Top Ten Strongest Creepypasta Characters

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1 Slender Man The Slender Man is a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen

Slender Man, definitely deserves 3 or 2 place... this creature is the most awful thing in the world! Let me show you why! His powers, his powers are almost so strong, no one can kill him! Let's see, here are all of his powers and abilities: Slender Walking, camouflage, mind control, impersonation, tentacles or limbs, selective visibility, fire, mutilation, sickness (sicks people), weather/day control, telepathy, pain reduction/prolonging death, Slender sense, he can also rip your heart out by putting his long, skinny, bony, fingers into your throat, and teleportation. Me: "Oh HECK no! ". He also cannot die, being immortal is such a powerful thing! Now, let's go on to the other reason why he deserves such a high place, his appearance (this does not do anything with the most powerful). He is very tall, being at least 6 feet to 15 feet high, he has a white face with nothing on it, just a white face, he has a tuxedo suit on, grey or black, his neck-tie is either red or black. He has long, bony skinny fingers. He is actually one of the most powerful, I'm just a little disappointed that he was in 4th place.

2 Eyeless Jack

Unknown true strength, but in some stories, he killed an entire cult of about 150 odd people. Slaughtered all of them, and seeing as he has a ravaging hunger for organs, as I see it, he should deserve a much higher position on this list.

He's strong, powerful, and smart. Eyeless Jack is not to be reckoned with. If you escape him with two kidneys, you're one of the very few lucky people. Plus, he's attractive!

I cannot tell you how many fanfics I have read or written. I just can't. He is my bae! He has bunches of stealth, and after he kills you, he eats your kidneys, bro! Besides, he's hot and should be in the top 3!

3 Ticci Toby

Toby is super cool and my favorite because of his abilities. Those bullies suck. And I hate everyone who says Toby isn't as powerful as he is. I'm not a fangirl, but he's my all-time favorite. He also scares me.

If I saw any Creepypasta, I'd run away screaming just because of how scary, ruthless, and aggressive they are. But still, they are all (mostly Toby though) my idols and sort of role models.

Born with many birth defects, including Tourette's Syndrome, and a disease that allows him to be completely numb to pain, Toby is without doubt one of the stronger Creepypasta characters, but not the most powerful, being he's still mortal.

4 The Doctor
5 Hoodie

He's my favorite, and he's also very funny in comics, at least that's my opinion.

I like his story, and I've watched Marble Hornets. I'm being him for Halloween.

6 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

Jeff is one of the scariest creepypastas in the world. He burned his own hair and carved a smile on his face. He is the most protected killer. Before he was Jeff the Killer, he was Jeffrey Woods. His brother, Homicidal Liu, was fighting back from his brother wanting to kill him. He is the strongest one there is. Not even Slenderman could kill him. I saw the battles.

Jeff the Killer killed over 300 people in three months before Slender Man found him. Even though he found Jeff, he didn't win the fight because Jeff still got away. Jeff the Killer also killed Jane the Killer after he killed her parents.

He killed his own parents and almost killed Liu, his own brother. But Liu fought back. Jeff also was the one who put an end to Mr. Creepypasta, which makes him immortal. I should know, I was at the party...

7 Sonic.exe Sonic EXE., also known as Sonic exe, is an alleged cursed version and format of the classic game Sonic The Hedgehog. The original story is about a teenage boy named Tommy or simply Tom who suffers supernatural delusions and hallucinations.

In my opinion, I believe Sonic.EXE is more powerful than Zalgo and Slender Man combined. He has teleportation, levitation, mind control, and manipulation. He also can lift people (like the Force from Star Wars) and fling them with the flick of his finger. Sonic.EXE also has powers similar to BEN DROWNED.

Since he is originally from a disc (or some would say a computer), he is considered a "glitch" and can tamper with modern technology like destroying files and even breaking down computers with hacking. He can also infiltrate dreams (I believe) and make people go insane from nightmares! Overall, my facts may be wrong from what the creator of the pasta has to say, but this is my opinion, and I think this Creepypasta should have a higher spot on this list.

8 Zalgo Zalgo is an Internet legend about an ominous entity believed to cause insanity, death and destruction of the world, similar to the creature Cthulhu created by H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920s. Zalgo is often associated with scrambled text on webpages and photos of people whose eyes and mouth have been covered... read more

Zalgo deserves to be number one. Not only is he a scary person, but he has the ability to speak through his seventh mouth at any moment, which would end the world. Though more badass than scary in appearance, you still would lose it if you saw that thing. Oh, almost forgot, he's literally SATAN.

Bruh, why is Zalgo not number 1 and how in the hell is Jeff the Killer more powerful than ZALGO? You guys are literally saying that a creepy kid is more powerful than Satan himself. He honestly destroys everybody on this list. All the dude has to do is sing the 7th song and the universe is destroyed.

9 Ben Drowned BEN Drowned is a creepypasta character created by Jadusable. BEN is said to have died by drowing and haunts a Majora's Mask cartridge.

He can teleport, kill people, hack people's computers, and wear the Fierce Deity Mask, the strongest mask there is! Yes, he does have his weaknesses: water, video games, girls, and anything else perverted. But he also has his strengths: fire, computers, the Fierce Deity Mask, and his Ocarina of Time.

Ben is a ghost, so he's already dead. He can't really be killed. So he's not the strongest, but he is strong.

