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1 I Write Sins Not Tragedies I Write Sins Not Tragedies Cover Art

Fun fact: the beginning of this song uses a harpsichord, for that reason, it is sometimes put into the baroque pop(sometimes called baroque rock) genre.

While I love this song and could listen to it for hours, it really should be lower. There are much better songs like nicotine, this is gospel, nearly witches, that green gentlemen, Death of a Bachelor, nicotine, there's a good reason these tables are numbered honey you just haven't thought of it yet, and nicotine. Amazing song but not their best.

I Write Sins was the first Panic! song I listened to ever! At first I was like, "Yeah, no big deal. I'll probably drop this in a week." Now I've listened to every album, learned half the songs, and taught myself to sing like Beebo. So, I truly do think I Write Sins is the best. I love the tune and lyrics.

In a interview Brendon got the question "if you had to choose one lyric to tattoo what would it be and where? " He answered

I'd probably put CLOSE THE damn DOOR just right across my ass ya know?


2 The Ballad of Mona Lisa The Ballad of Mona Lisa Cover Art

The first time I heard this song, I instantly fell in love with it. The instruments in the background are so powerful with Brendon's lyrics.

Amazing song! I'm one of those people who only listens to the first few seconds of a song before I judge it as good or bad... probably not a good thing to do... But anyway, I was blown away after listening to the entire thing! Makes sense that it's ranked #2! I expect it to stay in the top 3 for quite a while.

Its an amazing song! I've never heard anything so original and imaginative before. I first heard this song in 2012 and I'm still in love with it! Once you hear it for the first time you will become hooked. Brendon's voice is incredible and you will fall in love with this!

One of their best for sure! Their lyrics are so imaginative. They've taught me so many words every time I hear another song I learn another load of words. Panic at the disco taught me half my vocab.

3 This Is Gospel This Is Gospel Cover Art

My friend, who always gets super pissed at any mention of P!ATD admitts to liking this song. The lyrics and melody are stunning.

This song is beautiful. The lyrics are so well written, and Brendon sings them perfectly, without fail. The meaning to the song really carries throughout the entire performance, it speaks to me and it sounds phenomenal. I got into P! ATD with The Ballad of Mona Lisa, then I forgot about them. One day I saw this song on T.V. and it flung me back into the P! ATD hype, and for this I am so thankful. This song deserves to be in the top 5, without a doubt.

This is by far my favorite Panic! At The Disco song! The lyrics are so meaningful and amazing! I could listen to this song on repeat forever and I would still be screaming/singing all the words. My best friend also loves this song and whenever it comes on we both sing along to it! I love the new songs but nothing Brendon puts out will be able to beat this song!

I am stuck on this song and constantly finding myself putting it on repeat. Its just so catchy and I like that it's so well sung in a style that couldn't suite the lyrics any other way! Honestly one of my favorites from Panic, and really think this song is underrated for the masterpiece it is.

4 Nine in the Afternoon Nine in the Afternoon Cover Art

If I didn't know what Brendon's voice sounded like, I would think this was by the Beatles. It is easily P!ATD's happiest song and it gives me the confidence to talk to my crush.

Okay, all though it's pretty funny that this song is in ninth place, regarding the title; this was the first song I have heard from Panic! At the Disco, and will always be my one and only favorite. Literally, I am obsessed with this song on so many levels. It deserves better.

I have listened to this song 10 billion times in a row on youtube and I still can not get over how catchy it is. It always puts me in a good mood when it comes up on pandora

So catchy! Best song from Panic At the Disco!
I can listen to this all the time however I'm feeling and I'll never get sick of it! Amazing!

5 Miss Jackson

"Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning? Out the back door, damn but I love her anyways. Climbing out the back door, didn't leave a mark, no one knows it's you miss Jackson. Found another victim but no one's gonna find miss Jackson." Should definitely be at least 2nd or 3rd. I could listen to this for HOURS.

Miss Jackson is the absolute best I've heard from Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! I've listened to it so much I even memorized the lyrics! It should be in the top 3 or something! :D My fave part is: "Way down til' the fire finally dies out, you got em' wrapped around your finger watch em' fall down, there's someting beautiful and tragic in the fallout lemme say it one more time! " Absolute best!

To be honest, I listened to Ballad of Mona Lisa and I Write Sins not Tragedies, but they sound the exact same. A good background and words almost drowned in it. I'm not saying it's bad, but this is much better. Catchier, and overall a better song to me. For someone getting into P! ATD I would recommend this song.

