a super bowl contending team.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Philadelphia Eagles: Our second bout was quite the surprise to us all what did go down was an absolute unprepared team vs a team that was ready to destroy, and prove all the doubters wrong, and make it to the Super bowl against the New England Patriots. As they savaged their victory over the favored Minnesota Vikings, the question now remains if Case Keenum is the franchise quarterback for this team moving forward, and now with Pat Shurmer off to the Giants this might turn out to be a massive let down for the offense if the least then the capable defense that has stability.

As the stage was set he started to change his perspective of the game with an open mind, and said ''please god give me a great game'' thus would he be surprised in the outcome.

SB LII: Here we are the wait is finally over as he could not believe Philly got to this point this season he started to notice what could happen in this game it was the frst super bowl Vs the madden curse broken which would prevail? Early on the two defenses fared decently with a score of 9 to 3 in the 1st quarterback with Jake Elliott missing an extra point. Even more shocking Stephen Gostkowski ended up missing two key field goals leading to father time missing his rare catch as a receiver while Nick Foles had the catch that well stand the test of time.On the other side come the casual viewers who more less watch the game of its new, and entertaining commercials some of those included Tide, Avocados, Alexa, and many other fan favorites. Then you have those who adore halftime shows of which i'm not sure why, but anyways I thought it was a massive disappointment for me in terms of one critical thing WHERE WAS JANET JACKSON? I wanted an epic reunion when controversy was great, and memorable no wonder halftime shows are terrible. Then we have reached the game where as always we see New England trail by only 10 this time instead of 25 from the previous. Instantly that seemed generous, and then you saw some fireworks play into this game as Tom Brady was gun slinging the ball for 500 yards in a super bowl game no less is unbelievable performance, but that is unfortunately overshadowed by the very next, and last mistake of the game where he attempted to comfortably throw the football, and Linebacker Brandon Graham caught up the ball as rookie Derek Barnett quickly recovers the football the game was looking to pretty be secured for Philly as they rightfully won super bowl 52 in a instant classic for the ages. For the Eagles things are looking real fly, and high especially when you have this decades Montana, and Young in Wentz, and Foles which is amazing to me. I gotta give credit also to Jim Schwartz the defensive coordinator who has had a lot of tough times, but finally gets a big break as it was great seeing him finally get his dues even if it wasn't pretty he made a big move when it was needed the most meanwhile one question that is still unanswered is why did the Patriots decide to bench cornerback Malcolm Butler is still undetermined, and quiet frankly I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't resign with the team after this. Things are tearing away for the Patriots both coordinators are now getting head coaching jobs next year, and this getting closer to the ceiling for both Belichick, and Brady. Now Gronkowksi is getting considering retirement which might be a good thing since he has been getting beat up quite a ton over the years. Once those core people are gone this team is going to go back to the Drew Bledsoe days when New England was literally a mediocre team all around. Congratulations once again to the Philadelphia Eagles who were underdogs all the way to the end. Now next time we meet what is next for all 32 teams, and the goal for their vulnerable positions, and how they can improve. Until then let the victors party in violence shall they rule for a year.


I wish the patriots won but anyways good post - visitor