Top Ten Things We Hate When People Do

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1 When they don't pay attention to a word you say and give you a blunt answer in response

Me: Mom, have you ever been to Cyprus before?
Mom: *concentrating really hard* Yes.
Me: Mom?
Mom: No, I've never been there.

-. - *facepalm*

Super annoying. My mother sometimes does this. I can ask her anything, and she's like, "Uh-huh."

It really annoys me when this happens.

2 When they can't keep a secret

Also, when you tell someone a secret and make them promise over and over again that they won't tell, but they immediately tell someone on purpose. One time, my ex-girlfriend asked me if I liked this other girl (when we weren't dating), and I said, "Yes, but you can't tell her or anyone EVER." Five minutes later, the other girl told me she knew. My ex didn't even defend herself when I got mad at her for telling.

I don't understand why people can't keep secrets. IT'S SO EASY. Just don't tell anyone.

I told my friend who I like, and she told everyone! It's so easy, so why do they tell everyone?

3 When they text you something really emotional and though provoking, when they still keep a stoic face on

You should always be honest with those around you. Not being upfront can put you in a bad situation, and coming out later can be catastrophic.

4 When they keep on being hypocrites when they should go find a mirror and highly consider a nice long look

In other words, people overlook others' mistakes without considering their own!

5 When they lie and act like nothing's wrong when it's quite obvious otherwise

I've always been pretty intuitive (at least in person, so don't message me crazy stuff!), so this is frustrating. I know you're lying, but I have no evidence besides "I think so." I never know what to do in these situations.

6 When they steal your food

This happens with everyone at my lunch table. I have to hold my pee until after lunch because I can't leave my food unattended.

7 When They Say Big Brother is Awesome
8 When they pretend they like your food when they're holding in their puke

If my girlfriend (if I ever have one) makes a dish that's inedible, I'll have to find a way to avoid trouble. At least I can pretend I like her food.

9 When they post porn

I am just about fed up with being added to random group chats on Instagram. When I open them, they turn out to be porn pages. No, I would not like unsolicited pictures of your mediocre body (and even that sounds far too generous).

10 Stare
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11 When Instead of cleaning their room or whatever they're cleaning, they shove all the junk in the closet

This is mostly annoying to parents.

12 When they chew with their mouth open

Oh, thank goodness! I thought I was the only one.

Especially when the food flies out of their mouths, and they always move closer to you. D:

13 When they do the complete opposite of what you asked them to do as a favor for you
14 When they hate something you absolutely love
15 When they are fake

I have had way too many people try to act like they're my friends. But as soon as my back is turned, they start talking trash. It only got worse when I got into high school. A bunch of people I thought were my friends for years started showing their true colors.

16 Go out of their way to hate
17 When they get into constant conflicts

Yes! The drama is too much to bear.

18 When They Say They Voted Trump

I don't support Donald Trump, and I'm glad he got voted out. But I'm getting sick of people looking for any possible way to bring politics into everything and then trying to force their views on others.

19 When third graders have Instagram
20 When an 8 year old has a boyfriend/girlfriend
21 When they say you'll love something when it turns out you hate it with a burning passion
22 When they tweet every single detail of what they are doing
23 When They Say Justin Bieber Is Awesome.
24 When 9 years olds play rated m games

My brother plays Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, etc., and he's nine. He also has a dirty mind!

25 When they put pressures on you
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