Best Panic! At The Disco Songs

The Top Ten Best Panic! At The Disco Songs

1 I Write Sins Not Tragedies

"the poor groom's bride is a Whore! " laugh out loud that line ruled my brain!.

I LOVE THIS SONG! It was the first songs I heard of them and its so catchy " haven't you people ever heard of, closing the g****** door no! iTs much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality"

Love this song... nice lyrics, good music video, incredible performance.

In a interview Brendon got the question "if you had to choose one lyric to tattoo what would it be and where? " He answered

I'd probably put CLOSE THE damn DOOR just right across my ass ya know?


2 This Is Gospel

This song is absolutely amazing, the film clip as well! You can hear the emotion in Brenden's voice. The lyrics are beautifully written! I can relate to this song so much and it gets me emotional every time!

The absolute best song I have ever heard. I hadn't been keeping up with Panic! Since Pretty. Odd. Came out and just heard this the other day and it has caused me to listen to the entire album on repeat for a week!

This is definitely in my top five! The lyrics and video are very emotional. If there's one thing I've learned watching the video, it's that you should never let evil doctors take ropes out of your chest. Seriously though, this is a wonderful, inspiring song.

This is by far my favorite Panic! At The Disco song! The lyrics are so meaningful and amazing! I could listen to this song on repeat forever and I would still be screaming/singing all the words. My best friend also loves this song and whenever it comes on we both sing along to it! I love the new songs but nothing Brendon puts out will be able to beat this song!

3 The Ballad of Mona Lisa

One of their best for sure! Their lyrics are so imaginative. They've taught me so many words everytime I hear another song I learn another load of words. Panic at the disco taught me half my vocab.

Best Song I ever heard by the panic! At the disco. Man these dudes are really talented. The Lead Singer voice is amazing, I was seriously not the biggest fan of them but now I'm all in it

Amazing song! I'm one of those people who only listens to the first few seconds of a song before I judge it as good or bad... probably not a good thing to do... But anyway, I was blown away after listening to the entire thing! Makes sense that it's ranked #2! I expect it to stay in the top 3 for quite a while.

Its an amazing song! I've never heard anything so original and imaginative before. I first heard this song in 2012 and I'm still in love with it! Once you hear it for the first time you will become hooked. Brendon's voice is incredible and you will fall in love with this!

4 Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls,
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close?
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls,
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close... Yeah

WOah woah woah. Makes me feel like I wanna give someone a big f u. Ya know?

So testosterone bois and harlequin girls, will you dance to this beat will you hold a lover close

Amazing song that relates to teenagers!
It is super easy to like, especially if you have done something like that in the passengers seat! lol (:
I hardly listen to this music but this song I loved it! hehe

5 Nine in the Afternoon

So catchy! Best song from Panic At the Disco!
I can listen to this all the time however I'm feeling and I'll never get sick of it! Amazing!

Never getting tired of this song! Best song I have ever heard in my life! It's my favorite patd song!

This song does something awful to me. there's a sort of raw emotion in it, but it's in a major key, and thus a happier tone. best song.

this song captures the time you have with a loved one and is a great song this is my favorite panic! at the disco song this is the greatest bestest song and I love the lyrics "your eyes are the size of the moon" I love it so very much should be #1!

6 Emperor's New Clothes

HOLY CRAP this is my favorite song from the new album that they have released so far! Personally, I think Victorious is great, Hallelujah is good, Death Of A Bachelor is alright, and this song is AMAZING! I love the creepy element that they brought back from Vices and Virtues. And can we talk about that music video... WOW

This song has such a creepy vibe and relates back to the whole Vice and Virtues vibe; great performance by Urie too. Absolutely AMAZING.

It's cool how it's kind of a continue of the this is gospel video. It shows this spooky vibe that brings out why he's there. You would get what I mean if you've seen this is gospel. The first line matches this us gospel.

I absolutely LOVE this song. It is currently my favorite video to watch on YouTube. When I first heard about it, I was suspicious. I listened to it and immediately after, I bought it on iTunes. I am loving the whole Vice and Virtues vibe and the add on to the This is Gospel video SLAYS! Favorite song by them for sure!