Been listening to these and have been rather disappointed for the most part. I like Build God then We'll Talk and I Write Sins not Tragedies.. but til I came across this one, I was afraid that would be it. Could definitely listen to this all day!

6 Emperor's New Clothes Emperor's New Clothes Cover Art

This is definitely one of my favorite P!ATD songs. It's so easy to get lost in the power of the chorus. The music video is a work of art.

Probably my #1 favourite off their new album. This got me into Panic! (I know I'm like a decade late but I didn't really listen to them before then). After I had a bit of a listen (like nonstop repeat for two weeks), I started to listen to their other songs from their other albums as well and have a new-found appreciation for this band. You can thank this song for a new Panic! fan.

HOLY CRAP this is my favorite song from the new album that they have released so far! Personally, I think Victorious is great, Hallelujah is good, Death Of A Bachelor is alright, and this song is AMAZING! I love the creepy element that they brought back from Vices and Virtues. And can we talk about that music video... WOW

One of the best off the new album for sure. Not a 100% HUGE fan of the album however this song is super cool. The way it's a followup to This Is Gospel (as far as music videos go) is so entertaining to me. Brendon is taking back the title Panic! At The Disco all for himself, and in this song he makes it clear he's not giving it up, or sharing it, anytime soon.

7 Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off Cover Art

Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls,
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close?
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls,
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close... Yeah

I didn't like this song at first, but it is definitely one of my favorites. Brendon sings with such passion and raw emotion that this song is just ear pleasure. The lyrics are incredible as well.

Love this song! It really depicts a scene of a teenage love affair and puts it into perspective that young boys look for easy girls and that a girl won't forget her first 'oh no no you know it will always just be me'

LOVE THIS SONG! The first time I heard it I totally fell in love with the.. Interesting lyrics and catchy flow of the song. Honestly... This is number one on my list

8 Death of a Bachelor Death of a Bachelor Cover Art

So catchy. I don't have a favourite but I didn't know barley any of the songs in the top ten besides I write sins not tragedies and this is gospel. I love it but that was already number one and numb r three.This song deserves to be higher! I think nay sing from the death of a bachelor album should be up including house of memories, emporers new clothes, and the entire band/ brendon is just amazing!

This song is beautiful and completely different than anything Panic has ever done. The catchy melody combined with the smooth band and Brendon's voice make for a great song. Influenced by Frank Sinatra, this song shows the how much Brendon and the band have grown in their 10 years.

Get ready, because this song is gonna take over your playlist and your life. Not only is the song meaningful and catchy, but that high note Brendon hits is gonna make you cry pitiful tears of joy over the fact you were born for this song and nothing else.

How is the not higher up?!?! Brendon's voice is perfection in this song, and the lyrics are amazing. I'm surprised a lot of the old songs are in the top 20. I think a lot are good, but the new stuff should also get some credit

9 Build God, Then We'll Talk Build God, Then We'll Talk Cover Art

This is BY FAR by favorite song by Panic!, and its also from my favorite album of all time. It's nothing like I've ever heard before. I could listen to this song on repeat for the rest of my life and I wouldn't ever get bored. It's seriously the best song I have ever listened to, and it will always be one of my all time favorites!

This should be number 4. I also think that nearly witches (ever since we met) should be on this list. I really like this song it has a good message about today's corrupt society. It should definitely be higher than lying is the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on. And come 2 think of it so should nine in the afternoon.

Everything about this song is amazing. The cello, the low pitched first verses, the bass, the cello… the story behind it, about a catholic virgin absolutely in need to get a job but in order to do so, she needs to sleep with her married employer, who's wife knows about this but she is just with him for the money, is brilliant. Absolutely genius. My favourite song of all times by far

Not only did this song teach at least 6 new words, but it's catchy and insightful. It shows how low some of societies standards and morals have fallen, while still giving people a song to listen to just for the heck of it. Truly one worth listening to.

10 Northern Downpour Northern Downpour Cover Art

This song gives me chills man. First time I listened to it, I may have shed a tear. It makes me think about life and how all things come to an end, but still can be very very beautiful. The lyrics and their meaning is incredible.

This song is one of my favorites from Panic!. Although I cry every time I listen to it, it reminds of when the original band (besides Brent) were still together. It's so beautiful, and amazing. My favorite line is "I know the world's a broken bone, but melt your headaches call it home". I'm already crying writing that. Nice job Panic on this song, it's easily one of your best.

