Top 10 Best All Time Low Songs

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1 Weightless

Love this! It's an anthem of hope and empowerment. The lyrics, especially, "maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year," are just so deep and uplifting. The guitar work is amazing, and of course, the vocals are perfect too. This song sends such a strong message and is definitely one of ATL's best songs in their discography.

It sends a strong message about how you need to power through whatever life throws at you. If it's not your weekend, make it your year.

It also manages to have amazing instrumentation along with this message, which is difficult to achieve.

2 Dear Maria, Count Me In

The first song I heard by them was "A Love Like War." I found them through Pierce the Veil, my favorite band ever.

I liked "Weightless" a lot too, don't get me wrong, but this song literally killed me. Then I came back to life to write this.

This is the song that got so many people to become fans of this band. And it's about a stripper! All Time Low will never fail to impress.

This is the song ATL always has on their set list, no matter if a new album just came out! Should always be #1.

WHAT? It's not #1? OR NUMBER 2!? Come on, this song is so catchy with an original concept, amazing instruments, and signature vocals!

It never gets old and always reminds me of punk paradise.

3 Remembering Sunday

Ahh, my heart. This song, Remembering Sunday, in my opinion, has the best lyrics out of any song ATL has written. They're raw, soulful, and tell a beautiful, sad story of a one-sided love that's just not meant to be.

The soft acoustic guitar in the beginning elevates to louder electric guitar chords and near-flawless drums, fitting perfectly with the lyrics as the desperation in the song increases. You can hear the emotion in Alex's voice, and combined with Juliet's truly astounding vocals, it is a literal blessing to anyone's ears.

All these elements entwine to create what is probably ATL's finest work, and it is truly perfect.

4 Therapy

Why is this song not in the top spot? Anybody who thinks this isn't All Time Low's best song has simply not listened to it yet. The overall message of the song is amazing, the melody is phenomenal, and Alex has such powerful vocals on this song that I still feel like crying every time I listen to it. And yes, I'm sure I'm not alone.

This song is very emotional yet very beautiful. When I first listened to this song, I felt the urge to repeat it over and over again.

I played this song like 15 times, and my brother eventually got annoyed. I am really happy such a song exists.

5 A Love Like War

The guitar riff, drums, bass, and singing are all next level in this song. Vic and Alex complement each other so well that it almost made me cry.

The lyrics are also rad and appeal to the imagination.

This song is the one that I love. Vic's voice takes me to heaven, and Jack, oh god, he is so hot when he sings.

Anytime I've heard this song, I was like, "Oh God! My mind is lost in this music!"

The first song I listened to by All Time Low, and it got me into the band. That was about two years ago, and it is still my favorite song by them.

6 Time-Bomb

I actually love this song, although I'm not sure it's better than Damned If I Do Ya, Weightless, or Dear Maria Count Me In.

I think people give Dirty Work way too much criticism, though, because it's actually not a bad album.

To me, this one's the second best on this list, right after I Feel Like Dancing. Why aren't Backseat Serenade and Somewhere in Neverland on here?

For me, those are the top 1 and 2, then I Feel Like Dancing perhaps in the number 3 spot.

This is FAR better than I Feel Like Dancin, or as I like to call it, "I Feel Like Selling Out." This actually sounds like it could have been on So Wrong It's Right or Nothing Personal.

It fits in well. Top 5.

7 Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)

This is a great song, and the lyrics are sexy. Definitely ATL's best song yet, and my most played ATL song on my iPod. It should be at the top of the list!

I'm in love with All Time Low and also this song. I'm always listening to it. It is very catchy, and you just want to keep listening.


Can't choose between this and Lost in Stereo. Both are fantastic songs and deserve to be higher on the list.

8 Somewhere in Neverland

This is a very underrated song by them. I mean, just look at the lyrics. They're so relatable and sometimes make me want to escape from this life.

Also, the music video had an extremely low budget.

This is easily the best All Time Low song. It's ridiculous that it's not even in the top 10. I expected it to be #1, but at least in the top 3.

It has great use of vocals and somewhat powerful guitar.

This is one of my favorite songs by ATL. Not only because of the actual song's instrumental but also because of the lyrics, which are all about escaping adult responsibilities.

9 Break Your Little Heart

This is such an awesome song. The guitar in this is pretty sweet. This song should be in the top 5, although the lyrics could have been better.

I think this is All Time Low's most underrated song and deserves to be in the top 10 of the top 100 charts. This song got me to like All Time Low. It's an awesome song, right on! ATL.

This song is so well-rounded when it comes to both lyrics and instruments. It's a must-have for any Hustler because of its catchy chorus, among other things.

This song is full of emotion, along with amazing instrumentals. By far the most meaningful song they have written. Just ask any Hustler.

10 Lost in Stereo

This is their catchiest and most rocking song, in my opinion. The chorus is excellent, with the thundering guitars in the background.

Better than Weightless.

This is my favorite song by All Time Low. I love the lyrics to this song, and I love to listen to it because it is upbeat for a rock song.

The chorus is great, and I think it should be first on this list.

I'm constantly lost in this song (no pun intended). Definitely one of the best songs because it's upbeat and great to sing along to.

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11 For Baltimore

I'm mildly annoyed that this song isn't even in the Top 10. Alex has very few other songs where he sounds so emotional and has this much range.

The lyrics are sweet and many can relate.

This is my favorite ATL song! It's so underrated. I feel something to do with the music and lyrics sounds like you're fighting for something that's always out of reach, even if it isn't the song's message.

It's love at first listen. This song is the definition of perfect.

The beginning is so amazing and oddly addictive to listen to, and the beat quickly changes into possibly the BEST ATL SONG.