7 Miss Jackson

Oh my god... It's like heaven on earth. Seriously, this should be number 2 or 3. So catchy! Can't get it out of my head!

Newest and best song by them... Not a typical rock pop song... Cool beat.. Cynical video

Been listening to these and have been rather disappointed for the most part. I like Build God then We'll Talk and I Write Sins not Tragedies.. but til I came across this one, I was afraid that would be it. Could definitely listen to this all day!

I love this song so much, I listen to it too much. I'll be on a chat on the ps4 and I'll have this song on... I think my friend hates me a bit for blasting it, but hIS EARS ARE NOW BLESSED!

8 Build God, Then We'll Talk

I love it because of the message it sends, and also the feel of the song. "No more raindrops on roses and girls and white dresses" just speaks to me. It's like saying there's not any more love left in the relationship, it's all physical.

This is BY FAR by favorite song by Panic!, and its also from my favorite album of all time. It's nothing like I've ever heard before. I could listen to this song on repeat for the rest of my life and I wouldn't ever get bored. It's seriously the best song I have ever listened to, and it will always be one of my all time favorites!

The best. Just the best. It has a story and Panic! tells it better than anyone ever could

This should be number 4. I also think that nearly witches (ever since we met) should be on this list. I really like this song it has a good message about today's corrupt society. It should definitely be higher than lying is the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on. And come 2 think of it so should nine in the afternoon.

9 Death of a Bachelor

I literally choreograph to this song whenever I hear it and no one can stop me

This deserves one! It's so dang catchy, and the high notes are AMAZING!

This song is beautiful and completely different than anything Panic has ever done. The catchy melody combined with the smooth band and Brendon's voice make for a great song. Influenced by Frank Sinatra, this song shows the how much Brendon and the band have grown in their 10 years.

Meaningful, shows Brendon's commitment to something bigger than his youth and his maturity compared to other celebrities, not to mention its incredibly beautiful. Amazing song.

10 New Perspective

Literally makes me cry. It relates to me so so much on a personal level and makes me feel good about life, and wanting to have a fresh start, have a New Perspective.

It really shows, it's not too late to turn back now, and you can live life from a new perspective, not only by yourself but with friends also to help you on the road of life and living and just being you. If you could change the way you were why not listen to this song for some inspiration?

I absolutely LOVE this song, the best!

Amazing song! Best Panic at the Disco song! Can't believe it's not #1. I could listen to this song all day and not get bored or sick of it! They need more songs like this for sure. Nothing bests this song! Not even I Write Sins Not Tragedies!

The Contenders

11 Northern Downpour

This song gives me chills man. First time I listened to it, I may have shed a tear. It makes me think about life and how all things come to an end, but still can be very very beautiful. The lyrics and their meaning is incredible.

I have bawled way too many times while listening to this song. It's my favorite and it's on my favorite album.

BEAUTIFUL. It's one of those songs that you've never heard of and end up loving until you get to know the artist - Json

The prettiest song I ever did hear. Extremely relaxing, at one point I had all the lyrics memorized. I still have the first one in my head, and probably will for a long time to come, its just that great of a song.

12 Time to Dance

Great lyrics and no repitition. This is the way a good song should sound. How is this not higher rated? I mean honestly this is probably on of the best songs they have written.

Fantastic. There's emotion, melody, drama: everything you could ask for. It's engaging and every line is different. Absolutely one of their best songs.

Amazing. Never get tired of this song! Listen to it all the time-the lyrics are perfect, the music is genius... How it this not in the top five, let alone the top ten?

This is a song that comes in guns blazing, but never lets down during the course of three and a half minute run time. Despite this, the dynamics of the song are still present, creating these exciting moment throughout the track. Like the rest of their first record, lyrics are also a strong suit here.

13 But It's Better If You Do

SO catchy, it captures the style of Fever perfectly and I love it.

This is like the best 4 minute soap opera ever! It appeals to both guys and girls. For the girls, there's the indescribably SEXY Brendon Urie (that's always a treat), and for the guys, well, the whole video is filled with strippers, so yeah. So how can this not be #1? It's the best song ever and the video appeals to EVERYONE! My only question left (other than " does Brendon and Ryan have to be so drop dead sexy? ") is why isn't this #1? Let's solve this problem now by voting for this song!