My favorite Panic! song by far, it's so gorgeous and Ryan Ross's lovely (although sometimes confusing) lyrics just make you want to smile (and bawl your eyes out). It's such an intimate song, and you can just feel how important the song is to them every time they performed it. There's a reason that Brendon can't perform the song anymore: it reminds him of the good times before the band split.

Makes me cry every time but I love it
I went to the first panic! concert in the pretty. odd. era and I never expected this to be the song that would wreck my heart but after Ryan left, it destroyed me every time. I have seen them several times during each era but that was the best concert I have ever been to

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11 Time to Dance Time to Dance Cover Art

This is a song that comes in guns blazing, but never lets down during the course of three and a half minute run time. Despite this, the dynamics of the song are still present, creating these exciting moment throughout the track. Like the rest of their first record, lyrics are also a strong suit here.

My favorite from Fever :D Can I just say... There are so many songs from this album that are so much better than I Write Sins. I mean, it's a great song, but there are SO many other amazing songs from Fever that are really underrated-- like this song, Camisado, But it's Better if you Do, There's a Good Reason...They deserve as much recognition as I Write Sins gets.

This songs is amazing with a catchy beat and quirky lyrics. Perfect for jamming and yelling to the words, especially "Shotgun, wedding, shotgun wedding! " personally I love this song and am kind of shocked that its not in the top ten!

This song was always my favorite also first song I heard by panic! The lyrics are catchy and awesome, Brendon also said this was the first song he wrote with the band.

12 Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) Cover Art

I LOVE this song! I think that the lyrics "Get me out of my mind" and "I'm ready to go" really relate to me in some way! So far my most favorite song by P! ATD

This is a great song! I could listen to it for hours! It's way better than ballad of Mona Lisa so it should be a top song! Right along with I write sins not tragedies!

Best song. I loved this song since I first saw it. It's really surprising that this is #12, from my opinion, I would rate it #2 after I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.

This song is an amazing anthem to the struggles we all face within ourselves. How do we get away? Get me out of my mind! Don;t let me over think this all again right? love it

13 New Perspective

Literally makes me cry. It relates to me so so much on a personal level and makes me feel good about life, and wanting to have a fresh start, have a New Perspective.

It really shows, it's not too late to turn back now, and you can live life from a new perspective, not only by yourself but with friends also to help you on the road of life and living and just being you. If you could change the way you were why not listen to this song for some inspiration?

I adore this song. The first time I heard it I freaked, trying to find the name. It's absolute perfection, and it's better than I Write Sins, Not Tradegies, and that song is a masterpiece. I listen to this song all the time and it's on every single one of my playlists, and I have 46 of them. I put this on replay all the time. Seriously, listen to it if you haven't already. I love love love this song. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. Go, go, go, get out of here and listen to this song.

Oh, and did anyone catch the Of Monsters And Men references? No? Okay, then.

Seriously!? Even I wonder why this wasn't number 1! I mean, I adore their song 'I write sins not tragedies' but just the quality of the music in this song won me over! I just can't help but put it on repeat! Good job you guys, even with Jon and Ryan gone you two still wow me!

14 Victorious Victorious Cover Art

I nearly died trying to sing that note near the beginning after "tonight we are victorious, champagne pouring over us, all my friends we're glorious, tonight we are victorious" How brendon does it I have no idea. But this song is awesome.

I love this song. The vibe is cool like rocky. Definitely my top two or maybe favorite. The story of the video looks cool. I couldn't stop listening to it when I heard it.

One of their only singles ever realeased which is why I delayed to listen to it, but I regret that because that means a few less days that this song is in my life! it's a wonderful upbeat song about being a winner

Please put this in the top 5s no matter how epic Panic! At the Disco is! - The Ultimate Daredevil, planning to use this song in his movie "Super-Skilled Pupils"

15 The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage Cover Art

I absolutely love this song. It is my favorite song that Panic! At The Disco sings. I think it should be higher on the list. This is the type of song that just from the beginning wants to make you get up and pray you don't get whiplash. As soon as I hear the beat, my body just starts moving. It's really something else.

I just really don't support this list... These songs are ALL overrated and we should have more discreet songs like Northern Downpour, Girls/Girls/Boys, Death Of A Bachelor.. These songs are great, I agree, but these are all so over played so I would completely change this list around!