12 Jasey Rae

Jasey has lyrics that are easy to get lost in, and both the original and acoustic versions of this song just make you want Alex to sing you to sleep.

It's easy to find comfort in how mellow and beautiful this song can be, and it has a special charm that no other song can compare to.

Honestly, this song and Coffee Shop Soundtrack should be at the top because their lyrics are so captivating.

I love Jasey and Coffee Shop. Sure, it's their old stuff, but if you ever want to really get into a band, always start with their old stuff, then their newer stuff.

13 Backseat Serenade

"Backseat serenade, dizzy hurricanes, oh, God, I'm sick of sleeping alone." The lyrics, especially the chorus, are masterfully written. Cassadee's subtle vocals fit perfectly in the song and elevate the whole experience. And Alex... oh God, Alex. His voice is just astounding in this song. Jack and Zack did an amazing job on the guitar, and while Rian is a little in the background in this one, the drumwork is great. All this combined makes a catchy, irresistible hit that is impossible not to put on loop. And why is this not ranked higher?!

14 Outlines

Ridiculously good lyrics, amazingly amazing vocals, pretty much an all-around gem. If you haven't listened to this already, do it now.

The gods of good music command you.

This may be my favorite song by them. This has the thing that makes all ATL songs amazing, and also Patrick Stump worked with them to make this.

Had me from "I'll be the new kid on an old block. The chalk outline on a playground blacktop."

15 Walls

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's so sweet and easy to relate to.

It always puts me in a good mood when I feel sad. I love it.

16 Something's Gotta Give

The instruments in this are so loud and good. It really sticks with you, causing me to play it on repeat.

My first song that I heard from them. I love the video. Alex's voice is perfect. The chorus is so good.

Not only is it an amazing song, but the music video is also great.

17 The Reckless and the Brave

This song is incredible, and it's my favorite by them, probably because "Don't Panic: It's Longer Now!" is my favorite album ever. But also because it's just so catchy and perfectly describes my life. Everyone who has ever felt like an "outcast" can relate to the lyrics. It just makes me want to punch everyone in the face, spit on everyone's face, and just run away to live my wildest dreams with my friends!

My favorite All Time Low song, hands down. Beautiful lyrics, empowering story, and beautiful music!

18 I Feel Like Dancin'

This song is one of their catchiest songs yet! It is impossible to listen to this song and not sing along and dance.

One word: amazing.

I love this song. Probably one of the best All Time Low songs yet.

Can't wait for more like this one to come out.

Turns out Alex Gaskarth doesn't like this song. He thinks it was a flop and he could've made it better before they played the demo.

19 A Daydream Away

This song is really good. It also has an amazing meaning. The words are really sweet too. You're just a daydream away, I wouldn't know what to say if I had you. And I'll keep you a daydream away, just watch from a safe place, so I never have to lose. I could listen to this song a million times and never get tired of it. It definitely deserves to be number one. Keep voting, people!

I can't believe this song is #17. It's nothing like the rest of their songs. It has amazing meaning.

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I still don't get why this song can't be at least in the top 10.

This is totally worth listening to, and yeah, I'm crazy about it.

20 Coffee Shop Soundtrack

This song should be way higher. Songs like Time Bomb, Break Your Little Heart, and Lost in Stereo should not even be on this list. The only ones in this top ten that most definitely deserve a spot are Remembering Sunday and Dear Maria.

This song and Jasey Rae should not even be questioned for being in the top 3, as they have incredible lyrics and structures. They are unique and embody what All Time Low should sound like. I really hope they did not choose to do all those new 'poppier' songs because if that's the route they are going to take with their music and capabilities, I am out.

21 Oh, Calamity!

This was a really good song for the reissue. One I listen to more than songs that made the album the first time.

This is an amazing song that's very underrated. I'm really surprised it doesn't get more love.

I have no idea why this song is so underrated.

22 Paint You Wings

I feel like this doesn't get enough credit. It's probably my favorite All Time Low song!

This song is pretty awesome! It should be at least in the Top 3, or maybe even 5!

I can't believe it. This song is by far one of the catchiest and has a great meaning. It's so cool because the meanings change for every person, and Alex's voice gives me chills.

23 Six Feet Under the Stars

This song is so amazing! It's so pretty, sweet, and cute. Alex is an amazing singer, and he's great at writing lyrics.

It helps to have the best band in the world. This is by far their best song, probably followed by My Only One for me.

One of my favorite ATL songs. I'm listening to it right now! It's absolutely beautiful, and the acoustic version is even better!

I will always love this song. It's so special and perfect. Alex sounds so great in this one.

Dude, this is No. 1. This list is definitely screwed up. I like Weightless, but it's definitely not No. 2 worthy. It should be this or Dear Maria!

24 The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver

Amazing. The lyrics are a masterpiece in themselves, but combined with Alex's voice, just amazing.

This song should be in the top 20 at least! Come on, the lyrics are catchy, and anyone could easily relate to it. We've all had that someone (be it an ex, backstabber friend, or enemy) who only desires to see us at our worst. I swear this song is simply awesome and severely underrated. Listen to it, you won't be disappointed.

Really? This song needs more credit!

25 If These Sheets Were States

This is so underrated, it's not even funny. Come on! The lyrics compare a long-distance relationship to a bed. It mentions feather down pillows, memory foam, sheets. Now that's deep. The chorus makes you want to scream the lyrics aloud, the guitar is just flawless, and Alex's vocals are at their finest. Love this!

I legitimately cry when I listen to this song. It's amazing!

Don't get why this is so low! It's a really catchy song!

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