Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Reasons Why Republicans are Better Than Democrats (andviceversa)

NuMetalManiak Another Full-fledged List Analysis double feature! Let's get political! I'll offer my thoughts on both political parties of the US. Again, one list by TheRandom, another by someone different (though this time, there's no interaction between the two lists).

Top Ten Reasons Why Republicans are Better Than Democrats

1. The most effective presidents have been Republicans: Well not all of them. FDR, Truman, JFK, and even LBJ were very decent Democrat presidents. Of course, the Republicans have Lincoln, McKinley, Teddy, Calvin, and Reagan, so it's just close.
2. Republicans will use the military as a first resort to end a potential threat to the nation: This I kind of don't like, as far as invasion on foreign soil goes. If there's no combat I'm fine.
3. Republicans recognize that marriage should stay between a man and a woman: I don't care about marriage.
4. Republicans don't support a healthcare that is like Obamacare: Obamacare was a failure.
5. Republicans don't make strict gun regulations: People must realize this, the people using the guns are the problem.
6. Republicans believe that those who work harder should get paid better, and shouldn't have to pay more simply because they have more money: Completely correct.
7. Republicans try to expand the military, which will make the U.S. a stronger nation: To be honest, the military is already strong enough.
8. Republicans handle foreign policy better, and don't let other nations walk over the U.S., unlike Presidents like Obama: Agree.
9. Republicans have helped the country's economy, Democrats have put us in debt: Poor George W. Bush gets blamed for a trillion-dollar debt during Obama's presidency.
10. The two presidents who were impeached were both Democrats: Not really a good point.
11. Republicans hate abortion: I hate it too.
12. Republicans are politically incorrect: I literally cannot tell what this item is conveying.
13. Republicans are better at economics: I wish I knew more about economics in general.
14. Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Theodore Roosevelt are considered the greatest presidents of all time.: I actually already mentioned this. Don't forget about the great Democrats I posted above though.
15. Republicans don't like socialism: Modern-day Democrats are more socialist-leaning than FDR-style Democrat, which is why I agree with this item.
16. Republicans don't support terrorism: Any common citizen doesn't support terrorism, due.
17. Liberals are super immature: No, sorry they are not. It's the PROGRESSIVES that are super immature SJWs.
18. Republicans realize that Common core is stupid: Government shouldn't take control of our schools.
19. Republicans are pro Constitution: Any reasonable American who doesn't make dumb protests supports the Constitution.
20. Republicans follow the Bible: I could care less about religion and I'm pretty sure this item is false.
21. Republicans don't race bait to the extent liberals do: This is definitely the worst thing about modern-day progressive Democrats.
22. Republicans hate other foreign countries.: This item is extremely wrong.
23. Republicans have faith: Like any reasonable American should.
24. Republicans are braver: Anyone who's brave should step up to be a politician, I say.
25. Rednecks love Republicans.: Because they are fine with their own lifestyle and live it just fine, which Republicans don't try to drastically change at every interval.
26. Republicans don't push their liberal views on our nations youth: Again, the problem with the modern-day progressives.
27. Republicans don't lie: Most politicians lie, but I see more Democrats lying than Republicans.

Reasons Democrats Are Better Than Republicans

1. Democrats Don't Try To Live In The Past: No one should. Surprised this is the #1 item though.
2. Democrats Are Not Homophobic: Most current Republicans aren't homophobic either, actually.
3. Democrats Support Greener Energy: Republicans on the other hand hate it when gas prices do go up.
4. Democrats Support Education Funding Over Military Funding: I'll agree with this one.
5. Democrats Acknowledge The Separation of Church and State: Now don't go and say Republicans DON'T support this, they do.
6. Democrats Support Equal Pay For Women: I actually hate this.
8. Democrats Know Military Action Should Be The Last Resort, Not The First: We should only use the military and be on guard with it all the time. As long as we are not invading anyone AND ARE NOT BEING INVADED OURSELVES, there should be no misery.
9. Democrats Don't Just Target The Upper Class: Actually, they give all the richer ones the spotlight.
10. Democrats Support Stricter Gun Control: Should read what I said about gun control earlier.
11. Democrats Believe Healthcare Is A Right: Someone somewhere is paying for healthcare, which is why it is not free here.
12. Democrats Acknowledge that They're Immature.: Holy crap, they do so well at this. Or at least the progressives do.
13. Democrats are Not Racist: You know what IS racist? Calling out others for racism, which a lot of them do.
14. Democrats Treat All Lives Equally: Not entirely true.
15. Democrats Don't Vote for Donald Trump: Well, duh.
16. Democrats Don't Wave Around Their Hands: The liberals I've met online love to use any fallacy-related topic in order to win. That's what they want most.
17. Democrats Have Common Sense: You know who doesn't have common sense? People who add items like these.
18. Democrats Support Voting Rights: Shocking.
19. Democrats Do Not Subscribe to Idiotic Conspiracy Theories Like Pizzagate: Weren't they the ones behind some of them?
20. Democrats Don't Get Mad Over Little Things Like a Gay Character in a Disney Movie: Actually, they do, or they get mad at any sort of opposing reaction.
21. Democrats Believe In Climate Change: I swear a majority of these items are here because Trump had said the opposite.
22. Democrats Don't Watch Fox News: But they are puppets for CNN.
23. Democrats Believe in Natural Rights: So do Republicans and any other respectable American.
24. Democrats Care About the Environment: I do.
25. Democrats Believe that Everyone is Equal: This is something you read in the Constitution.
26. Democrats See America as It is Today: These items are just DUMB.
27. They are Not Hypocritical About "Political Correctness.": The one item not starting with the word "Democrats", wow. Anyways, wrong, they are hypocritical and use it as a weapon against Republicans, which is bad.

To sum up the two lists:
Top Ten Reasons Why Republicans are Better Than Democrats: We had better presidents! We care about our military! We realize what is stupid and what we should do as a nation!
Reasons Democrats Are Better Than Republicans: We support a lot of things! Or at least everything opposite of what Trump says. We care most about social issues!
And no one will be happy for years to come because these two parties continue to bicker.


Good job. Like how you did two lists in one post. - Skullkid755

Politics are funny sometimes - cjWriter1997

Democrats are toxic to America that’s been exposed along with the liberals and leftists. - Sabbath