Top 10 Best Cobra Starship Songs

Picture yourself in a pulsing nightclub, your heartbeat matching the bass, strobe lights flashing, and Cobra Starship's infectious tunes providing the perfect soundtrack to the night. This American band, with their fun, electric blend of pop, punk, and dance music, definitely know how to make a scene.

Are you one of the fans who instantly hit the dance floor when "You Make Me Feel..." comes on, or do you have a soft spot for the irreverent humor of "Good Girls Go Bad"? Maybe you're one of those who appreciate the storytelling in "Guilty Pleasure," or enjoy the catchy hooks and fun beat of "Hot Mess." No matter your preference, it's hard to deny the band's ability to craft hits that stick with you long after the last note has played.

Now it's your turn to help create an epic playlist of Cobra Starship's best songs. Whether you're a longtime fan who's been following the band from their first hit or a newcomer who just discovered them, your vote counts.

In the end, it's not just about the songs that topped the charts, but the ones that spoke to you, made you dance, or provided the backdrop to memorable moments in your life.
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1 You Make Me Feel...

It's depressing to see how mainstream cobra starship has turned out. They used to be so good and unique...

In my opinion this is one of their worst songs, next to Good Girls Go Bad. There are so many songs below this one on this list that deserve this position. I don't even see "Your Not In On The Joke" on this list, and that is probably my favourite song by them!

This is an absolute awesome, spellbound song. If you listen to it one time you won't feel like stopping because it's just simply hypnotizing. This is crazy and wonderful, amazing. People will get obsessed if they hear this beautiful, fun song with a fast beat and lovely voices. I love you Cobra Starship! Make songs like this!

2 Good Girls Go Bad

It's a good song but that idiot Leighton Meester ruined the song!

Awesome song.. I can't stop listening to it

3 Guilty Pleasure

Amazing song. Can I just say, Good Girls Go Bad is not even that great of a song. You guys need to stop listening to only the mainstream songs and actually listen to the rest of a band's songs, because they are really good.

A million times better than the over played song good girls go bad. The official representation of Cobra Starships abilities!

Best Cobra Starship song, Good Girls Go Bad is the worst song that they've made.

4 Kiss My Sass

Love the intro. Fantastic song. Period.

... At first I hated it, thinking:

"Maan, this song sucks -- worst CS song EVER. "

... But then I listened to it. It was so catchy.
Now, it's probably my most favorite song from them.
Great for dances and parties. Very upbeat.

Viva la Cobra!

5 One Day Robots Will Cry

I listen to cobra for nice happy dance music and when I first listened to this I cried

6 Hot Mess

This is the catchiest song ever.. I just want someone who is a "hot mess"
You're a hot mess and I'm falling for you...

7 Living in the Sky with Diamonds
8 Middle Finger

The very best song of cobra starship! Listen to it and tell which is the best! You will vote for it!

Come on Everybody, It has Mac Miller in it, he makes it better
You know!

9 Fold Your Hands Child
10 Snakes On a Plane (Bring It)

Seriously there best song. I can't stand what they sound like now. Do they even have any other songs that sound similar other then the city is at war?

By far their best song! Awesome music video too! I'm so addicted to this song.

This is the song that stared it all. Give Respect

The Contenders
11 The Kids are All F***** Up
12 The World Has Its Shine (But I Would Drop It On a Dime)

Although I love almost all their songs (NOT You Make me Feel) this is definitely the best. So cute Great song. Okay now I'm just typing to get minimum quality... Here we go anyways get this song!

An underrated song underneath all this newer chavvy crap. I prefer their older style to be completely honest.

13 The City is at War

I love this song. The lyrics are catchy and I just can't stop listening to it.
One of my favourite songs.

14 I Kissed a Boy
15 #1Nite

Should be in top 10. The music is amazing

16 Angie
17 Send My Love to the Dancefloor, I'll See You In Hell

Awesome song. It stucked on my head. I mean literally. Catchy music.

18 Smile for the Paparazzi

This song for the win. A lot of different styles included from Spanish to rock to straight-up beat-boxing. Fantastic stuff!

This song is BAD ASS. it gets you pumped up and you can still sing and dance to it. that is an amazing quality to find in a song. And its absolutely phenomenal live.

19 Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous

This is an example of a great song. Not the mainstream songs like You Make Me Feel and Good Girls Gone Band. Stop listening to those mainstream crap and appreciate what the should be. Awesome title also.

20 The Church of Hot Addiction
21 Never Been in Love
22 Awww Dip

This song isn't known by many people. It only played in some ninja turtles movie, so many people pay no mind to it, but it's definitely one of their best songs!

23 Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk (Scandalous)
24 Bring It (Snakes On a Plane)
25 Fool Like Me
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