...Honestly offended because this is the best song Panic! Previously has or ever WILL make. Every detail is beautiful, it has an entirely different sound than any other song on Fever. From the outro fade into I Write Sins & the altogether composition of the vocals & music. It could be a witty song, but also slightly sad in the lyrics and slow tempo that differs from many of Panic! 's other songs. The thought that Miss Jackson or Ready to Go are seen as better songs than this masterpiece... You don't have to vote for this as their best song, But It's Better If You Do.

This is a song that you can listen to, and not know the band, and instantly love them, because this is how I started to love panic! At the disco. Definitely should be at least top 4. And it came along with a great music video.

14 Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)

Very underrated, totally my favorite together with IWSNT, Ballad Of Mona Lisa, Girls/Girls/Boys, Emperor's New Clothes and Casual Affair.

I LOVE this song! I think that the lyrics "Get me out of my mind" and "I'm ready to go" really relate to me in some way! So far my most favorite song by P! ATD

This is by far my favorite song ever! I could never get sick of listening to it. It makes me feel happier when I'm down!

This song gets me energized and ready to go in the mornings! It's so catchy, just as good as The Ballad of Mona Lisa!

15 The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage

Don't you just want to jump up and down screaming the lyrics to this song? You do, you do.

I really love this song! Take your time and really listen to it. I know that it keeps me up until 2 am singing into a hairbrush. It never gets old

I absolutely love this song. It is my favorite song that Panic! At The Disco sings. I think it should be higher on the list. This is the type of song that just from the beginning wants to make you get up and pray you don't get whiplash. As soon as I hear the beat, my body just starts moving. It's really something else.

I just really don't support this list... These songs are ALL overrated and we should have more discreet songs like Northern Downpour, Girls/Girls/Boys, Death Of A Bachelor.. These songs are great, I agree, but these are all so over played so I would completely change this list around!

16 Victorious

I nearly died trying to sing that note near the beginning after "tonight we are victorious, champagne pouring over us, all my friends we're glorious, tonight we are victorious" How brendon does it I have no idea. But this song is awesome.

I love this song. The vibe is cool like rocky. Definitely my top two or maybe favorite. The story of the video looks cool. I couldn't stop listening to it when I heard it.

Please put this in the top 5s no matter how epic Panic! At the Disco is! - The Ultimate Daredevil, planning to use this song in his movie "Super-Skilled Pupils"

Catchy and went to number one on iTunes chart within 2 days!

17 La Devotee

I have to be wary about this song because if I play it ill be singing/humming the lyrics the rest of the day

This is a really good song but they should put this song after emperor’s new clothes

The intro to this and Let's Kill Tonight are so similar so it's always a surprise when my music's on shuffle if it's going to be LA Devotee or Let's Kill Tonight. They're both awesome and energetic though.

Great energy and the lyrics paint a vivid image of the city. This song is so catchy that I can't help but scream the lyrics every time I listen to it.

18 Say Amen (Saturday Night)

When this came out I listened to it over and over again. This should DEFINITELY be in top ten!

Just heard it and I have to say that this is the best thing I've heard in quite a long while, Best song EVER

This song doesn't deserve this spot.

Should be WAY higher, it's probably the best in the new album.

19 There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet

Because Dwight sang it and its awesome! This song recreates the importance of screwing with everyone else and it is just plain to listen to. "Please leave all overcoats, canes, and top hats with the doorman, from that moment you'll be out of place and underdressed. "

Amaazing song, this should totally bee in the top 5, I don't know why its 10 becausee its one of the best songs Panic's ever written

How is I Write Sins Not Tragedies first? Why not this song? Its absolutely the best and deserves to be first or even second. Ever since I first heard it I instantly fell in love with it. I could randomly just blurt out all the lyrics because I've listened to it so many times. If someone even says "Please" I will start shouting this song. - panicdownthedisco

First off, the piano in this song is beautiful. Then the lyrics start and you feel like you've walked through the doors to a fancy party. Singing this song makes you feel like causing trouble, and the chorus is so fun. Each line is another detail to the story. The whole album is Luke a soap opera, each song can be made into a Broadway show. Best Song EVER.

