Top 10 Tamil Actors of the 1980s

Tamil cinema in the '80s was a golden era defined by a list of unforgettable actors who graced the silver screen and shaped the trajectory of Indian cinema. This was the period when Tamil cinema began to mature, gradually transitioning from the black and white melodramas of yore to more realistic and relatable narratives, making way for a new generation of actors.

In the '80s, Tamil cinema was filled with a broad range of actors, from those who wore their hearts on their sleeves to the ones who sent chills down your spine with their antagonistic roles. We've got dramatic actors who brought intensity and passion to every scene, comic actors who made us roll on the floor laughing, and those who were masterful in blending both drama and comedy. And of course, let's not forget the action heroes who brought larger-than-life characters to life.

What about the heartthrobs of the era who had us swooning with their charming good looks and mesmerising on-screen presence, or the charismatic ladies' men who were skilled at capturing the subtle nuances of romance? Then, we had the character actors, those wonderful people who could fit into any role and make it believable, even if it meant playing the villain, a doting father, or a trusted friend.

Now, who amongst these fabulous actors do you believe should be hailed as the cream of the crop? Remember, we're not just talking about their on-screen charisma or their star power, but also their ability to bring a character to life and make the audience feel a range of emotions.

This isn't about rankings, box office numbers, or awards won, but about celebrating the diverse talent that graced the Tamil screens in the 1980s. It's about appreciating the hard work and the heart they put into their roles, regardless of whether they were leads, supporting roles, or even cameos. It's about recognizing the performances that touched our hearts, made us laugh, cry, or sit on the edge of our seats in suspense.
The Top Ten
1 Rajinikanth Shivaji Rao Gaekwad better known by his stage name Rajinikanth (born 12 December 1950) is an Indian Tamil film actor and is considered as Super Star of Kollywood after M. G. Ramachandran. After earning ₹26 crore (equivalent to ₹55 crore or US$8.2 million in 2016) for his role in Sivaji (2007), he... read more

We all will turn into ash but Thalaivar will live forever as he would entertain everyone in digital form. Thalaivar is forever, the only one the super one.

He was ruling Tamil Film Industry (Kollywood), during this age. He gave many Blockbusters Pokkiri Raja, Murattu Kalai, Thanikattu Raja, Thillu Mullu... Raja Chinna Roja...

Raja Chinna Roja was first Indian Film to feature Live action and animation.

In 1988, he acted in an American Film "Blood stone", as an Indian Taxi Driver.
His 100 th Film Ragavendra also came during this period. It was said that he gave 26 films of a continuous Hits.

He is still Top... !

2 Kamal Hassan Kamal Haasan (born as Parthasarathi on 7 November 1954) is a Tamil actor, Film director, screenwriter, producer, playback singer and lyricist who works primarily in Tamil cinema. Kamal has won awards including three National Film Awards, the second-most by any Indian actor, and nineteen Filmfare Awards... read more

During this period, he was next to Rajinikanth. There was a huge fan following for both Rajini and Kamal.

He gave many hits such as Varumaiyin Niram Siggapu and Moondram Pirai, which were super hits.

He made his Bollywood debut in "Ek Duje Ke Liye" during this period, which was a big success. Later, he appeared in Raj Tilak's "Sagar," which earned him a Filmfare award for Best Supporting Actor.

In 1989, he starred in the mega-hit movie "Apoorva Sagodharargal."

3 Mohan

Mohan was known as the "Chocolate Boy" of 1980. He had a very huge fan base in Tamil Nadu. He was also known as Mike Mohan due to his appearance in movies.

The 1980s were considered the "Mohan Period" in the Tamil Film Industry, thanks to Ilayaraja and SPB.

During this period, three of Mohan's films were released simultaneously and became blockbusters.

In 1982, he received the Filmfare Award for "Payanagal Mudivathilai." Out of his 83 films, 61 were hits.

He was called the "Silver Jubilee Star" because all his movies had fantastic runs. He gave many hits such as "Payanangal Mudivathilai," "Mella Thirantha Kathavu," "Mouna Ragam," "Nooravathu Naal," and so on.

However, his movie "Uruvam," released in 1991, marked the decline of "The Mohan Phenomenon," and soon he faded away.

4 Ramarajan

My favorite actor in Tamil cinema. I like his attitude. He doesn't smoke. doesn't drink. He acts as the real gentleman. He doesn't dance and fight like other heroes but, he he does his actions and love scenes very attractively.

5 Vijayakanth
6 Bhagyaraj
7 Karthik Murali Karthikeyan Muthuraman (born 13 September 1960), best known by stage name Karthik, is an Indian film actor, playback singer and politician. He is the son of actor R. Muthuraman. He has also appeared in some Telugu films. Karthik has been the recipient of the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards and the... read more
8 Prabhu
9 Sathyaraj Sathyaraj is an Indian film actor, producer, director, media personality and a former politician who has predominantly appeared in Tamil films.
10 Sivaji Ganesan Villupuram Chinnaiya Pillai Manrayar Ganesamoorthy, better known by his stage name Sivaji Ganesan, (1 October 1928 – 21 July 2001) was an Indian Tamil actor and producer. He was titled as "Nadigar Thilagam", In a career that spanned close to five decades, he had acted 288 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada,... read more

Sivaji Ganesan in 1980, was not as he was in MGR Peroids. He did more Matured Roles. He acted in Films like Rishi Moolam, Yemanukku Yeman & Chiranjeevi.

In 1985, He gave a Blockbuster "Mudhal Mariyadhai", directed by Bharathi Raja. He got awards and credits for the Movie.

Later he appeared in two 1990 Block busters Kamal's Devar Magan & Rajinikanth's "Paddayappa"

An unparalleled inborn actor in the world.

The Contenders
11 Arjun
12 Shiva Kumar
13 Suresh
14 Goundamani
15 T. Rajendar
16 Pratap K. Pothen
17 Pandiyan
18 Ramki
19 Senthil
20 Soori
21 R. Dilip
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