Every time I hear this song I think of the time we were at a trampoline park. We went to tell my mom we were going to the bathroom, and while we were walking, this song came on. And then when we got to the bathroom there was no music in there so we held the door open.

Personnally I listen to this song more than 20 times a day and I never get bored. It should be in the top 3 for the simple reason that lyrics and rhythm are magnificently combined. It has an electro part which changes from what we used to hear from P! ATD and this makes it among the best ones they've made.

16 But It's Better If You Do But It's Better If You Do Cover Art

...Honestly offended because this is the best song Panic! Previously has or ever WILL make. Every detail is beautiful, it has an entirely different sound than any other song on Fever. From the outro fade into I Write Sins & the altogether composition of the vocals & music. It could be a witty song, but also slightly sad in the lyrics and slow tempo that differs from many of Panic! 's other songs. The thought that Miss Jackson or Ready to Go are seen as better songs than this masterpiece... You don't have to vote for this as their best song, But It's Better If You Do.

This is like the best 4 minute soap opera ever! It appeals to both guys and girls. For the girls, there's the indescribably SEXY Brendon Urie (that's always a treat), and for the guys, well, the whole video is filled with strippers, so yeah. So how can this not be #1? It's the best song ever and the video appeals to EVERYONE! My only question left (other than " does Brendon and Ryan have to be so drop dead sexy? ") is why isn't this #1? Let's solve this problem now by voting for this song!

This is my second favourite song by Panic after The Ballad of Mona Lisa and I could write a hundred reasons why. Something about this song always clicked with me, I loved it from the start. The beat, vocals, and tone of the music really pull it together. Definitely too underrated.

This song is amazing! It's it has lots of contrast, not much repetition, and I love how the ending leads straight into I write sins not tragedies. I also love the steamy, provocative lyrics. You could say... It paints a pretty detailed picture in your head.

17 La Devotee La Devotee Cover Art

If this song were in a movie, it would definitely be during a car drive. This song is such an extraordinary mixture of everything P!ATD has done over the years.

The intro to this and Let's Kill Tonight are so similar so it's always a surprise when my music's on shuffle if it's going to be LA Devotee or Let's Kill Tonight. They're both awesome and energetic though.

This song is the best by far, "Swimming pools under desert skies" usually to me sounds like "sweaty balls under desert skies". Trust me youll hear it if you listen close enough. Its brings so much humor to the song!

Great energy and the lyrics paint a vivid image of the city. This song is so catchy that I can't help but scream the lyrics every time I listen to it.

18 Say Amen (Saturday Night) Say Amen (Saturday Night) Cover Art

This song is easily in my top five, although the music video is quite violent. Brendon's high notes astonish me.

When this came out I listened to it over and over again. This should DEFINITELY be in top ten!

Being basically being more of a backstory to Emperor's New Clothes and This Is The Gospel is pratically crowned it's self as the of the best songs P! atd has ever made!

Should be WAY higher, it's probably the best in the new album.

19 There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet Cover Art

First off, the piano in this song is beautiful. Then the lyrics start and you feel like you've walked through the doors to a fancy party. Singing this song makes you feel like causing trouble, and the chorus is so fun. Each line is another detail to the story. The whole album is Luke a soap opera, each song can be made into a Broadway show. Best Song EVER.

Probably one of the most creative songs by Panic! At the Disco. The long song title is just part of its charm, the piano and other instruments accompany the guitar and drums quite well, and the lyrics are just fun, cynical, hilarious, and unique. "Oh and the smokes in that cigarette box on the table just so happened to be laced... With... Nitroglycerin! "

Number 13? This is far better than any of the songs in the top 5 (Lying Is The Most Fun is a close second, though) It has beautiful lyrics, a beautiful beat, beautiful everything! The line "When you're dressed in black slacks with accentuating off-white pinstripes" is just incredible to listen to. The entire song is incredible to listen to!

How is I Write Sins Not Tragedies first? Why not this song? Its absolutely the best and deserves to be first or even second. Ever since I first heard it I instantly fell in love with it. I could randomly just blurt out all the lyrics because I've listened to it so many times. If someone even says "Please" I will start shouting this song.

20 Girls/Girls/Boys Girls/Girls/Boys Cover Art

Oh come on guys.! The video MAY be weird ( not in my opinion but hehe) but the song is very catchy and is great to learn on guitar.! "I never would've think that I would be caught in the way you got me~" That's a sweet cheesy line that one would say to their lover right.? I have to say this is #4 on my list after The Ballad of Mona Lisa

One of the first patd songs I ever heard, this song means something very special to me. I have no idea why I love this song so much. There's just something about it. Definitely my favorite.

