Most Inspirational German Women

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1 Caroline Herschel
2 Sophie Scholl
3 Angela Merkel Angela Dorothea Merkel (born July 17, 1954) is a German former politician who served as the Chancellor of Germany (2005–2021). She was also the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (2000–2018). Growing up in East Germany, she was a cultural official for the Free German Youth, the youth organization... read more
4 Anne Frank Annelies Marie Frank was a German-born diarist. Anne for short. One of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust, she gained fame posthumously with the publication of The Diary of a Young Girl in which she documents her life in hiding from 1942 to 1944, during the German occupation of the Netherlands... read more
5 Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
6 Emmy Noether
7 Hannah Arendt
8 Marlene Dietrich Marie Magdalene "Marlene" Dietrich (27 December 1901 – 6 May 1992) was a German actress and singer who held both German and American citizenship. This internationally famed actress cum singer was a frontline performer with an amazing long career in the show business. One of the highest paid actresses... read more
9 Duchess Anna Amalia of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1739–1807), reigned after her husband's death the duchies of Saxe-Weimar and Saxe-Eisenach from the age of 19 to 35, when she resigned the throne to her son Carl August. Being a patroness of the arts, she established a library, promoted theater, and surrounded herself with a variety of artists and scientists ("Weimar Courtyard of the Muses"). She could play harpsichord, organ, piano, flute, and violin, and composed several pieces of music.
10 Margarete Steiff (1847–1909), a seamstress who in 1880 founded Margarete Steiff GmbH, making toy stuffed animals. She suffered from childhood polio, leaving her with both legs paralyzed and pain in her right arm.
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11 Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717), naturalist and scientific illustrator, who was one of the earliest European naturalists to observe insects directly. At the age of 52, she travelled with her younger daughter to Suriname (then a Dutch colony in South America) and studied the flora and fauna for two years.
12 Hildegard of Bingen
13 Sophia Charlotte of Hanover (1668–1705), the first Queen consort in Prussia as wife of King Frederick I. She was well-read and spoke – in addition to German – fluent French, Italian, and English. Her deep interest in philosophy is shown by her friendship and correspondence with polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.
14 Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard
15 Martha Mödl (1912–2001), one of the three major postwar Wagner sopranos, celebrated for her highly individualized interpretations, exceptional acting ability, intense stage presence, and rich, distinctive voice.
16 Bertha Benz
17 Clara Schumann
18 Helene Fischer Jelena Petrowna Fischer, better known by her stage name Helene Fischer, is a German pop and schlager singer of Russian descent, born on August 5, 1984... read more
19 Franziska van Almsick
20 Steffi Graf
21 Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria
22 Rosi Mittermaier
23 Dorothea Erxleben
24 Käthe Kollwitz Käthe Kollwitz, née Schmidt (8 July 1867 – 22 April 1945) was a German artist, who worked with painting, printmaking (including etching, lithography and woodcuts) and sculpture. Her most famous art cycles, including The Weavers and The Peasant War, depict the effects of poverty, hunger, and war on the working class. Despite the realism of her early works, her art is now more closely associated with Expressionism. Kollwitz was the first woman elected to the Prussian Academy of Arts.
25 Sophie Opel
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