Everyone loves the internet, I mean, come on! We're always on it! He could be out there right now. I took a Creepypasta test on my personality, and I'm Ben, apparently.

10 Laughing Jack Laughing Jack is the titular main antagonist of the Creepypasta story of the same name. He is a sadistic killer clown who was originally an imaginary friend to a little boy. That is until the boy forgot about him. Follow his story through being made, forgotten, and becoming a sadistic killer clown,... read more

To me, Laughing Jack is one of my favorite Creepypasta along with most of the boys. But I've never been scared of clowns, though Laughing Jack is a clown. He's made me like clowns even more than fearing them and hating them.

Laughing Jack takes this without question. He has magical powers, reality-warping powers, and I think he's nearly immortal if not completely immortal. Not to mention he's unpredictable.

She shows up in kids' dreams, kills them. Extremely scary for kids. She's not that scary to me. I'm not scared of clowns.

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11 Smile Dog "Smile Dog" is a story about a cursed image file. The image shows a large German Shepard or Husky dog that is smiling.

He's so creepy but let's be honest, we can never find a dog different animals in creepypasta just melt my heart and I automatically am not scared but if we were actually talking, Smile Dog over here is a killing machine!

I would say Smile Dog should win. My reason is that he is a killer machine. Yet, he is a good dog. Just look at that smile!

Smile Dog can kill you just for not sharing his picture. It is a terrifying thing. It is the only Creepypasta to scare me. Also, its powers' extent is not fully known, so it might be capable of more than we know.

12 Glitchy Red

I don't think he's scary either because he's mostly about hypnosis and Pokemon. On the other hand, he's still about Pokemon, so why not.

13 The Rake

The Rake is one of the most horrifying Creepypastas there is. He has the ability to do so much more than what a Smile Dog is. He can track prey from miles away.

He was, I think, my first pasta. I found out about him when I was like 5, and Slender when I was 10, and Jeff when I was 11, and finally L.J. when I was 12.

14 Till

Everyone saying Zalgo should be number one despite that Till is stronger than Zalgo since in his creepypasta it is explained that Zalgo is fear in person so Till could easily devour Zalgo. He literally solos everyone on this list.

15 Mr. Widemouth
16 Jane the Killer Jane the killer is the main character of the creepypasta story Jane the Killer: The real Story. She is know to be a rival to the creepypasta Jeff the Killer.

She is very VERY amazing. Sorry, um, so yeah, she could have your back all the time, well sometimes, because she wants revenge on Jeff. But I would say she would protect you from Jeff, and she is great to hang out with.

Power can come in many ways. Jane's power comes through revenge.

I don't really like her as she holds such a useless grudge towards Jeff.

17 Herobrine Herobrine (Pronounced HEH-roh-bryn) is the subject of a community-made creepypasta. He is one of the major community icons of Minecraft, yet Herobrine has not been present in any version of Minecraft... read more

Well, he can't be compared. All I can say is if he were in creepypastas and not Minecraft, then he would clearly rule. He can beat Slenderman too with ease. (Bonus fact: some theories suggest that Herobrine is not a villain but is trapped by Null, another entity, and it's evil and makes Herobrine look like he does evil things).

I know he isn't scary at all, but he could possibly kill 100 ENDER dragons at once.

Well, in my opinion, besides Slenderman, he is the best creepypasta.

18 Clockwork

She broke out of hospital restraints, killed a doctor with a bed, dodged two bullets then killed two cops, escaped the hospital, went home, and killed her mother, father, and brother before making her escape... yeah, she's pretty strong.

Clockwork reminds me of myself. I've always felt like I'm different than everyone else, and I even think that one day I'll become something way worse than I think...

I like Clockwork because she is so cool, and I like that she has a clock in her eye. It's pretty cool. I wish I had a clock in my eye. That would be so cool! I wish I was Clockwork.

19 Homicidal Liu

I think Homicidal Liu is really cool, and he is also one of my favourites. This might be my own opinion, but I think Liu is kind of strong. Hey, don't laugh, though...

Homicidal Liu is one of the strongest because he is fast and has the same abilities as his brother, Jeff the Killer.

I really like Homicidal Liu. I like how he is very forgiving to his brother after Jeff stabbing him 47 times leading for him to get 727 stitches. He is very good at hand-to-hand combat, and that is why Homicidal Liu is one of my favorite creepypastas.

20 Tails Doll
21 Sally Williams

Straight off, she's such a cute character. She can be so sweet, but when you make her mad, Slender comes after you, and she can kill you if she wants to with a snap, just like she did to Uncle Johnny. I doubt she would kill you with no reason though.

Sally was killed by a man. Slender Man saved her and brought her back to life. Sally then got revenge on that man by killing him, and she had a teddy bear.

She, herself, is not that powerful, but if you hurt her in any way, Slender would be pissed.

22 Entity 999

She is extremely scary. She is a demon. She's like Entity 333. She's a girl. She always wears a black cloak and has red eyes.

23 Lucifer Morningstar AKA Satan
24 Sexual Offenderman
25 Nightmare

He is the strongest FNAF character after William Afton (Springtrap). Set aside his scary appearance, he can easily break and tear apart any animatronic except Springtrap. (It's too long to explain Springtrap and the story and everything of him, just search on Google then you will know why Springtrap can never die).

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