20 Girls/Girls/Boys

Amazing, an anthem that wasn't meant to be one. My favourite panic! song of all time!

One of the best LGBTQ songs I've ever heard, as a bisexual, this speaks to me

LGBTQ songs at their finest! Its poppy and I just want to clap along!

Such a good song! Its not in the top 10 because it was only just released but it definitely deserves to be!

21 Camisado

Ryan Ross is a lyrical genius and really the song itself is incredibly sad however it comes across as upbeat and urgent. Which, it is urgent (the guy is dying and/or trying to die). The lyric in the verses "The apathy and urgency is that I thought I phoned in," just snags my attention. He's dying and isn't planning on making it, but he still phones in the hospital because even though he tells himself he wants to die, he saves himself. The guy is obsessed with attention because obviously he's done this sorta thing many times as told by the bridge, "You've earned your place atop the ICU's hall of fame; the camera caught you causing a commotion on the gurney again." That whole thing indicates he's done it before. I dunno. There's so many secrets in this song and it never fails to impress me.

"This is the scent of dead skin on a linoleum floor
This is the scent of quarantine wings in a hospital"

Amazing song, it should be in top 5 but at least it's in the top ten! Totally one of their best songs! I'm from Greece, I love Panic! At The Disco and I would kill someone to see them live in Greece!

Sick song. Should totally be top 10. Sit back and relax people
"This is the scent of dead skin on a linoleum floor
This is the scent of quarantine wings in a hospital"
Amazing song doe

22 High Hopes

The only reason people believe this should be lower because of the official video. But this song is good like heck.
1. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
2. This Is Gospel
3. High Hopes
4. The Ballad of Mona Lisa
5. Dying In LA

Please God get this number 1. No offense to people who like I Write Sins Not Tragedies, but this song doesn't have cuss words like IWSNT does

Ok, I'm sick and tired of this song. Pray for The Wicked has better songs on it like Dying in LA. He also has better albums like Death of a Bachelor and Vices & Virtues. Not my favourite song in the world.

This should be much higher, I get it it's a new song but it should be in the top 10 by the end of 2018. - NickelbackFans

23 Collar Full

Makes me smile and reflect my life. It's a great song if you ever wanna just lay down and look at the sky.

I really like this song it has everything a catchy chorus a nice verse and cool lyrics I also really like when he goes low on the vocals.

This is so amazingly catchy and gets stuck in my head a lot. I love it and listen to it every day after school. It's just that good.

I love the 80's groove to it and the guitar riffs towards the end.

24 Far Too Young to Die

This song somehow always manages to make me tear up. A true masterpiece, definitely 10/10!

I like it because it reminds of 80s synths combined with the dark sound of punk

This is my absolute favorite Panic! song hands down. Could listen to the haunting melody and dark lyrics played back by Brendon's vocals any day

Most underrated song by P! atd, this has to be the best song by them

25 Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time

Why is this so far down I literally have a line of this song tattooed on my lower back

Love the energy in this one! They even layer it with the riff from Rock Lobster which totally adds more to it- it's such an awesome song to get up and dance to!

How is this #49? It's beat is electric and that's you jumping left, right, up and down. It's lyrics are comical and lovable and catchy. How can you not love this song?

Love, love, LOVE this song! That Rock Lobster riff gives it such a cool vibe, yet it remains slightly dark. Should be top ten.

26 Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...)

This is a beautiful song! one of their few songs where the chorus is truly soulful, and he sings with his whole heart as if the song means the world to him which I really love. I'm sad that since they have 5 albums, they most likely wont ever play this song live again because of the popularity of their most recent songs :/

Easily the best way to finish off an album, one of the last songs written by Ryan Ross, it's amazing atmosphere throughout the song makes it to be a highlight from Vices & Virtues.

This is one of the most unique songs I've ever heard! Easily one of the best of their songs ever! This should be in the top two!

This is my all time favorite panic! Song.. how isn't it number 1? It's so good

27 Nicotine

AGH this song is SO emotional and the ending of the video took me by surprise and had me CRYING like a baby.