Should be on top 10. It has a great beat, an AMAZING music video, is beautifully sung, and the best part is the message Brendon Urie is trying to send out.

So amazing and catchy! I really don't know how it isn't on of the top ten! Of course though I love all of the songs but this one is great.

21 Camisado Camisado Cover Art

Ryan Ross is a lyrical genius and really the song itself is incredibly sad however it comes across as upbeat and urgent. Which, it is urgent (the guy is dying and/or trying to die). The lyric in the verses "The apathy and urgency is that I thought I phoned in," just snags my attention. He's dying and isn't planning on making it, but he still phones in the hospital because even though he tells himself he wants to die, he saves himself. The guy is obsessed with attention because obviously he's done this sorta thing many times as told by the bridge, "You've earned your place atop the ICU's hall of fame; the camera caught you causing a commotion on the gurney again." That whole thing indicates he's done it before. I dunno. There's so many secrets in this song and it never fails to impress me.

Amazing song, it should be in top 5 but at least it's in the top ten! Totally one of their best songs! I'm from Greece, I love Panic! At The Disco and I would kill someone to see them live in Greece!

Sick song. Should totally be top 10. Sit back and relax people
"This is the scent of dead skin on a linoleum floor
This is the scent of quarantine wings in a hospital"
Amazing song doe

Perfectly sums up my best friend Kyle, who I sadly just found out he has a month left to live (Advance-Stage Thyroid Cancer. It can't be cured, he says). RIP Kyle, 1997-2014

22 High Hopes High Hopes Cover Art

The only reason people believe this should be lower because of the official video. But this song is good like heck.
1. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
2. This Is Gospel
3. High Hopes
4. The Ballad of Mona Lisa
5. Dying In LA

Ok, I'm sick and tired of this song. Pray for The Wicked has better songs on it like Dying in LA. He also has better albums like Death of a Bachelor and Vices & Virtues. Not my favourite song in the world.

Please God get this number 1. No offense to people who like I Write Sins Not Tragedies, but this song doesn't have cuss words like IWSNT does

I'm very surprised that this isn't even in the top 50 let alone the top 10. This seemed like a pretty popular song to me.

23 Far Too Young to Die Far Too Young to Die Cover Art

Dallon Weekes is an amazing lyricist and I love how simplistic yet really touching this song truly is. I think everyone can relate to this song sometime in their life. Plus, it's the perfect song for whatever mood you're on. It has multiple perspectives. It could be taken as a more sad song, or with its upbeat sound, could really put you in a good mood and get you dancin'

Just give this song a try and you will not regret it, great lyrics and great, weel, everything! Probably not their best, but many people visit this list to know great songs, and that's what I'm doing by voting on this one! :D

Don't know how this song is rated so far back. It's got amazing lyrics and tune, very catchy and you'll have it stuck in your head all day.

This song is so diverse and is lyrically and melodically amazing, it makes me happy and sad at the same time. it's such a price of art and it's just amazing

24 Nicotine Nicotine Cover Art

The lyrics make me think it's a break-up song, but it's so catchy It doesn't feel like that at all. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

The best part of this song is the opening. It feels light and happy at first, and then the guitar kicks in and any sense of that is instantly lost.

AGH this song is SO emotional and the ending of the video took me by surprise and had me CRYING like a baby.

Of the many songs they've written, Nicotine is honestly the best. I love it so much, and only wish for others to feel the same. I only wish that more people would dedicate themselves more to this band than they do now, instead of only listening to one song like "oh this is good" then leaving the others alone to rot. I truly believe that if they did that, this song would by far be further up this list.

25 Always Always Cover Art

The best love song I've ever heard... makes me think of the first time I fell in love. It warms my heart

This song is incredible and deserves to be in the top 5. It's so touching and easy to relate to. I really like how this isn't the typical punk rock that Panic at the Disco is so well known for, this song brings out their emotional side more than any other!

This is the best song ever, period. The lyrics and the melody is all so sweet and beautiful (with a touch of something pretty.odd. Love it.). I would immediately fall in love if a guy ever sung this to me.

This song is so beautiful can't put into words how amazing and just perfect this song is... I wouldn't even call this a song it's more like art. Even through I love all ( but 2 ) of there songs... This is defiantly one of the best.. !

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