Top 10 Greatest Unsung Heroes

This list is about people in history or today who have done incredible things, but are not given enough credit than they deserve. Hell, they could be people you've never even heard of. Probably because your local news channel doesn't really care or something. Likewise, take your time to think.

Which individual do you think deserves more credit than they usually get?
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1 Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system, X rays, Radio, Remote Control, Laser, and Electric motors. Tesla developed and used... read more

The sole reason why I made this list is that Tesla needs to be known. His work on AC/DC shaped the modern world as we know it. Not only that, but he also invented many things and conceived of several ideas that today's society uses. I could go on, but it would take forever. If you don't know, Edison was a complete dirtbag who took advantage of him and received all the credit, along with fame and money.

The best thing about Tesla? He genuinely cared about the planet, the people, and the animals as well. He never aspired to become a high-profile celebrity. He wanted to develop and create sustainable solutions for the planet. Without a doubt, he is an inspiration to me and the greatest scientist/mind the world has ever seen.

2 Abdul Sattar Edhi Abdul Satter Edhi (1st January 1928 - 8th July 2016) was a Pakistani humanitarian and social activist, known for being the founder of the Edhi Foundation. He was revered by the population of Pakistan, often known as the "Angel of Mercy" and is often called one of the world's greatest humanitarian.

It's a shame Edhi was never well known. After all, he was situated in Pakistan. But read about the guy, and you'll grow to admire him immensely. Edhi had a humble heart from the very beginning and ultimately dedicated his life to helping people. This led to the creation of the Edhi Foundation. He is, once again, an amazing inspiration.

A good person who helped many causes worldwide, but it's liberal brainwashing to say that he did more than GWB during Katrina. It's better to just be grateful for any and all who help, rather than introducing that kind of agenda distortion to a tragedy.

3 Alexandra Scott

She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of cancer, and died at age 8. During that time, she started a lemonade stand with her older brother, and by the time she passed, the stand had raised more than $1 million, all in hopes of finding a cure for pediatric cancer.

The lemonade stand has since become a charity foundation and has amassed about $120 million. Overall, she is an angel who deserves recognition.

4 Iqbal Masih

Such a tragic yet inspirational story regarding the issue of slavery. What a shame to hear that a true hero like him, who escaped at the risk of his own life, was able to fight against the oppression of child labor only to be killed and forgotten. This is a well-made list, CrimsonShark.

This kid had the guts to escape the carpet factory, especially considering it was a slave facility at that time. He managed to free over 3,000 kids in Pakistan and bring down about $34 million in carpet factory sales before being murdered at the age of 13.

The saddest thing is that the kid hardly gets any recognition anywhere.

5 Irena Sendler

She risked her life to save Jewish occupants in Germany during the Holocaust. She succeeded but was hardly known to people, unlike Oskar Schindler. It wasn't until 1999, when four teenagers did a project based on her, that she finally got the recognition she deserved.

6 Gabriella Miller

A DIPG patient who sadly passed away in 2013 at age 10. I've seen her in interviews. She's so amazing and has even gone out to public events. There's a charity organization called "Smashing Walnuts" dedicated to her memory, with the goal of finding a cure for DIPG.

Overall, she is a beautiful angel in heaven.

7 Neerja Bhanot

She has more heart and bravery than the majority of us do. She risked her life to save a couple of passengers. The Indian government was highly touched by her efforts and posthumously awarded her the Ashok Chakra, the highest civilian award in India.

8 Mary Anning

She has made some of the most significant contributions to paleontology ever, and she was only 12. She discovered the remains of an ichthyosaur and a plesiosaur, which have been highly contributing factors to our understanding of prehistoric and extinct animals.

I was a dinosaur fanatic, so this kind of applies.

9 Ryan White

He raised awareness about AIDS before succumbing to it at age 18. If anything, let's thank this guy for the knowledge we have on AIDS. God bless his soul.

10 Keanu Reeves Keanu Charles Reeves (born September 2, 1964) is a Canadian actor, director, producer, and musician. He gained fame for his starring role performances in several blockbuster films, including comedies from the Bill and Ted franchise.

Call me biased, but Keanu, outside of Hollywood, is absolutely amazing. He's been through a lot - dyslexia, the loss of a lover, a child, and a best friend - and he has still managed to prevail. Keep in mind I'm talking about him as a person, not as an actor. He donated a significant amount of his own money to the crew team on "The Matrix Reloaded." He's also a cancer advocate, considering his sister had cancer. Despite being worth millions, he lives a normal life and opts for more conventional modes of travel. He even takes the subway to minimize environmental damage.

Oh, and you can't deny his dedication to action films. He may not be the best actor, but his stunt work is definitely inspiring. He's not as good as Bruce Lee, but props to Keanu nonetheless.

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11 Stanislav Petrov

The fact this guy isn't number 1 is a crime. He literally saved the world

We are probably here because of him.

12 George Harrison George Harrison (1943 - 2001) was an English guitarist, singer, songwriter, and music and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles.
13 Douglas Alward

He was Terry Fox's best friend and drove the mobile home for him during his Marathon of Hope. He also cooked Terry's meals and collected donations for the cause.

14 Alice Paul
15 Bilquis Edhi Bilquis Bano Edhi HI was a Pakistani nurse who helped save the lives of over 16,000 children. During her career as a nurse and marriage to Abdul Sattar Edhi, she was one of the most active philanthropists in Pakistan.
16 Corey Haim Corey Haim was born on December 23 1971, in Toronto Ontario. He grew up in the Toronto suburbs of Thornhill and Willowdale, and attended such schools as Pineway Public School, Baythorn Public School, Royal Orchard Public School, German Mills Public School, and Zion Heights Junior High School... read more

I salute him for spreading awareness about the sexual abuse he suffered.

17 Poggio Bracciolini

Bracciolini had the last surviving manuscript of the Roman poem "On the Nature of Things" by Lucretius. He translated the text to make it more accessible. This act would ultimately lead to the event known as the Renaissance. Sure, you could consider Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo highly instrumental in the development of the modern world, but Poggio is the one who started it all.

Important, but barely recognized.

18 Anne Hutchinson
19 Vivien Thomas
20 Jiddu Krishnamurti
21 Rick Moranis

Known for his roles in Spaceballs and Ghostbusters, he retired from acting after his wife died of breast cancer. However, his main reason for retiring was to spend more time nurturing his two children, a decision that was further influenced by his wife's death. He's a good example to show that one should prioritize loved ones over one's job, regardless of how successful one might become.

22 Utako Okamoto

She, along with her husband Shosuke Okamoto, discovered a drug known as TXA (Tranexamic acid), which could potentially stop blood clots considerably. Her intentions to use it medically were rejected simply because she was a woman. It wasn't until 2010 that researchers discovered TXA was capable of reducing postpartum hemorrhage by 30% and could save as many as 30,000 women every year. This discovery was made only a year after she died.

Hopefully, her contributions will benefit the greater good.

23 Nkosi Johnson
24 Talia Castellano
25 Noam Chomsky Avram Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, political activist, and social critic.
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