Of the many songs they've written, Nicotine is honestly the best. I love it so much, and only wish for others to feel the same. I only wish that more people would dedicate themselves more to this band than they do now, instead of only listening to one song like "oh this is good" then leaving the others alone to rot. I truly believe that if they did that, this song would by far be further up this list.

Are people insane? This song is magic. VOTE VOTE VOTE! Simply the best - Ark-M

Explains so much. I'm starting Love Panic! At The Disco once more. They so ' rock my whole world! :D

28 Always

The best love song I've ever heard... makes me think of the first time I fell in love. It warms my heart

This song is incredible and deserves to be in the top 5. It's so touching and easy to relate to. I really like how this isn't the typical punk rock that Panic at the Disco is so well known for, this song brings out their emotional side more than any other!

This is the best song ever, period. The lyrics and the melody is all so sweet and beautiful (with a touch of something pretty.odd. Love it.). I would immediately fall in love if a guy ever sung this to me.

This song is so beautiful can't put into words how amazing and just perfect this song is... I wouldn't even call this a song it's more like art. Even through I love all ( but 2 ) of there songs... This is defiantly one of the best.. !

29 The Calendar

Along with Memories, this song is so underrated and beautiful.

This was a really hard choice, considering how many other amazing songs they have, but The Calendar is easily one of their best, if not their best. It deserves to be in the top five, and definitely higher than I Write Sins Not Tragedies (which is only number one because it is the most popular. )

The lyrics are amazing, as are the vocals and instrumentals. Also, there are birds in the song. BIRDS. Birds are trapped in this song! How do you top that?

"They said if you don't let it out, you're gonna let it eat you away. I'd rather be a cannibal baby, animals like me don't talk anyway. "

"Asleep in the hive, I guess all the buzzing got to me. But I'm still alive, and at night your body is a symphony, and I'm conducting. "

This is actually a very good song from the new album, should be much higher! - FOB2012

One of the most underrated songs! I hate how I write sins is number 1 because its popular but great songs like this are further down the list. Vices and virtues is by far the best album

30 Hallelujah

Um anyone who has internet please fix this! I mean for god's sake ballad of mona lisa and I write sins not tragedies are only top because they're the only really popular ones, them and miss jackson

This is one of in my mind the top ten songs from Panic! at the Disco. It should be a lot closer to no. 5 than 35. It's newer than most of the songs in the top ten, now that I think about it all, but still it's one of their top songs in popularity. After not making songs in 2014, this song really picked up Brendon's standards by a lot because it was his first after Spencer left.

I love this. Brendon Urie's voice is beautiful in this song. It has to be in my top 3, along with Death of a Bachelor and Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time.

This song definitely deserves to be higher on the list. This song unites all who love music, the lyrics tell us to 'stand up sing hallelujah' and to forget about our worries.

31 That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)

Always been my favorite from "Pretty. Odd.", next to Northern Downpour & Behind the Sea, that being said, That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) is addicting, I've had it on repeat many times and it never gets old!

I Can't get enough of the structure, riff, singing and just about everything! In my opinion this is the best Panic song ever made and your crazy if you think otherwise!

This song HAS to be in top 5! It's one of the best of panic at the disco and the lyrics are unique and overwhelming

This song has helped me through a lot this past year. I love how I can always remember a song from a past Panic! Album that goes along with whatever I am dealing with!

32 Memories

The line "beautifully, depressing" is absolutely amazing, and makes me cry every time.

Panic!'s most underrated song because it is on one of the most underrated, overlooked albums of 21st century rock.

COMPLETELY depressing. Its about two young ones who fell in love and wanted a future together, but as time goes on and they struggle to make it in the world, their love for each other falls apart. Realistically depressing.

Love this one. Deep inside my heart. And some memories when I was a little kid

33 Behind the Sea

How is this not in the top 5? Ryan Ross has an AMAZING voice and should be credited for that. AND the purpose/content of the song just makes it THAT much better. - bailinickolecondra

This song is so similar to the Beatles, that my family have asked if it was. From the guitar, to the vocals, this song is close to perfect. The only part I don't like is the ending, it's just somewhat pointless

I love the fantasy story in the song and the fact that Ryan Ross is singing lead vocals, I love his voice and the entire atmosphere the song creates. Definitely one of my favorites off of my personal favorite panic! record, Pretty Odd.

