Best Friends of Prophet Muhammad

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1 Abu Bakr

Abu bakr. It says it in the urdu ketab how can't you know that, it is kind of obvious. Or it might be omar ebn el-khattab but I am positively sure it is abu bakr. Any ways hope you guys are alright with your religion islam hope you are doing good and inshallah you will see lods of my comment. Salaam from me
With kind regards... Not saying the name

He was a best friend and father in law of Prophet Muhammad (saw). He was ready give anything for Islam. He was the 1st Caliphate of Islam.

I love my loveable religion Islam and I proud and thanks to say that am a Muslim.

I love prophet muhammad he is just one. And one is compete with them. I proud to be an Muslim

2 Omar Ebn el-khattab

He was a truly great leader. On his way to a conquered city he wanted to offer his Salah and he stopped outside a church for his prayers. The priest knowing who he was invited him inside for his prayers. He refused explaining that if he prayed inside the church then one day Muslims will convert the church in to a Masjid because of him praying inside there. This he did prayers outside the church.

The prophet Muhammad PBUH said, " If someone else was to be proposed prophet after me by Allah, I would've chosen Umar Ibn Khattab".

A great leader that world has ever seen.
Haters should read about him.

If only we had leaders like this today instead of these dictators

3 Abdur Rahman bin Awf

Allah of nek bande

I love him much

4 Ali ibn Abu Talib

Maulana ali A.S. is truly the best friend and believer of prophet mohammed S.A. when prophet mohammed S.A. asked to all men of mecca that whom will be his successor, nobody answered but maulana ali A.S. answered three times even he eas only 16 years old.
He is the best and humble friend of prophet Muhammad S.A. and true successor of prophet Muhammad S.A.

Ali ibn Abu Talib was very loyal to our prophet Muhammad and never betrayed him during or after his death. Ali was so good that prophet Muhammad gave his daughter Bi Bi Fatema in marriage to him.

He was definitely the Prophet's best and closest friend, helper, and companion.

First man who came to Islam, and the closest person for Islam's prophet.

5 Uthman ibn Affan

He is so nice and good

6 El- Nagashi
7 Moawia Ebn- Abi Sofian
8 Khaled Ebn- Al Waild

The greatest military commander in Islamic history. The Muslim army under his command was undefeated. Because of his bravery he was known as Saifullah, the sword of Allah.

9 Salman El Farsi

He leaved his family in search of allah.

10 Anas ibn Malik
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11 Saad Ebn Abi- Wakas
12 Hazrat Umar R.A
13 Muhammad Irfan Khan Rewa
14 Hamza Ebn Abd El Mottaleb

Old but strong

The lion of Allah And Uncle to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) he was also be named the ASad

15 Mohammad Amir
16 Ali Issa
17 Amro Ebn Al Aas
18 Abdul Rehman
19 Manzoor Ali
20 Mohsin Khan
21 Fatima Bint Muhammad

I think some of these are random names...fear Allah and if I am correct then kindly remove them

22 Noor Ahamed Amani
23 Malik Shafqat Hussain
24 Abu Talha al-Ansari
25 Hasan Minhaj
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