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1 Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. (born Michael King Jr.; January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an African American minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the civil rights movement from 1955 until his assassination in 1968. King is best known for advancing civil rights through more.

A "democratic socialist" who was deeply involved with the Communist Party U.S.A., and whose Southern Christian Leadership Conference received illegal funding from Moscow.

He helped get equal footing for black families during the 60s. He also considered himself to be a democratic socialist.

He as a republican

2 George Orwell Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950), who used the pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic. His work is marked by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitarianism, and outspoken support of democratic socialism.

It's true, he didn't really support full on communism, or socialism, just democratic socialism, but he did sympathize with anarchists(pretty much lib leftists) and yes there is a difference between DS and communism, Sorry Ben Shapiro fans.

Stop trying to steal him, right wingers, don't you know property is theft? Or was that by a communist... wait wasn't he a socialist and didn't he fight against fascists, the modern right?! And didn't he just criticize Stalin and not communism!

No he hated the fascist left!

He wrote classic books on the abuse of state governments, critics of capitalism and communism, poverty, etc. Orwell considered himself to be a democratic socialist, and even sympathized with the anarchists during the Spanish Civil War.

He was anti-authoritarianism, not necessarily communism as an ideology

3 Noam Chomsky Avram Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, political activist, and social critic.

Chomsky is one of the most popular political scientists in recent history. He considers himself to be a Libertarian Socialist.

4 Leo Tolstoy Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, usually referred to in English as Leo Tolstoy, was a Russian writer who is regarded as one of the greatest authors of all time.

Tolstoy was an anarchist and a pacifist. His philosophy was to treat everyone kindly, and to be peaceful.

5 Bernie Sanders Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is an independent American Senator from Vermont and was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 and 2020 elections.
6 John Steinbeck John Ernst Steinbeck, Jr. was an American author of twenty-seven books, including sixteen novels, six non-fiction books, and five collections of short stories.

He made beautiful books that subtly pointed at flaws in the American lifestyle that rely on the working class to break their backs for a cause they will never see.

John Steinbeck's novels were usually about the struggles of ordinary people. Because of that, he showed sympathies towards socialists and communists, although he never came out and openly expressed his political views.

7 Emma Goldman

Goldman was a famous anarchist and feminist. She fought for better working conditions, equality for both sexes, and less state involvement in the lives of the people.

8 Kurt Vonnegut

His novels expressed concern for the rising abuse of the state, the unsettling rise of religous intolerance, the rise of ignorance, etc. He showed sympathies towards socialism and communism, although he admitted that he was not very political.

9 Albert Einstein Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist, widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest and most influential physicists of all time. Einstein is best known for developing the theory of relativity, but he also made important contributions to the development of the theory of quantum mechanics. Relativity and quantum mechanics are together the two pillars of modern physics. His mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2, which arises from relativity theory, has been dubbed "the world's most famous equation". His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics "for his services to theoretical more.

Einstein supported socialism, and promoted peace and tolerance.

10 Malcolm X Malcolm X (May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965) was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist. To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans; detractors accused him more.
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11 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (born October 13th, 1989), also known by her initials AOC, is an American activist and politician. She served as the U.S. representative for New York's 14th congressional district since 2019 as a member of the Democratic Party.

This lady is garbage Candace Owens is even more legit then her. Aoc is a joke

12 Aldous Huxley

Huxley was against tyranny, and supported democracy and individualism, and supported liberal causes. He was also critical of capitalism.

13 Vladimir Lenin Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (22 April 1870–21 January 1924), better known as Vladimir Lenin, was a Russian revolutionary, politician, and political theorist. He served as the first and founding head of government of Soviet Russia from 1917 to 1924 and of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1924. Under his administration, more.

I've read up about Lenin

14 Karl Marx Karl Heinrich Marx ( 5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) was a German philosopher, critic of political economy, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary. His best-known titles are the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto and the four-volume Das Kapital (1867–1883). Marx's political and philosophical thought had enormous influence on subsequent intellectual, economic, and political history. His name has been used as an adjective, a noun, and a school of social theory.

The pioneer of modern socio-economic ideologies, author of Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto, and a major figure in communist thought is only in 15th place. Smh, proles of America.

He provided many quotes in his time that describe the current events in life, being flawed.

One of the greatest thinkers of all time.

15 Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt was an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909. As a leader of the Republican Party during this time, he became a driving force for the Progressive Era in the United States in the more.
16 Mahatma Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India.
17 Rosa Luxemburg
18 Cesar Chavez
19 Howard Zinn

Zinn was a political scientist who supported democratic socialism, and held sympathies towards anarchism as well.

20 Mao Zedong Mao Zedong, also transliterated as Mao Tse-tung and commonly referred to as Chairman Mao, was a Chinese communist revolutionary and founding father of the People's Republic of China, which he governed as Chairman of the Communist Party of China from its establishment in 1949, until his death in 1976. more.

Mao's "Little Red Book", and especially his implementing the "Great Leap Forward" during China's Cultural Revolution epitomize egalitarian ideals.

21 Kamala Harris Kamala Devi Harris (born October 20th, 1964) is an American politician and attorney who is the 49th and current vice president of the United States. She is the first female vice president, as well as the first African American and first Asian American vice president in American history.

She is a evil communist!

22 Slavoj Zizek
23 Peter Kropotkin
24 Leon Trotsky Leon Trotsky was a Russian revolutionary, Marxist theorist, and Soviet politician whose particular strain of Marxist thought is known as Trotskyism.
25 Reinhold Niebuhr
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