Some of Ryan Ross' best work during his run with Panic! somewhat of a slow & slick beginning, to an amazing ending with the whole band singing together, truly some of their best work, only to be overlooked.

34 Golden Days

The song has a really nostalgic tone to it, and it all comes together with a powerful, raw chorus. One of the best songs from their new album, for sure!

This song is so amazing. Brendon's voice is so incredibly powerful, you can feel he poured his heart and soul into it.

This makes me really sad. It makes me think of the US. Watching leaves grow back onto the trees in the spring, feeling the warm sun in the summer, watch the leaves fall off in the autumn, and smelling the snow in the winter. This song is so sad and remids me of that - AnonymousChick

AMAZING vocals. Brendon has an amazing voice. Top 10.

35 London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines

Start talking a sensationalist, oh he's slightly clever to just a certain extent.
Keep quiet, let us sing like the doves, then decide if it's done with purpose or lack thereof.

Just for the record, the weather today, is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of:

A. Indifference
B. Disinterest in what the critics say.

Best lyrics ever!

No song from"Fever" should be this low on the list. It was the greatest album ever and that means every song went above and beyond. This album had so many remarkable lyrics that changed my life.

WHY IS THIS 22? THIS SONG CANNOT BE NUMBER 22! This song is awesome. Like, there really isn't much to say about it, but when you talk you MUST back your s* up. How can you not like this song?

Why the heck is this song 34?! This is one of my favourite songs from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.

36 House of Memories

I relate to this song so much. My life has done a one eighty, leaving behind all of the ones I love. Whenever I hear this song I wonder if I have a place in their house of memories.

Just super awesome, love the Danganronpa AMV on youtube that's put to this song

One of the best on Panic at the Disco's new album, and one of their best in general.

This song is so underrated! It is definitely one of their best songs, if not the best. I'm absolutely obsessed with this.

37 Dying in LA

Excuse me why is this one last? It's so meaningful and heartfelt, not to mention Brendon nearly cried while singing it. It's such a good song. It deserves better than last place.

And yes, I am fully aware that some songs didn't even come up on the list, but still. It deserves a higher place in our hearts than 76. It's honestly one of my favorites, which is saying a lot. I usually don't listen to slower songs, but this one is just amazing.

How is this not in the top 10? it’s literally their most beautiful song

Such a good song, and one of the best parts of the Pray for the Wicked tour. - Atham

All these hoes out here voting this song for last when it is a piece of ART. that's all I have to say

38 Crazy=Genius

Absolutely, positively, definitely, my favorite song yet! I love this one so much!

ABSOLUTELY the best song EVER! I couldn't get this out of my head for weeks, and I never get tired of it! Should at least be in the top 5!

How is this # 43? This is my most favorite song in the entire world! I think it should be at least in the top 5. The story is that Brenden's lover (probably his wife) finds him boring. I think it's wonderful, and I love the jazzy, swingy feel of it/ It's awesome!

Best song on the new album. Impossible year and House of memories are close contenders - SeandeLlama

39 Bohemian Rhapsody

The only cover of Bohemian Rhapsody that doesn't sound poorly. Urie KILLS this one!

It stays true to the original while still being different. I LOVE IT!

It's impossible to top queen but Brendon did an awesome job

This is a very good cover of this song - KingSlayer93316

40 Impossible Year

I've always kind of thought that this album is like a dramatic, amazing musical and I imagine in this part of the musical Brendon is walking through the rain singing to himself. I don't know I have a weird imagination.

This song is absolutely beautiful. Brendon's voice sounds incredible in it, and both the lyrics and melody are simple yet gorgeous. Should be higher on the list.

Such a beautiful song. Made me bawl my eyes out. I love his use of classical instruments, the lyrics always get me too. TOP 10!

Honestly this is the song that best showcases Brendon's voice. Truly astounding.

41 Pas de Cheval

Best song on Pretty Odd... even though Nine in the Afternoon was the first song I heard, this one is way better.


My favourite song on pretty. odd.

42 The End of All Things

It was his wedding vows that he wrote two days before said wedding. And it still makes me cry

This song is so beautiful. It talks about everlasting love and most songs these days only talk about sex and drugs. The piano playing is absolutely heart wrenching. This song is one of the best Panic! Songs I've ever heard.

This should be number 1. The End of all Things is one of the most beautiful songs that I know. I've never heard a song by them that even comes close to this one. - CourtneyM17

I struggle to listen to this one, simply becuse it makes me want to cry. It makes me sound awful, but I can understand why it is so low down in the list. It is a beautiful song, I'm not going to lie, but I personally find it difficult to listen to it. It is so full of emotion that it's somewhat hard to actually listen to it because you'll start crying.

43 She Had the World

It's the best it's different and a little quieter I love "I don't love you I'm just passing the time, you could love me if I knew how to lie" the lyrics are so touching

I just love how honest and undisguised the lyrics are. The warm sounding music contrasts with the sad story told in the lyrics.

So beautiful. Ryan's repeated solo in this is chilling.

I love this. I don't know the lyrics or who's singing which part, but I love it. - AnonymousChick

44 Casual Affair

Is not the best because is not so famous, but if you hear the live version could even cry...

What the hell. Casual Affair is by far the best song that panic! At the disco have come out with. How is it down here at 45!?

I don't understand why this is so far down the list. This is an absolutely ICONIC song! The beat is incredible and... I don't know what to say. It's just perfection.

My favourite song on this album it's incredible (in my opinion anyway) WHY DOES NOBODY TALK ABOUT THIS SONG?

45 The Good, the Bad and the Dirty

In my opinion, the best song on Death of a Bachelor. Really underrated.

It's one of my favorite songs tied with house of memories. Should be at least 5th.

This song is so underrated even I don't play it enough. I keep forgetting how incredible it is!

This song is okay. Defiantly not the best ever, but it is also not the worst

46 Bittersweet

I hate the fact that this song was the iTunes bonus song, it deserved to be on the album. I usually can't stand listening to iTunes quality songs, but this song is my main exception! It's a fantastic song and everyone needs to hear it!

This is probably one of my favorite songs in general and I wish it was on itunes

Its super catchy and I would totally allow it to be in top 5! I memorized it all

This is such a great song. Deserves to be higher its just such a jam

47 When the Day Met the Night

Why are all of the pretty. odd. songs SO FRICK-FRACKING UNDErrated. This song is beautiful and the lyrics are masterful.

This song is my favorite, it has such a wonderful message and the chorus is awesome. It's also a really good love song and I can't believe its not in the top 5. If you listen to it you will instantly fall in love. It reminds me of the Beatles and some P! ATD fans not like it, it's not much rock but it sure is an awesome song.

This song reminds me so much of someone and I to makes me a happy. Plus the lyrics are LOVELY! This and LA Devotee are my favorites

This song just makes me really happy every time I listen to it

48 Hurricane

I've always liked this song and it's so underrated compared to The Ballad Of Mona Lisa.

Hurricane is so good. it’s a bit low. The lyrics and the vibe of the music is just so good

Amazing Song, really underrated like the band itself, should be up there with the top ten by far, absolutely brilliant


I love this song so much it is extremely catchy I think it should be listed much higher than 26 it is definitely in my top 10

49 Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks

I cannot believe this song is 24! This is one of my favorite songs, it has so much meaning behind it. I mean poor RYRO this song was about his dad and his struggles with alcohol and the impact it had on his life. "The hospice is a relaxing weekend getaway where you're a cut above all the rest sick and sad patients on first name basis with all the top physicians. "
Great song, amazing lyrics, Brendon's Brilliant voice (he hits such high notes) what more could you ask for.

Holy mother of plop this song is so good ryan ross is a songwriting god and the drum part is lit

I can't believe this isn't higher up! It's SO good! Also listen to the demo version. Its way different, but also brillient! Vote, Vote, Vote!

This needs to be directly after I write sins not tragedies

50 This is Halloween

This song is amazing! BRENDON URIE'S VOICE! The meaning of the song is pretty damn clear too!

I love this song I have all of his mercy


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